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Aug. 28,  2009

Emory on iTunes U Passes the One Million Downloads Mark

One million downloads have been made from Emory’s iTunes U site – a free service hosted by Apple on their iTunes store. Emory celebrates its one-year anniversary on iTunes U in October and now offers more than 1,700 audio and video podcasts related to the University and its community.

Emory’s site hosts public lectures and events, interviews with top faculty and researchers, and a wealth of consumer health and less-commonly taught language materials. “Our most popular collections are language videos for self-study, talks from the Dalai Lama’s visit to Emory and readings from Alice Walker’s placing of her archives at the University,” says Shannon O’Daniel, Emory’s iTunes U system administrator.

Emory captured the No. 20 spot for all iTunes U downloads in October 2008 for chemistry professor David Lynn’s lecture on evolution, and a reading from Alice Walker at Emory reached the No. 6 spot in all downloads.

Apple has featured on the noteworthy section of its home page, many of Emory’s collections, including King Tutankhamun, Emory faculty’s Life of the Mind series, Cartooning for Peace, and Evolution Revolution with world-renowned biologist E.O. Wilson.

Students and Emory organizations use an internal iTunes U site, “Exclusively Emory,” to access course materials, presentations and other resources, averaging nearly 1,200 downloads per week. Students say they value the ease, convenience and portability of this new study device.

Access Emory on iTunes U. The project is a collaboration between University Technology Services and Communications & Marketing.


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