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Apr. 3,  2009

Emory Dance Company Lays Tracks for Spring Concert

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The Emory Dance Company presents its spring concert, “Laying Tracks,” featuring new works from student choreographers Rebecca Gilbert, Jordan Henry, Leigh Ann Kabatra, Rachel Korenstein, Linsay Reich, Caitlin Savage, Sophie Slesinger and Tiffany Soo.

The concert is Friday, April 23 through Saturday, April 25 at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Dance Studio of Emory University’s Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, 1700 N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta, GA 30322.  Tickets ($8; discount category members $4) are available by calling the Arts at Emory box office at 404.727.5050 or online.  

The choreographers sought to incorporate movement explorations, world events and interpersonal relationships in their work to create dynamic landscapes that comment on personal realities. Some choreographers chose to break down larger ideas to highlight idiosyncrasies and the beauty of minimalist movement, while others used dance to comment on some of the more troubling issues of the century.

Rebecca Gilbert created a quartet that delves into the psychology behind the complicated lives of child soldiers, while Lindsay Reich chose to explore the changes in our ecosystem. Taking a more contemplative route, Leigh Ann Kabatra explains that her movement is “soft and introspective and reflects some of the ways in which I have struggled with acknowledging and talking about loss and grief.” Choreographer Jordan Henry evokes the feeling of nostalgia with beautiful movement of individual dancers contrasted with group unity.  

While dance has the ability to portray a story, send a message, or generate a feeling, it also is an art form to be celebrated in its own right.

Choreographer Rachel Korenstein’s work, set to the music of Philip Glass, is an “exploration of physical tension within the body, and how it creates dynamic relationships within the small cast of four dancers.” Sophie Slesinger is also greatly influenced by her music selection; The Books, a pair of musicians who rely on aleatoric experiments to create a score, inspired her choreographic process and movement style. Instead of music, Caitlin Savage found the choreographic motivation for her intricate trio in the style of her dancers. Finally, Tiffany Soo explored the concepts of anxiety and loss of control through the juxtaposition of athletic and asymmetrical movement.

All of the choreographers hope to grasp the attention of the audience through movement that conjures questions, amplifies nuance, instills a message and celebrates artistry as highlighted by the skill and commitment of the Emory Dance Company members.  


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