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Nov. 14,  2008

Emory's Goizueta 23rd in BusinessWeek's MBA Rankings

The Full-Time MBA program at Emory University's Goizueta Business School holds steady at number 23 among the nation's full-time MBA programs, according to BusinessWeek's 2008 ranking of full-time MBA programs.

Goizueta Business School Dean Larry Benveniste said, "Rankings are important, but they are historic snapshots. We have set out on a new path to refocus our MBA education around key competencies that drive our students' success. We have since rolled out a whole new MBA experience, and we are excited about our new direction."  

According to BusinessWeek editors, Goizueta Business School rose from 17 to 16 in the student survey and from 36 to 30 in the recruiter survey. These improved scores allowed Goizueta Business School to hold its number 23 ranking, amidst new competition from four schools not in the Top 30 in 2006.

Dr. J.B. Kurish, Associate Dean of the Full-Time MBA program, said, "The data from the BusinessWeek ranking will be useful in helping us calibrate our strategy, while we continue to execute our vision. We implemented major improvements this fall, including a new Full-Time MBA curriculum and the pilot of a new leader development initiative. We also increased the involvement of business leaders at the school. What is going on at the school is exciting, positive and powerful." 

In separate surveys during the last year, BusinessWeek ranked Goizueta Business School's W. Cliff Oxford Executive MBA program number 7, the Undergraduate (BBA) program number 5, and the Evening MBA program number 2.

The new Full-Time MBA curriculum is Goizueta Business School's response to the changing landscape of business. Corporations demand more from their MBAs and sooner. In addition, there are the new realities of business including globalization; heightened complexity of business environments; an acceleration in the pace of change; and, an increased focus on data-driven decision-making. The new curriculum is paired with a revamped leader development program.

BusinessWeek surveys graduating MBA students every two years to determine if their MBA experiences met their expectations. This ranking also includes surveys of MBA recruiters regarding their recruiting and hiring practices and their own rankings of the schools. The student survey and the recruiter survey each account for 45 percent of the total ranking. The remaining 10 percent is BusinessWeek's analysis of the school's intellectual capital, largely journal articles written by faculty.

Emory University's Goizueta Business School teaches students to become leaders who not only create value for their organizations, but also improve society. Founded in 1919, the School is home to an undergraduate degree program, a full-time MBA, a one-year MBA, an evening MBA, the W. Cliff Oxford Executive MBA (weekend and modular formats), and a doctoral program together with a set of innovative non-degree Executive Education programs. The School's mission is to educate principled leaders for global enterprise.


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