News Release: Sustainability

Jan. 9,  2009

Buildings Compete to Reduce Energy

Emory’s Black Student Alliance (BSA) won top honors by supporting Emory’s sustainability initiative. In an energy awareness competition held in October, the residents BSA saw energy conservation messages across campus and responded.

The sustainable behaviors of the occupants in this residence hall resulted in the building having the highest percentage of reduced energy use during Emory’s second annual building energy competition. 

Emory’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives will reward a $1,000 sustainable prize to the residents of BSA for their energy conservation efforts.

The top three buildings with the greatest amount of energy reduction in October were:

•    The Black Student Alliance – 31.85%

•    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – 28.4%

•    Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity – 25.2%

Emory established the goal of reducing energy use 25 percent per square foot by 2015 from 2005 levels.


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