News Release: International

Nov. 19,  2009

First Southern Regional Model U.N. heads to Emory Nov. 19-22

Nearly 300 high school students from across the Southeast will gather at Emory University for the first Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference Nov. 19–22. Using topical expertise and research, the model U.N. program helps educate students on international issues and politics with the wider goal of promoting "peaceful global citizenry, and education through simulation."

Model U.N. teaches high school students to think critically about global issues and understand different perspectives of governments and peoples around the world.  Student delegates will debate a range of issues they have spent the last few months researching in sessions that simulate U.N. proceedings, building consensus in groups that represent true-to-life geo-political blocs and then drafting and voting on U.N.-style resolutions.

Students will have an opportunity to interact with policy experts at Emory and beyond from various fields of international studies through a series of workshops prior to the conference. Emory alumna Karin Ryan and adjunct professor Steven Hochman from The Carter Center and Juan Carlos Brandt, spokesman for former Secretary-General Kofi Annan will address global issues such as human rights, the rule of law, tribunal and restorative justice, and the new international economic order in student workshops and panels.

The conference is sponsored by Emory’s Office of the Provost through Lynn Zimmerman, senior vice provost for external academic affairs.


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