2008 News Releases

Film Studies Experts Select Top Movies of 2008 (12.30.2008)
Emory Presents Philip Glass' 'Akhnaten' in January (12.30.2008)
Podcasts Provide Insight on Carlos Museum's Egyptian Art (12.29.2008)
Campus Life, Academics Shape New Graduates' Success (12.23.2008)
Holidays May Not Be the 'Happiest Time of the Year' for Everybody (12.23.2008)
Emory Announces Actions Following Investigation (12.22.2008)
Financial Aid: Resources Remain Strong (12.22.2008)
Researchers Identify Similar Brain Areas Responsible for Face Recognition in Humans and Chimps (12.19.2008)
AAAS Selects Three Emory University Scientists as 2008 Fellows (12.19.2008)
Emory Makes $20 Million Contribution to Grady (12.18.2008)
Response From Emory University to Questions About Senator Grassley Letter of Dec. 17 (12.18.2008)
Kevin Young Named Curator of Literary Collections at Emory (12.18.2008)
Scientist Cited as Rising Star in Genomics Research (12.17.2008)
Tips on Blending 'Blended Families' During the Holidays (12.17.2008)
Supreme Court Should Exercise Care in Constitutional Controversies (12.16.2008)
What's Ahead for U.S. Financial Institutions? (12.15.2008)
'Celtic Christmas' Returns to Emory (12.12.2008)
Blocking Immune Inhibitor Improves Response to HIV-Like Virus (12.11.2008)
Alumnus Writes, Produces, Directs Fantasy Action-Adventure Film (12.10.2008)
Culture, Family, Memory Researchers Gather at Emory (12.10.2008)
Emory Law Introduces Program in Global Public Health Law and Policy (12.9.2008)
Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center Launches New Web Site (12.9.2008)
Curbing Hormones' Effects in Obese Patients Could Aid Against Breast Cancer (12.8.2008)
Economy Gives Families Opportunity to Be Creative this Holiday (12.8.2008)
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database Debuts at Emory (12.5.2008)
Festive Concerts for the Holiday Season (12.5.2008)
Detroit Bailout: Many Questions Remain, Says Finance Expert (12.4.2008)
Emory Lands 'Robinson Crusoe' Rarities (12.4.2008)
Engaging Art on View in School of Medicine Building (12.4.2008)
Future Looks Hopeful for Georgia Dems Despite Senate Defeat (12.3.2008)
Voter Turnout Key for Georgia Senate Race (12.3.2008)
Predictive Health Symposium Links Molecular Studies with Population Health (12.2.2008)
Emory to Host World's Largest Collegiate Display of The Aids Memorial Quilt Dec. 1 (12.1.2008)
Jenny McDowell Is Named Division III National Volleyball Coach of the Year (11.26.2008)
Women's Volleyball Wins National Championship (11.26.2008)
Will Retailers Have a Merry Holiday Season? (11.24.2008)
Emory's Jane Fonda Center Receives Grant for Building Healthy Teen Relationships Program (11.24.2008)
Former Sen. Gary Hart to Speak Monday (11.24.2008)
Prepackaged Bankruptcy Wouldn't Help Big Three Automakers, Says Bankruptcy Expert (11.21.2008)
Laura Spitz to Testify Before Georgia Senate Study Committee on Bankruptcy Law (11.20.2008)
Linda McCauley Named Dean of Nursing School (11.20.2008)
Congressional Expert: Lame Duck Congress not Likely to Make Progress on Economy (11.19.2008)
New Scholarship Event Offered by Candler School of Theology (11.18.2008)
Award Creates New PhD Path Linking Laboratory and Population Sciences (11.18.2008)
Spelman's Tatum to Deliver Annual "State of Race" Talk Tonight (11.17.2008)
Lewis: Victorious Obama an Iconic Image (11.17.2008)
Podcast: Exploring New Treatments for Rare Cancers (11.17.2008)
Emory Names Dennis Choi Vice President of Academic Health Affairs (11.17.2008)
No. 4 Emory Sweeps UAA Men's Soccer Awards (11.17.2008)
Q&A: Understanding the Implications of Barack Obama's Tax Policy (11.14.2008)
Seminar: Using Early Growth to Predict Adult Health (11.14.2008)
Emory's Goizueta 23rd in BusinessWeek's MBA Rankings (11.14.2008)
Emory University Libraries in Zotero Partnership (11.14.2008)
Professors Discuss U.S. Economy at Panel (11.14.2008)
Briggs Named UAA Women's Soccer Player of the Year (11.14.2008)
Emory Receives $4.5 Million for Ph.D. Program (11.13.2008)
New Biomarker for Heart Failure Identified (11.13.2008)
Sex Differences Narrow in Death After Heart Attack, Study Shows (11.13.2008)
First Holistic Guide to Primate Disease Covers Critical Gap in Global Health (11.11.2008)
March of Dimes To Unveil New ANGEL II Neonatal Transport Ambulance at State Capitol (11.11.2008)
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Shows Promise for Treating Heart Failure (11.11.2008)
Nobel Laureate Peter Agre to Speak at Emory on Aquaporins and Disease (11.11.2008)
Institute for Advanced Policy Solutions Receives $600,000 Peterson Foundation Grant (11.11.2008)
Nobel Laureate Peter Agre to Speak at Emory on Aquaporins and Disease (11.11.2008)
Study Focuses on Teens at Risk for Psychosis (11.10.2008)
Daily Rhythms in Blood Vessels May Explain Morning Peak in Heart Attacks (11.10.2008)
Experts Address Issues Facing Obama Administration (11.10.2008)
Retired CNN Executive to Address 'Why Network News is Down the Tube' (11.10.2008)
Obama's Tax Plan Tackles 'Warren Buffet Problem', says Tax Expert (11.7.2008)
"Emory Cares" with an International Day of Service (11.7.2008)
All Eyes on Georgia for Senate Runoff (11.6.2008)
Theater Emory Presents Rarely Produced "Don Juan Comes Back from the War" (11.6.2008)
Election Finale Good For Global Economy, Says Emory's Rosensweig (11.5.2008)
Polling Expert's Prediction Coming True (11.5.2008)
Israeli Lawyers to Discuss Human Rights at Forum (11.5.2008)
Election 2008: Emory Experts Available (11.5.2008)
Emory Volleyball Earns No. 1 Ranking (11.4.2008)
'Rock the Results' Party Set for Election Night (11.3.2008)
Provisional Ballots Could Complicate Ga. Voting (11.3.2008)
Get Used to Roller Coaster Stock Market, Says Economist (10.31.2008)
Jane Fonda Center Awarded Grant to Develop "Centering Sex Education" (10.31.2008)
University Presidents to Discuss 'Taking A Stand' (10.31.2008)
Emory Fellow Wins Whiting Writers' Award (10.30.2008)
Land Banking Key Solution For Vacant, Abandoned Properties, Says Emory Expert (10.30.2008)
Photo Exhibit a Companion to 'King Tut' (10.29.2008)
"Bradley Effect" Won't Be in Play for Election (10.29.2008)
Vaccine Could Prevent Deaths, Save Costs in Flu Pandemic (10.29.2008)
Campaigns Must Get Out the Vote to Win (10.29.2008)
Emory Experts on Global Economic Crisis: What Happened, What's Next (10.28.2008)
Georgia Senate Race Competitive, Run-Off Possible (10.27.2008)
European, Arabic Media United in Intense Interest in U.S. Election (10.27.2008)
Global Economic Crisis: Emory Finance and Economics Experts Available (10.24.2008)
Emory University Hospital Named Consumer's Choice Top Hospital (10.24.2008)
Anubis Arrives in Atlanta for Tut Exhibit (10.23.2008)
Second Economic Stimulus Package: Emory Economists Weigh In (10.23.2008)
Alcohol Awareness Week Focuses on Campus Dialogue, Support Services (10.21.2008)
Biologist E.O. Wilson to Give Keynote at Evolution Conference (10.21.2008)
Rabbi Wolpe to Address 'Why Faith Matters' (10.21.2008)
Students Get Out the Vote (10.20.2008)
Emory Law Honors 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients (10.20.2008)
Presidential Debate: McCain Fails to Land Blows (10.16.2008)
AAMC Honors Immunologist Max Cooper (10.16.2008)
Wall Street's Collapse May Boost Private Equity Markets (10.16.2008)
Voter Registration Efforts Can Be Vulnerable to Fraud (10.15.2008)
Emory Creates New Conflict Oversight, Announces New Disclosure Requirements (10.14.2008)
Carter to Address International Human Rights Conference (10.14.2008)
Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Parkinson's Disease (10.14.2008)
The Last Debate: Experts Analyze Presidential Contenders (10.13.2008)
Institute of Medicine Elects Emory University School of Medicine Faculty Member (10.13.2008)
Wagner Addresses Senate Probe of Nemeroff (10.12.2008)
Major French Playwright Focus of Innovative Emory, 7 Stages Collaboration (10.10.2008)
Meditation May Improve Physical and Emotional Responses to Psychological Stress (10.9.2008)
President's Letter: Emory and the Economy (10.9.2008)
What Would an Obama or McCain Administration Do? (10.9.2008)
Emory Purchases Papers of Journalist Marshall Frady (10.8.2008)
Election '08 Panel Discussion Hosted by Emory Libraries (10.8.2008)
Financial Expert: Bernanke, Starting from Disadvantage, Strives to Stem Crisis (10.8.2008)
Fresh Battleground and Swing States Emerge in the Election (10.8.2008)
The Financial Crisis: Experts Address What's Next (10.8.2008)
Latin American Political Posters Exhibition: Mastery In Messaging (10.8.2008)
Emory and Children's Pediatric Liver Transplant Program Earns Accreditation (10.8.2008)
Debate Expert: Obama Won By Not Losing (10.8.2008)
Umberto Eco Delivers 2008 Ellmann Lectures (10.6.2008)
Statement: Emory and Dr. Charles Nemeroff (10.3.2008)
Emory Awarded $28.5 Million for Child Health Study (10.3.2008)
VP Debate Battle of Style vs. Substance, says Debate Expert (10.3.2008)
Emory Employees, Students Can Win $1,000 in Annual Building Energy Competition (10.3.2008)
Health Policy Expert Weighs in on Candidates' Health Care Plans (10.2.2008)
Debate Expert: Palin Strategy Probably Will Include Attack (10.2.2008)
Bailout Bill Likely to Pass in House, Says Expert (10.2.2008)
Expert: Political Language Relies on Linguistic Cues (10.2.2008)
Theater Emory Opens With 'The Comedy of David Ives' (10.2.2008)
Emergency Sirens Test to Take Place Today (10.1.2008)
Institute Awards Emory $7.5 Million for Cancer Imaging (10.1.2008)
Students Get Out the Vote with "Election Extravaganza" Oct. 1 (09.30.2008)
Goizueta Business School Gets High Marks from EMBA Students (09.30.2008)
Top Anthropology Award Goes to Emory Professor (09.30.2008)
Avon Foundation Awards $950,000 to Cancer Institute and Grady (09.30.2008)
The Failed Bailout Bill: Emory Experts Address What's Next (09.30.2008)
Rough Economy to Stick Around, With or Without Bailout (09.29.2008)
Bailout Mess Echoes S&L Crisis of the 1990's (09.29.2008)
Emory's Alexander Asked to Weigh in on Defeated Bailout Bill (09.29.2008)
New Life-Saving Device Treats Aortic Aneurysms (09.29.2008)
'Hub' of Fear Memory Formation Identified in Brain Cells (09.29.2008)
Presidential Debate Analysis Finds Obama, McCain Strong (09.27.2008)
Debate Experts Available at Emory (09.26.2008)
Emory Launches $1.6 Billion Campaign (09.25.2008)
Neuroscientist Reveals How Nonconformists Achieve Success (09.25.2008)
New Information Tools in Sciences, Health Explored (09.25.2008)
McCain's Call to Halt Campaign Risky, Unprecedented (09.25.2008)
Battleground States Emerge in the Election (09.25.2008)
Emory Healthcare Opens New School of Medical Technology (09.24.2008)
Study Findings Help EMS Respond to Cardiac Arrest Emergencies More Safely and Efficiently (09.24.2008)
Presidential Debates: Expect Talking Points, Gaffe Avoidance (09.23.2008)
Kang Teaches Topics He Learned in Obama's Classroom (09.23.2008)
University Tops $400 Million in FY08 Research Funding (09.23.2008)
Rescue Effort Saves Books (09.19.2008)
Emory Freshmen Live 'Green' in New Housing (09.19.2008)
Former Delta General Counsel Appointed Associate Dean (09.18.2008)
Innovative Leadership Models Explored at Conference (09.18.2008)
What's Next: Experts Available to Comment on Economy (09.17.2008)
Emory Begins Testing Vaccines Against Pandemic Influenza Threat (09.16.2008)
Wall Street Meltdown Affects Consumer Behavior, Student Job Prospects (09.16.2008)
Emory Awarded $6 Million to Study Causes of Parkinson's (09.16.2008)
Lower Interest Rates, Borrowed Money Won't Fix Economy (09.16.2008)
Religious Leaders to Discuss Tough Legal Issues (09.15.2008)
Grady Stroke Program Receives Performance Award (09.15.2008)
Tickets Now Available For Tut Exhibit (09.12.2008)
Podcasts Highlight Emory Scientists (09.11.2008)
Alysse Meyer Named Division III Volleyball National Player of the Week (09.11.2008)
Student Broadens Science Horizons (09.11.2008)
Emory Law Appoints Two New Clinic Directors (09.10.2008)
Election Forecast Predicts Obama in November (09.9.2008)
Outreach Program for Troubled College Students Shows Positive Results (09.9.2008)
Zen Training Speeds the Mind's Return After Distraction, Brain Scans Reveal (09.9.2008)
Emory Named 'Conservationist of the Year' (09.8.2008)
Sophomores Serve and Learn (09.8.2008)
Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital Opens Sept. 16 (09.5.2008)
Emory Launches Redesigned Home Page (09.5.2008)
Arteries Have Unique Immune Functions (09.4.2008)
NIH Awards EUREKA Grant to Biochemists for Glycomics Research (09.4.2008)
Presidential Race to Finish will be a Close One (09.4.2008)
Yerkes Researchers Create Animal Model Of Chronic Stress (09.3.2008)
Coca-Cola Foundation Supports Emory's Education, Sustainability Initiatives (09.2.2008)
Challenges and Opportunities for McCain (09.2.2008)
Emory Welcomes Dynamic Freshman Class (09.2.2008)
Mini-Law School Launched (09.2.2008)
University Will Continue to Admit Qualified Clayton County Public School Students (08.29.2008)
Public Invited to Join Emory 'Quest' for Knowledge (08.29.2008)
Two Nobel Prize Winners to Address Human Rights at Emory (08.29.2008)
Michelle Obama, DNC Provide Vital Views of Sen. Obama (08.26.2008)
Obama Needs to Hit Back, Define Himself, says Westen (08.26.2008)
Emory Law Announces New Faculty Members (08.26.2008)
Yerkes Researchers Find Monkeys Enjoy Giving to Others (08.26.2008)
Public Health Students Team up to Help Atlantans in Need (08.25.2008)
Emory.edu Launches New Look (08.22.2008)
Emory Ranked 18th By U.S. News & World Report (08.22.2008)
Black, Abramowitz Comment on Presidential Campaign (08.22.2008)
Emory Volleyball Ranked No. 3 in Preseason Poll (08.21.2008)
Jane Austen's Novels are Focus of 'Great Works Seminar' (08.19.2008)
Bike Emory Puts Fun Spin on Campus Commuting (08.19.2008)
Hospital one of First for Neuro Rescue Training (08.18.2008)
Fearsome-Smelling Gas Could Have Beneficial Uses in Medicine (08.18.2008)
NIH Grant Supports Reduction of Transfusion-Related Risk (08.18.2008)
Trapping White Blood Cells Proves Novel Strategy Against Chronic Viral Infections (08.14.2008)
Rough Times Can Make Companies Thrive (08.13.2008)
Temple Bombing Documented in Exhibit (08.13.2008)
Grad Student Study of Former Child Soldiers Yields New Data (08.13.2008)
Parenting a College Student: What To Expect (08.12.2008)
Global Health Institute Launches Secretariat for Commemoration of Smallpox Eradication (08.12.2008)
Emory Freshmen Take a Hike Into College Life (08.12.2008)
Career Center Gets New Director (08.8.2008)
Emory Receives Federal Grant for Emergency Preparedness (08.5.2008)
Residence Hall Honored for Sustainable Features (08.1.2008)
Transportation and Parking Operations Head Named (07.31.2008)
Emory Selected for '2009 Green Rating Honor Roll' (07.29.2008)
Trethewey Named Ga. Woman of the Year (07.29.2008)
All Signs Point to a Decisive Democratic Victory (07.25.2008)
Emory Rated as 'Great College To Work For' (07.21.2008)
Three New Alumni Trustees Appointed (07.21.2008)
Emory's Barton Child Law Clinic Names Director (07.17.2008)
Salman Rushdie Wins Best of Booker Prize (07.10.2008)
New Emory Theology Faculty Honor Methodist Links (07.10.2008)
Ancient African Kingdom Captured in Emory Exhibit (07.2.2008)
Paul Receives National Psychoanalysis Award (06.24.2008)
Obama Faces Challenges on Race, Rumors And Leadership in Presidential Campaign (06.13.2008)
Clinton Not the Nominee, But Not Out of Power (06.4.2008)
Next Phase of Presidential Election Focus of Analysis for Emory Experts (06.4.2008)
Is Criminalizing Polygamy Still Constitutional? (06.2.2008)
Emory Jewish Law Expert Speaks Out on Bioethics (05.30.2008)
Abandoned Properties Are Next Wave of Subprime Mortgage Mess (05.29.2008)
McClellan's Blast on Bush not Good for McCain (05.28.2008)
Op-Ed by Emory Professors Spurs Federal Legislation on "Libel Tourism" (05.22.2008)
English Professor Challenges 'The Dumbest Generation' (05.19.2008)
Grad Heads to Judo Olympic Trials (05.19.2008)
'The Political Brain' Explains Hillary Clinton's Slide (05.19.2008)
Marcus Hillel Center at Emory Groundbreaking Set for May 4 (04.29.2008)
Lewis, de Waal Named 2008 AAAS Fellows (04.28.2008)
White, Working-Class Voters a Tough Sell for Democrats (04.28.2008)
Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the 2008 Elections (Audio) (04.24.2008)
Clinton Needs Wins in N.C., in Primaries, Says Emory's Abramowitz (04.23.2008)
U.S. Constitution Based on Ancient Writings, Says Emory's Bederman (04.21.2008)
Election Politics Predictable, Push New Paradigms (04.16.2008)
ATO Fraternity Receives National Distinction (04.9.2008)
Emory Admits Highly Competitive, Diverse Class (04.4.2008)
Presidential Election Panel Set for Emory April 15 (04.3.2008)
Science Student Named Goldwater Scholar (04.2.2008)
Job Market Looks Good for Class of 2008 (03.31.2008)
U.S. News Ranks Emory's Graduate and Professional Schools (03.28.2008)
Emory Names Inaugural Robert T. Jones Fellow (03.25.2008)
Faith-Based Initiatives Likely to Endure, Says Emory Author (03.24.2008)
Obama Strikes Delicate Balance on Race (03.20.2008)
Senior Named Luce Scholar (03.11.2008)
Kiplinger's Names Emory a Best Value (03.10.2008)
Undergraduate Business School Program Ranks Number 5 in BusinessWeek (02.29.2008)
Emory Wheel Wins Top Honors (02.26.2008)
Ga. Supreme Court to Hold Oral Arguments at Emory Law (02.21.2008)
2008 Bobby Jones Scholars Named (02.17.2008)
President's Letter: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Year (01.22.2009)
Community Building Is Serious Work for Emory Fellows (01.24.2008)
Woodruff Health Sciences