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Oct. 8,  2008

The Financial Crisis: Experts Address What's Next

Emory experts are available to discuss the latest developments in the economy, and what consumers can expect.

Frank Alexander - Housing expert and law professor Frank Alexander can comment on the effect that the bailout bill may have on the mortgage crisis and residential real estate market. Alexander has had a significant role in advising Congress and state governments on the issues related to vacant and abandoned properties resulting from foreclosures. 404-727-6982,

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Hashem Dezhbakhsh – Economist Dezhbakhsh (pronounced DEZ-bosh) has been following the legislation and can comment on the bill's effect on financial markets and volatility, and the parallels of the current situation with the savings and loan bailout of the 1990s. 404-727-4679,

More from Hashem Dezhbakhsh: Bailout Mess Echoes S&L Crisis of the 1990s

Essie Maasoumi –  The Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics attributes the bailout mess to the "lack of independence of the Fed, letting immediate interests dominate the outcome, no matter what the long-term consequences.” Maasoumi's specialties include economic forecasts and policy, welfare economics, international political economy, labor issues, Middle East economics, financial economics and econometrics. He is the editor of the journal Econometric Reviews. 404-727-9817,

Tom Smith - Finance expert and economist Smith, who teaches the practice of finance at the Goizueta Business School, has kept a close eye on the markets and bailout developments, and says the economy is likely to get worse before it gets better, but urges consumers not to panic. Smith received his doctorate in labor and demography/cultural economics and policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 404-727-3605,

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