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Feb. 26,  2008

Emory Wheel Wins Top Honors

The Emory Wheel, the only student-run newspaper for the Emory University community, was named "Best in the South" by the Southeast Journalism Conference (SEJC) Feb. 22 during its annual meeting which attracts dozens of schools from Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee.

In addition, the newspaper's magazine "The Hub" also placed first as college magazine. In the individual categories, the Wheel won 11 awards, with five staff members finishing in first place in their category.

"The Wheel has been fortunate to have an incredibly talented group of editors and contributors this past year. I'm particularly proud of how varied our awards were," says Emory senior Chris Megerian, who served as The Wheel's editor-in-chief this past year.

Emory Wheel's Awards From SEJC's College Newspaper Contest

  • First Place, College Newspaper: The Emory Wheel
  • First Place, College Magazine: The Hub
  • First Place, Magazine Writer: Steven Stein
  • First Place, Magazine Page Layout Designer: Chris Megerian
  • Ninth Place, Newspaper Page Layout: Caroline Duncan
  • First Place, Editorial Artist: Ray Hu
  • Second Place, Special Events Reporter: Leisha Chi
  • First Place, Arts and Entertainment Writer: Andrew Carlin
  • Second Place, Opinion Writer: Eric Betts
  • Third Place, Sports Writer: Jordan Jakubovitz
  • First Place, Photographer: Brett Weinstein
  • Third Place, Feature Writer: Andrew Swerlick
  • Third Place, News Reporter: Salvador Rizzo

The Emory Wheel was founded in 1919 and is published twice a week with a circulation of 5,500 on Emory's campus and surrounding neighborhoods. The Wheel is financially and editorially independent from the university. All of the content is generated and edited by the Wheel's student staff, and all costs are covered by profits from self-generated advertising sales.

Additional Emory Wheel Award

The Wheel also garnered multiple awards in several categories from the Georgia College Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest earlier this month. Highlights include first place wins for:

  • best Web site;
  • general photography;
  • community service;
  • entertainment and sports news; and,
  • the Impact Award for editorial cartoon.


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