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Apr. 24,  2008

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the 2008 Elections (Audio)

Listen to Alan Abramowitz highlighting the most important items to know going into the 2008 presidential elections during an April 15 recording of the election forum, "New Questions for an Historic Election." (requires RealPlayer)

1. Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential candidate. >>

2. It’s a long time from May to November, and the polls are not accurate at this time. >>

3. Real world events have more effect on election outcomes than campaigns. >>

4-5-6. Over 90 percent of the population identifies with one of the two majority parties; Party loyalty is high; and swing voters are hard to influence. >>

7. Voter turnout will be high for this election. >>

8. Democrats have several key advantages in this election. >>

9. Republicans have hope in this election. >>

10. Don’t worry too much about the Electoral College. >>


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