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Aug. 1,  2008

Residence Hall Honored for Sustainable Features

Emory University's Turman Hall has been named by University Business Magazine as one of its "Dorms of Distinction" for residential features that provide for safe and sustainably designed student housing in the large private institution category.

"Turman Hall was a very popular living space for freshmen last year for many of the same reasons that it was selected for the 'Dorms of Distinction' honor," says Andrea Trinklein, executive director, residence life and housing. "Emory is demonstrating that it will build student housing that not only has the modern amenities students seek, but that exposes them to state-of-the-art features to teach awareness of sustainable living."

According to the magazine (, the residence halls were evaluated based on student comfort, interior and exterior design elements that support a sense of community, safety features and the aesthetic incorporation of sustainable features into the hall.

The magazine noted Turman Hall's study lounges and common lounges on each floor that support a community living environment; its abundant use of natural light in common areas and individual rooms; energy efficiency features, such as room thermostats that are individually programmable within a temperature range; and a computer touch screen in the common areas that allows students to view the hall's energy consumption by floor and compare it to the consumption in other residence halls.

Turman Hall, a 130-bed, LEED-certified "Silver" hall, opened in August 2007. It is the first residence hall constructed as part of Emory's new freshman housing complex. The plan calls for the construction of residence halls built to LEED standards on Emory's core campus over the next several years.

A second phase of the freshman housing complex includes two residence halls, Evans and Few halls, which were built to LEED "Gold" standards and are scheduled to open this month.


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