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Dec. 10,  2008

Alumnus Writes, Produces, Directs Fantasy Action-Adventure Film

From Goizueta Business School News

Catch this holiday season’s top animated movie, Delgo, written, directed and produced by Emory University alumnus Marc F. Adler, who earned a bachelor of business administration in 1995 and an MBA from Goizueta Business School in 1996. The film includes an all-star cast including Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft (in her final role), Chris Kattan, Val Kilmer, Kelly Ripa, Burt Reynolds, Michael Clarke Duncan, Lou Gossett, Eric Idle, Malcolm McDowell and Sally Kellerman.

Delgo takes place in the magical land of Jhamora, which is divided between two cultures – the Nohrin, winged masters of the skies, and the Lockni, who harness the mystical powers of the land. 

“In the journey to create Delgo, our team at Fathom Studios set out to construct a world and characters with a unique visual style different from other animated features,” Adler said. “Designing a believable fantasy world is both an art and a science; particular attention was given to all facets of concept development to ensure that the world, while fantastical, was grounded in logic. All plants, animals, props, and architecture were designed to be believable and credible, something that would not require audiences to suspend belief,” he said.

Adler’s first foray into feature film showcases his passion for art, understanding of technology and business acumen.  This is the first independent, animated movie made in the United States and additionally, the first independently distributed animated movie—capturing both the “show” (creative) and the “biz” (marketing, distribution, etc) of the showbiz industry.

While a student at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School  in 1991, Adler founded Macquarium Intelligent Communications, a leading interactive strategy and development firm serving Fortune 1000 clientele. Adler’s vision led to a strategic combination of creative solutions with leading-edge technologies, resulting in work with some of the most respected companies in the world. In 1996, as an outgrowth of Macquarium, Adler launched Fathom Studios, a computer animation studio, with a mission to produce stunning animated imagery through passion and creativity.  Both companies bring pixels to life -- one via the computer and PDAs (Macquarium) and one via TV and the silver screen (Fathom Studios).

Delgo was recently awarded “Best Feature Film” at Anima Mundi 2008 by an audience of approximately 100,000 and is one of 14 animated films under Oscar consideration.  With fast-paced action and adventure, a mystical land and more, Delgo offers something for everyone. Support a fellow Goizueta alumnus and check out Delgo in movie theaters opening weekend.

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