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Nov. 10,  2008

Experts Address Issues Facing Obama Administration

Emory experts from a variety of fields are available to comment on the multiple issues facing the nation as President-elect Barack Obama forms his administration and the U.S. government begins its transition to new leadership.

Emory political and election experts are also available.


Congressional expert Randall Strahan, professor of political science, is working on a book about partisanship in Congress. He is the author of "Leading Representatives: The Agency of Leaders in the Politics of the U.S. House," published in 2007 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

E-mail Randall Strahan, 404.727.7913


William Buzbee, director of Emory's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, has worked on Supreme Court environmental cases, testified before the U.S. Senate about environmental law and the Supreme Court, and written extensively on the environmental and regulatory issues.

E-mail William Buzbee, 404.727.6507

Federal Tax Policy

Dorothy Brown, professor of law, specializes in federal tax law and critical race theory and is known for her work examining the racial implications of federal tax policy. She has been an adviser to J. Stephen Swift of the U.S. Tax Court, an associate with Haynes & Miller in Washington, D.C., and an investment banker at New York¿s Drexel, Burnham & Lambert. She also was a special assistant to the Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

E-mail Dorothy Brown, 404.712.8218

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Global Economic Crisis

Jeff Rosensweig, associate professor of international business and finance at Goizueta Business School, specializes in global strategy, global economics and international finance. He has served as a senior international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and was a student of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke at MIT.

E-mail Jeff Rosensweig, 404.727.6360

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Housing crisis

Frank Alexander, professor of law, has served as a consultant to state and local governments across the country on affordable housing and community redevelopment. The Brookings Institution released a paper by Alexander calling for the federal government to advance policies that support regional and local land banking as a solution to the glut of vacant and abandoned properties. He also was called on by Congress to comment on housing issues as part of the recent government bailout bill.

E-mail Frank Alexander, 404.727.6982

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International Relations, Europe, Arab Region

Sam Cherribi was a member of Parliament (MP) in The Netherlands from 1994-2002, representing his hometown of Amsterdam. As a Dutch MP he served as a member of the Council of Europe (an assembly focused primarily on human rights), the West European Union (focused on defense and security) and twice served as a member of the Dutch delegation to the United Nations

E-mail Sam Cherribi, 404.727.7909

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Israel/Middle East

Ken Stein, William E. Schatten Professor of Contemporary Middle Eastern History, Political Science and Israeli Studies, says that President-elect Barack Obama will have to define how Israel continues to be part of the United States' national interest. He points out that the presidential campaign shed very little light on what the new president's plans with regard to the region might be. 

E-mail Ken Stein,  404.727.2798

Stock Market

Hashem Dezhbakhsh (pronounced DEZ-bosh), chair of Emory's Department of Economics, says that any new government stimulus package should be aimed at government investment spending in the nation's infrastructure. Dezhbakhsh's specialties include financial markets and stock market volatility, the oil market and general macroeconomic trends and changes.

E-mail  Hashem Dezhbakhsh, 404.727.4679

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Supreme Court

Robert Schapiro, professor of law and former clerk to Justice John Paul Stevens, points out that while the U.S. Supreme Court hears 80 to 100 cases a year, tens of thousands of other cases are heard by the lower federal courts, "so the power to control those courts also is a very important result of this election." ,

E-mail Robert Schapiro, 404.727.1103

Terrorism/Guantanamo Detainees

Charles Shanor, professor of law and specialist in military law, can discuss the legal and practical issues surrounding the future of detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Shanor, who teaches a seminar on law and terrorism, is the author of "National Security and Military Law."

E-mail Charles Shanor, 404.727.1198


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