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Sep. 25,  2008

New Information Tools in Sciences, Health Explored

Emory Libraries Host Conference "Scientific Collaborations, Connections and Communities" Oct. 6-7

Metro-Atlanta area science and health professionals, researchers, professors and students who work in hospitals, universities and other environments are invited to attend the Oct. 6-7 conference, "Scientific Collaborations, Connections and Communities" on the Emory University campus.

Attendees at this free, day-and-a-half event will learn about new research methodologies and data sources made possible by advances in information technology. Topics to be discussed include cross-disciplinary collaborations, making connections through merged methodologies and data, and the formation of new virtual communities, says Emory Libraries vice provost and director of libraries Rick Luce.

"How scholarship is produced, shared and used is changing daily in the sciences and health professions thanks to rapid growth in information technology, computing and informatics," Luce says. "Atlanta's—and the world's—science and health communities, economy and citizens can only benefit as local professionals, researchers and others learn more about these tools and integrate them into their study and practice."

Sponsored by the Emory University Libraries, the conference is headlined by:

Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher Johan Bollen, Ph.D., who on Oct. 6 will address new approaches to measuring scholarly research and impact. Bollen leads the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded MESUR project, which is developing methods of assessing the impact of scholarly work and data based on how and how much it is used. More information about Bollen's work.

Harvard University's Isaac Kohane, M.D. and Ph.D., who on Oct. 7 will focus on biomedical informatics and developments that connect hospital systems together into "living laboratories." Kohane is the director of the Children's Hospital Informatics Program and is the Henderson Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard Medical School (HMS). He also is co-director of the HMS Center for Biomedical Informatics and director of the HMS Countway Library of Medicine. More information about Kohane's work.

Other sessions will address working together across a wide range of disciplines, mining texts for new knowledge, and advances in health informatics. Roundtable discussions will focus on multidisciplinary partnerships and the potential of new tools, as well as how to translate medical research into improved patient care; new approaches to integrating evidence and informatics at the point of care; and new tools to leverage authoritative data sets.  See the complete schedule.

Attendees are asked to register at the conference Web site by Friday, Oct. 3,  to help organizers plan space and refreshments, but there is no registration fee.

The conference is another in the "Library Collections in the Digital Age Annual Symposia" series devoted to exploring and encouraging digital scholarship in the sciences and humanities.

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