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Sep. 2,  2008

Mini-Law School Launched

Evening at Emory, Emory Law partner to offer new adult education program

In partnership with Emory University School of Law, Evening at Emory will launch a new Mini-Law School program this fall. Following the model of the popular Mini-Medical School course offered through Evening at Emory, the Mini-Law School course seeks to educate people about the law, particularly the areas affecting their daily lives. 

Mini-Law School will be taught by well-known Emory Law faculty members including:

  • Dean David F. Partlett
  • Richard D. Freer
  • Robert A. Schapiro
  • Frederick Tung
  • John Witte Jr.

"Law and the administration of justice are critical in our lives, yet they are mysteries to the average well-informed person," says Partlett. "We hope that through the Mini-Law School program, our outstanding faculty can help de-mystify the legal world and show people how the law operates and is relevant in their daily lives."

During the six-session course, faculty will cover a variety of topics including: constitutional law in relation to controversies such as affirmative action and capital punishment, religion and the First Amendment, finding reliable legal information via the Internet, and the recent mortgage meltdown. Each topic focuses on recent court decisions and current events.

Mini-Law School Schedule

Classes will meet Tuesdays from Oct. 7 to Nov. 18, 7-8:30 p.m., and tuition is $175. For more information, visit Evening at Emory.

Evening at Emory is a program of the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning offering more than 150 academically challenging, socially-engaging classes for adults in everything from foreign language and philosophy and dance to personal finance. For more information, contact Kriss Witt, 404-712-9344.


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