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Mar. 6,  2009

Emory Student Named Winner of Contest

Emory junior  Chidiogo Anyigbo's two-minute video essay explaining why she wants to become a doctor made her one of 10 winners nationwide of the Video Contest, an outreach effort created by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to increase diversity in medicine.

Anyigbo, who won $1,000 toward her medical school application costs, said in her video, titled "These Hands," that she aspires to imitate the career calling of her aunt, Dr. Rose Echeruo, who delivered her and was "the first female physician in the village of Okija, Nigeria."

Dr. Echeruo now has her own family practice in Syracuse, N.Y., but still returns to her home village periodically to help out, says Anyigbo. "Her hands have done so much work to bring health, education and hope, which have transformed her village as well as other communities," Anyigbo says.

Anyigbo, whose family now lives in Houston, Texas, spent her first eight years in Nigeria and remembers stories of how she and other siblings were delivered by her aunt, who told her early on: "I have high hopes for you." 

After transferring to Emory as a sophomore, Anyigbo decided to major in neuroscience and behavioral biology, an interdisciplinary program that provides a unique science background and foundation for advanced studies in biological and behavioral research as well as medicine.

"So many fields of study are brought together in neuroscience and behavioral biology," says Anyigbo, who lists fields such as biology, psychology, anthropology, chemistry and even philosophy as contributing to her coursework and knowledge. "I feel I'm getting what I need to be a good physician someday."

"One day, I hope my hands will match those that my aunt will leave on this world," said Anyigbo in her video.

"I want these hands, my hands, to help in addressing health disparities in America as well as Nigeria.  I want my hands to take an active role in creating solutions, which will ensure healthcare is a quintessential right and not a privilege. I want my hands to inspire the next generation to cherish the mystery which is medicine as my aunt has inspired me."

The winning videos are featured on the AAMC's YouTube site.


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