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Nov. 5,  2008

Election 2008: Emory Experts Available

Emory University experts are available to comment on the election of President-Elect Barack Obama and other political races. Politically engaged Emory students are available as well.

For assistance, contact:

For more commentary:


    Alan I. Abramowitz: Election forecasting, polling analysis

    404-727-0108 or

    Abramowitz is a renowned expert on national politics, polling and elections. His expertise includes election forecasting models, party realignment in the United States, congressional elections and the effects of political campaigns on the electorate.

    Merle Black: National elections, political parties, Republicans in the South

    404-727-6570 or

    Merle Black is a prominent expert on national politics and the foremost authority on politics in the South. One the nation’s most incisive commentators, Black is coauthor of "Divided America: The Ferocious Power Struggle in American Politics." 

    Andra Gillespie: Race, political mobilization/GOTV, modern black leadership

    404-727-9748 or

    Gillespie is an Emory political scientist whose research looks at political mobilization and race, as well as competition between minority groups and post civil rights-era black leadership.

    Drew Westen: Psychology of voter behavior or Beverly Clark, 404-275-4771

    Westen is author of "The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation." Since its publication, Westen has advised or worked as a political consultant for presidential, congressional and state-level Democratic candidates, progressive and labor organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

    Michael Kang: Election law, voting rights, race and redistricting, campaign finance and direct democracy

    404-712-4243 or

    Emory law associate professor Michael Kang is teaching a course this fall on election law; he took a similar class as a law student at the University of Chicago—taught by Barack Obama.

    Susan Tamasi: Campaign language, discourse analysis

    Susan Tamasi is a faculty member in linguistics who can discuss discourse analysis and use of campaign language. She is a specialist in sociolinguistics and American English dialects -- their structure, development, and connections with social and political issues. 404-727-7843,


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