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Oct. 3,  2008

Statement: Emory and Dr. Charles Nemeroff

From Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Emory Statement

October 3, 2008

7:00 PM ET

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has raised a number of questions about whether Emory's chairman of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Dr. Charles Nemeroff, has properly disclosed his financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies. We at Emory take this matter very seriously and are working diligently to determine whether our policies have been observed consistently with regard to the matters cited by Senator Grassley.

In view of the ongoing internal and external investigations into these allegations, Dr. Nemeroff will voluntarily step down as chairman of the department, effective immediately, pending resolution of these issues.

Dr. Nemeroff is recognized internationally as a leader in psychiatric research, education and practice. He has made fundamental contributions to the field over many years. The length and complexity of the history outlined by Senator Grassley will require careful review of underlying payment records from the pharmaceutical companies, which we have requested from Senator Grassley's office. We have also requested that Dr. Nemeroff provide us with relevant information and documentation so that we will have all the facts before us.

Dr. Nemeroff has assured us that: "To the best of my knowledge, I have followed the appropriate University regulations concerning financial disclosures. I have dedicated my career to translating research findings into improvements in clinical practice in patients with severe mental illness. I will cooperate fully and work with Emory to respond to the alleged conflicts of interest issues raised by Senator Grassley and his staff."

Emory is committed to maintaining strong conflict of interest policies and procedures and will conduct a fair, thorough, and evenhanded investigation of these claims.


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