2009 News Releases

Defining Post-Civil Rights Black Politics Focus of New Book (01.6.2010)
Mosquito Hunters Invent Better Disease Weapon (01.5.2010)
New Year Is Time for Making Quality Decisions (01.4.2010)
Top Ten (Plus One More) Movies of the Decade (12.30.2009)
'Poets in Place' Features Elizabeth Alexander, Natasha Trethewey (12.28.2009)
Can Social Media Marketing Save Retailers from a Grumpy Season? (12.26.2009)
2010: A Science Odyssey (12.23.2009)
Movies: Screening the Best of 2009 (12.23.2009)
Vaccinating Against Bacterial Infections May Reduce Flu-Related Pneumonia Deaths (12.23.2009)
Good Books Make Great Gifts: Faculty Favorites (12.22.2009)
AAAS Selects Two Emory Researchers as 2009 Fellows (12.21.2009)
Care Management Improves Physical Health of Patients with Mental Illness (12.21.2009)
Scientists Take a Step Towards Uncovering the "Histone Code" (12.21.2009)
Green Tea Extract Featured in Winship Clinical Trial (12.18.2009)
Emory Provost Named to National Advisory Committee (12.17.2009)
Lottery Study Zeros in on Risk (12.16.2009)
Hidden in Plain Sight (12.15.2009)
Web Microsite Focuses on Emory's Rankings, Strengths (12.14.2009)
Celtic Christmas Concerts on Tap at Emory (12.11.2009)
Mind Does Matter, Says Emory's Raison (12.10.2009)
Daily Pot Smoking May Hasten Onset of Psychosis (12.9.2009)
Photo Class Trains Lens on City of Refuge (12.8.2009)
Scholarship Event Planned for Aspiring Seminary Students (12.8.2009)
Freshmen Now Have Their Own Librarian (12.7.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Discover Capuchin Monkeys Can Recognize Familiar Faces (12.4.2009)
Emory Sets the Pace as Best Workplace for Commuters (12.3.2009)
Wesley Woods Foundation Names New Board Members and Foundation Chair (12.2.2009)
'Dig Night' at Emory's Carlos Museum Explores Active Archaeological Sites (12.2.2009)
Van der Vyver Named Extraordinary Professor at University of Pretoria (12.1.2009)
Marshall Scholar Reads the Classics - and Bones (12.1.2009)
Emory to Host World's Largest Collegiate Display of The AIDS Memorial Quilt Dec. 1 (11.30.2009)
Lt. General Russel L. Honore' to Speak at Emory Dec. 8 (11.30.2009)
Wagner Appointed to Presidential Commission (11.25.2009)
Atlanta's Mayoral Runoff: What to Expect (11.25.2009)
Invisible Hands: The Lives Within 15th Century Convent Walls (11.24.2009)
Emory's Oxford College, Candler School of Theology Receive $4.25 Million in Gifts from Oxford College Alumnus' Estate (11.23.2009)
Winship Volunteer Inspires With Healing Power of Music (11.20.2009)
Her Math Adds Up to Brilliant Career (11.19.2009)
First Southern Regional Model U.N. heads to Emory Nov. 19-22 (11.19.2009)
Christmas Scripture, Art, Scholarship Joined in DVD from Candler (11.19.2009)
Family, Poetry Inspire Emory Choreographer (11.18.2009)
Status Quo on Health Care Is Not the Answer, Say Experts (11.18.2009)
Connecting to the Growth of 'Green' Jobs (11.18.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Discover Capuchin Monkeys Can Sustain Group-Wide Social Traditions (11.18.2009)
Emory to Host Book Signing for Dr. Sanjay Gupta (11.17.2009)
$3 Million Award to Strengthen Emory Outreach to At-Risk Children (11.17.2009)
Emory Feast Features Rare Bird (11.16.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute Oncologist Receives Nutrition Award (11.16.2009)
Investigating Muscle Repair, Scientists Follow Their Noses (11.16.2009)
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Receives $30 Million to Transform Pediatric Research, Including Shared Emory Campus Building (11.13.2009)
As the Dow Rises, Will Confidence in the Markets Persist? (11.13.2009)
Emory's New Psychology Facility Gets Gold Rating (11.12.2009)
'Emory Cares' During International Day of Service (11.12.2009)
Predictive Health Symposium Links Biology, Behavior and the Environment (11.12.2009)
Emory School of Nursing Receives $8.1 Million Gates Foundation Grant (11.11.2009)
John Stossel to Speak at Emory Law Nov. 18 (11.10.2009)
School of Nursing Faculty Member Named Academy of Nursing Fellow (11.10.2009)
Some Chest Pain Patients Wait Longer than 10 Minutes to See ER Physician (11.10.2009)
Emory, Georgia Tech, Children's Team Up on Kidney Replacement Devices for Kids (11.10.2009)
Sudanese Refugee Valentino Achak Deng Hosted at Emory Nov. 12 (11.9.2009)
American Association of Medical Colleges Names Thomas J. Lawley Chair-Elect (11.9.2009)
Emory Evolution Conference Celebrates Darwin's Legacy (11.9.2009)
'Origin' Exhibition Marks Darwin's Birth Year, 'Origin of Species' Anniversary (11.9.2009)
New Play Apes Human Life, Chimp Politics (11.6.2009)
Ten Commandments Illuminated by Emory Professor (11.5.2009)
Study Explores Pregnant Farmworkers' Perceptions of Occupational Risks (11.4.2009)
In Remembrance: Judson C. "Jake" Ward (11.3.2009)
Some Health Screenings Increase U.S. Health Care Costs, Study Shows (11.3.2009)
Art Conservation, Science Education Funded at Emory's Carlos Museum (11.3.2009)
Emory to Celebrate 'The Habit of Being' (11.4.2009)
Sound Science Podcast: Progesterone - It's More Than a Sex Hormone (11.2.2009)
Emory to Award James Weldon Johnson Medals Nov. 4 (10.30.2009)
Urban Politics Expert Analyzes Atlanta Mayor's Race (10.30.2009)
Public Seminar for Alzheimer's Caregivers Co-Hosted by Emory (10.30.2009)
Bishop Willimon to Speak at Emory on Emerging Evangelicals (10.29.2009)
Studies Show Flu Vaccines Safe in Pregnancy and Risks of Disease Complications Higher (10.29.2009)
Emory Honors International Work (10.29.2009)
Neuroscientists Study Influence of Moral Outrage in Creation of Political Conflict (10.28.2009)
The Scientist Magazine Ranks Emory 5th Best Place to Work (10.28.2009)
'Creativity Conversation' with President Carter (10.27.2009)
Global Health Chronicles Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Smallpox Eradication (10.27.2009)
Religion Magazine Gets Major Grant (10.27.2009)
NIH Awards 18 Challenge and GO Grants to Emory Scientists Through Stimulus Funds (10.26.2009)
Exploring Darwin's Theory in Art (10.25.2009)
Renowned Civil Rights Leader to Speak at Emory (10.22.2009)
Emory Law to Host Lecture on Counterterrorism (10.22.2009)
Poet C.K. Williams to Give Reading at Emory (10.20.2009)
Dana Foundation Awards $200,000 Grant to Emory for Nanotechnology Brain Tumor Research (10.19.2009)
Fish Vision Discovery Makes Waves in Natural Selection (10.16.2009)
Science and Art Collaborations Evolve New Works (10.13.2009)
Masterpieces of Dutch, Flemish Bible Illustrations at Carlos Museum (10.13.2009)
Black Educator Honored With Symposium, Exhibition (10.12.2009)
Institute of Medicine Elects School of Medicine Faculty Member (10.12.2009)
Emory Prevention Research Center Awarded $6.2 Million CDC Grant (10.12.2009)
Climate Change Bill Needs State Roles, Says Emory's Buzbee (10.12.2009)
Southern Spaces Blazes New Trails in Digital Scholarship (10.9.2009)
Reformation Day Scheduled at Emory (10.8.2009)
Online H1N1 Flu Response Center Taps Emory Assessment Tool (10.7.2009)
"Life of the Mind" Looks at Love (10.7.2009)
Emory to Host Atlanta Mayoral Candidates' Forum (10.7.2009)
Conductor Robert Spano Named Distinguished Artist in Residence (10.6.2009)
Shining Light on Green Energy (10.6.2009)
Sound Science Podcast: Preparing for H1N1 (10.6.2009)
Study Finds Racial Segregation a Strong Factor in Learning Disparities (10.2.2009)
"Cornerstone and Grove" Focuses on Campus' Foundations (10.1.2009)
American conservatives focus of new book (10.1.2009)
Mentoring for Careers in Health (10.1.2009)
Emory Selected as Research Center of Excellence (09.30.2009)
Stopping Teen Dating Violence Before It Starts: Jane Fonda Launches Campaign (09.30.2009)
Movie Ratings Get Thumbs Down, Says Study (09.30.2009)
Gorilla Vet Tracks Germs for Global Health (09.29.2009)
Economic Migration in Georgia Focus of Emory Law Conference (09.28.2009)
Dalai Lama Presents Gift to Emory University-Tibet Science Initiative; Announces Campus Visit, Oct. 17-19, 2010 (09.28.2009)
Emory Is '2009 Sustainable Development' Leader (09.25.2009)
Children Prescribed Tamiflu Could Get Wrong Dose (09.24.2009)
Do China's Growing Overseas Investments Signal a Global Power Shift? (09.22.2009)
Green Energy Work Earns Emory Chemist Herty Medal (09.18.2009)
Can Companies Maintain Quality as They Cut Costs? (09.17.2009)
On Call for Excellence (09.16.2009)
Emory Joins Other Leading Research Universities to Launch Futurity.org (09.15.2009)
AIDS Vaccine 2010 to Be Hosted Here (09.14.2009)
Global Health Programs See Spike in Growth (09.14.2009)
Emory External Research Funding Increases 18 Percent, Tops $484 Million (09.14.2009)
Emory Launches Graduate Program in Bioethics (09.14.2009)
The Biology of Shared Laughter (09.11.2009)
Emory Extends Commitment to Research Integrity (09.11.2009)
Health Care Debate Centers on Democrats (09.11.2009)
Maj. Gen. Kelly to Speak at Emory Law on Sept. 21 (09.11.2009)
Obama Vulnerable on Leadership, says Emory's Gillespie (09.10.2009)
Surprising Find on Brains of Risky Teens (09.4.2009)
Trayless Dining Serves Up Surprising Results (09.3.2009)
Early Life Nurturing Impacts Later Life Relationships (09.2.2009)
Emory & NYSE Euronext Summit: The Global Financial Crisis and the Road Ahead (09.2.2009)
Georgia-to-Georgia Partnership: Emory Awarded Nearly $2 Million (09.1.2009)
New NSF Center Aims to Simplify Drug Synthesis (09.1.2009)
Our Year With Max (08.31.2009)
International Database for Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Patients Offers Hope for Medical Trials (08.31.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Show Early Life Nurturing Impacts Later Life Relationships (08.31.2009)
Emory on iTunes U Passes the One Million Downloads Mark (08.28.2009)
Crosses, Flowers, and Asphalt: Roadside Memorials in the U.S. South (08.28.2009)
LEED Certified Buildings Under Construction (08.27.2009)
Pediatric H1N1 Vaccine Clinical Trial Opens at Emory - Children's Center (08.27.2009)
Busting Psychology Myths (08.26.2009)
Medical Imaging Can Result in Cumulative Radiation Exposure (08.26.2009)
Risky Behavior in Adolescents May Signal Mature Brain (08.26.2009)
Emory Welcomes Two New Alumni Trustees (08.25.2009)
Emory/VAMC Researcher Earns Award for Work on Lung Cancer Chemotherapy (08.25.2009)
Connecting the Classroom and the Community (08.25.2009)
Emory Names Graduate School for James Laney (08.24.2009)
Emory Welcomes Back Students (08.21.2009)
Emory University Hospital Performs Georgia's First Domino Liver Transplant (08.21.2009)
Emory Ranked 17th by U.S. News & World Report (08.20.2009)
Freshmen Learn How to Save a Life (08.19.2009)
Managing at the Speed of Change (08.18.2009)
Cancer Biomarker Identification Software Tools Earn Certification (08.18.2009)
Parenting a College Student: What To Expect (08.17.2009)
Emory Awarded $5 Million to Study Crohn's Disease in Children (08.17.2009)
Elvis Style (08.14.2009)
Emory Hosts Leading South African Scientists for Collaboration in Drug Discovery Training and Research (08.14.2009)
How the Greek Gods Measure Up (08.13.2009)
Emory Leads National Human Immunology Center, Funded by $16 Million NIH Grant (08.13.2009)
Emory Freshmen Take a Hike Into College (08.12.2009)
Physicists Make Crystal/Liquid Interface Visible for First Time (08.11.2009)
National Cancer Institute Names Emory to Nationwide NCI Chemical Biology Consortium (08.11.2009)
Potential Risk Identified in Transfusions of Platelets Before Bone Marrow Transplant (08.11.2009)
Vaccinations of Volunteers Start in First H1N1 Clinical Trial (08.10.2009)
Emory Begins Vaccinating Volunteers Today in First H1N1 Clinical Trial (08.10.2009)
Math and the Games People Play (08.7.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Propose Ambitious New Strategies For AIDS Vaccine Research (08.7.2009)
Heart Care for Women Needs Steady Beat (08.6.2009)
NIH Stimulus Funding Supports Emory Biomedical Scientists (08.6.2009)
Urban Mosquito Research Creates Buzz (08.5.2009)
Gene Variant Protects from Depression in Women Only (08.5.2009)
Explore Emory's Arts Offerings at Soiree (08.4.2009)
Emory's Radiation Oncology Department Selected as a "Top 5 Center to Watch in 2009" (08.4.2009)
Putting Foot to Paper With Hiking Guide (08.3.2009)
HIV Integrase Inhibitor Effective for Patients Beginning Antiretroviral Treatment (08.3.2009)
Better Religion Through Science (07.31.2009)
New, Faster Way to Diagnose, Fight Flu (07.30.2009)
Summer's Change of Scene for Emory Artists (07.29.2009)
Movies Under the Microscope (07.28.2009)
Entrepreneur Experts Offer Advice on Traps, Treasures of Starting a Business (07.27.2009)
August Rumor Swirls Around Mars (07.27.2009)
Tapping New Sources of Energy (07.24.2009)
Yerkes a Meaningful Spot for Staff to Tie Knot (07.23.2009)
Bookmark This Blog: Emory Health Now (07.22.2009)
Candler School of Theology Students Win National Fellowships (07.20.2009)
Supreme Court Consensus Unlikely, But That's Good, Says Emory's Schapiro (07.20.2009)
TV Got This Physicist into Films (07.20.2009)
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Emory Among Nation's Best Hospitals for 2009 (07.16.2009)
Emory Partners with Panamerican University to Enhance Mexican Legal Education (07.15.2009)
Poets in Place (07.14.2009)
Candler Program Shapes Pastoral Identities (07.13.2009)
Dinosaur Burrow Find Gives Climate Change Clues (07.9.2009)
Why We Long to Look and Look Too Long (07.8.2009)
Fertile ground for environmental education (07.7.2009)
Emory Among '2009 Great Colleges to Work For' (07.6.2009)
Sound Science Podcast: Treating and Preventing Heart Failure (07.2.2009)
Prospective Students See What College Is All About With New Program (07.1.2009)
Emory Receives Support to Launch Degree Program in Sustainable Development (06.30.2009)
New Clue to Evolution of Face Recognition (06.29.2009)
Seizure Medications Given Prior to Emergency Room Care Studied (06.29.2009)
Emory Doctors Prominent in Atlanta Magazine's Top List (06.26.2009)
Laderman Comments on Celebrity Worship, Pop Icons (06.26.2009)
Emory Hosts Youth Theological Summer Academy (06.26.2009)
Test is Accurate and Economical for Diabetes and Prediabetes Screening (06.25.2009)
Landmark Project to Map Genomics of Complex Ant Systems (06.25.2009)
Rootless Americans Focus of New Book (06.24.2009)
Emory Announces Phase III Study of Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury (06.23.2009)
Sound Symbolism Aids Language Learning, Emory Study Finds (06.22.2009)
"Safety-Net" Hospitals Need Support to Survive (06.19.2009)
Professor Promotes Joy of Intellectual Debate (06.18.2009)
Seeking Work? Why HR Recruiters Embrace Job Fairs (06.17.2009)
What's Ahead for the Global Auto Industry? (06.16.2009)
How Young Mice Phone Home (06.15.2009)
Americans Finding Religion in Unlikely Places, Says New Book (06.12.2009)
Emory Will Support 'Yellow Ribbon' Program (06.12.2009)
Holocaust Denial 'Gives Ammunition' to Shooters, Says Emory's Lipstadt (06.11.2009)
New Definition of Global Health Calls for Partnerships Between Countries (06.10.2009)
Oxford College Institute Shapes Environmental Education (06.10.2009)
Answers Come in From Cold War (06.9.2009)
Routine Diabetes Screenings Could Cut Health Care Costs (06.8.2009)
Conserving Rare Books Takes Time, Patience (06.5.2009)
Rare Emory Books Part of New York City Exhibition (06.5.2009)
Study Links Gay Marriage Bans to Rise in HIV Rate (06.4.2009)
Emory University School of Medicine Issues New Policy on Industry Relations (06.3.2009)
All in the Family (06.2.2009)
GM Bankruptcy: Experts Available (06.1.2009)
Honesty Best Policy in Giving Bad News, Say Management Experts (06.1.2009)
Facing Race: TCP takes on tough conversations (05.29.2009)
Sotomayor Nomination is Tricky for Republicans (05.27.2009)
Tennis Players Win NCAA Championships (05.27.2009)
Expert: Supreme Court Pick Sotomayor Reflects Political Savvy (05.26.2009)
Fighting Chance (05.21.2009)
Schuchard's Quest to Fill Academy's Needs Renewed (05.20.2009)
New Emory Institute for Drug Discovery Combines Research, Training, Global Partnerships (05.19.2009)
Emory, Australian Vaccine Centers Announce Alliance (05.19.2009)
Fineman a Pioneer for Social Equality (05.19.2009)
Stein's Mentorship Reaches Across Time and Distance (05.18.2009)
Will Over-Regulation Hamstring U.S. Competitive Advantage? (05.15.2009)
Emory Grad on "Jeopardy!" May 15 (05.14.2009)
Expert: Grow the U.S. National Health Service Corps (05.13.2009)
Leadership, Service and Excellence Define Top Student Honoree (05.12.2009)
Profile of Emory University Graduates (05.11.2009)
Scholar-Activist and Campus Leader Receives $20,000 McMullan Award (05.11.2009)
Emory Holds Commencement May 11 for 3,800+ Graduates (05.8.2009)
Atlanta Symphony's Robert Spano to Receive Honorary Degree (05.8.2009)
Faculty Receive Awards for Outstanding Teaching, Research, Leadership (05.8.2009)
Former U.S. Surgeon General to Receive Honorary Degree (05.8.2009)
Syracuse University President to Receive Honorary Degree at Commencement (05.8.2009)
Yerkes Chimpanzees All Secure (05.7.2009)
Rafi Ahmed, Emory Vaccine Center Director, Elected to National Academy of Sciences (05.6.2009)
Emory Student on 'Jeopardy!' May 6 (05.6.2009)
Emory/UGA Flu Center Is One of Six Centers Leading National H1N1 Research Response (05.5.2009)
Journal of Family Life Now Online (05.4.2009)
Chapter 11 Best Solution for Chrysler, Says Bankruptcy Expert (05.1.2009)
Professor Receives Governor's Award in the Humanities (05.6.2009)
Cost of Illegitimacy Soaring, Says Emory Law Professor (04.30.2009)
100 Days: Experts Evaluate President Obama's Performance (04.29.2009)
Specter Will Remain a Moderate Centrist (04.29.2009)
From Swine Flu to Dengue Fever: Infectious Disease Risks on the Rise (04.28.2009)
King Tut Exhibit Closing Soon (04.28.2009)
Swimmers Win NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships (04.27.2009)
Oxford Gets Gold for Green Residence Hall (04.27.2009)
New Video Empowers Latino Diabetes Patients (04.24.2009)
U.S. News Ranks Emory's Graduate and Professional Schools (04.23.2009)
Alice Walker Archive Opens at Emory April 23 (04.22.2009)
Emory Hospitals Participate in Project BOOST (04.22.2009)
Emory Law Professor Wins U.S. Supreme Court Case 6-3 (04.22.2009)
Teen Scientists RISE Up to Research Challenges (04.21.2009)
Islamic Law Expert An-Na'im Named 2009 Carnegie Scholar (04.20.2009)
American Academy Elects President Wagner and Professor of Neurology Mahlon DeLong (04.20.2009)
Emory Study Yields Clue to How Stem Cells Form (04.17.2009)
The Benefits of Publicizing the Qualifications of Skilled Employees (04.17.2009)
Is Finance by Any Other Name Still as Sweet? (04.17.2009)
A Historical Look at the Power and Impact of Stimulus (04.17.2009)
Why Innovation Will Revive the Tech Sector (04.17.2009)
Can U.S. President Barack Obama Negotiate His Way to Success? (04.17.2009)
Exposure to Valproate During Pregnancy Can Impair a Child's Cognitive Development (04.16.2009)
CFAR Hosts National Symposium on HIV Prevention (04.15.2009)
Emory Launches New Critical Care Center, Appoints First Director (04.15.2009)
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Economy But Were Afraid to Ask (04.15.2009)
Economics Students Give Volunteer Tax Help (04.14.2009)
Winship Cancer Institute Announces NCI Cancer Center Designation (04.13.2009)
Food Security in Africa is Focus of Seminar April 15 (04.13.2009)
Theater Emory Presents Abridged 'Peer Gynt' (04.9.2009)
Project Finds Closed Doors to Open Records (04.8.2009)
Holocaust Web Site Launches Non-English Versions (04.7.2009)
Predictive Health Seminar Features Cardiologist, Author (04.6.2009)
Emory Advantage Support Aids Students (04.3.2009)
Emory Dance Company Lays Tracks for Spring Concert (04.3.2009)
Robinson Lecture Now on iTunesU, Webcast (04.2.2009)
The Secret Lives of Wild Primates (04.2.2009)
Government's GM Plan Requires Political Will (04.1.2009)
American College of Cardiology Names Emory Cardiologist a Master (04.1.2009)
Emory's "Classroom on the Quad" to Explore the Future of Military Service April 1 (04.1.2009)
Emory Gymnasts To Host National Championships (04.1.2009)
Genetic Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders are Focus of New Clinical Study (04.1.2009)
Thoracic Surgeon Joins Emory University Hospital Midtown (04.1.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Closer to Determining Why Humans Develop Alzheimer's Disease (04.1.2009)
Randall Balmer to Address Intersection of Religion, Politics (04.1.2009)
Symposium Links Business and Health to Target Poverty (03.31.2009)
Bishop Gene Robinson to Address Religion's Role in Gay Civil Rights (03.30.2009)
Anthropologist Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award (03.30.2009)
Researchers Validate Heart Failure Risk Model (03.30.2009)
Podcast: Attending to Neglected Tropical Diseases (03.30.2009)
Emory University Seeks Volunteers with Alzheimer's Disease for Study (03.30.2009)
Study Focuses on Barriers to Successful Prisoner Re-Entry Into Atlanta Communities (03.26.2009)
Renowned Artist John August Swanson to Speak at Candler (03.25.2009)
New Study Finds Financial Advice Causes "Off-Loading" in the Brain (03.24.2009)
Former NFL Player, Emory Alum to Lead Forum on Race and Athletics March 25 (03.23.2009)
Emory Appoints UMC Bishop Swanson as Trustee (03.23.2009)
James Weldon Johnson Institute Celebrates Launch (03.23.2009)
Swimming, Diving Take Second at NCAA Division III (03.23.2009)
New Field Works to Understand the Complexities of Decision-Making (03.20.2009)
School of Medicine Students Celebrate Match Day 2009 (03.20.2009)
Irwin Cotler: World Must Hold Iran Responsible (03.20.2009)
Technology Connects Course, Tribal culture (03.19.2009)
Dr. Zahi Hawass Rescheduled for March 26 at the Fox Theatre (03.18.2009)
Difficult Times Require Courageous Solutions (03.18.2009)
Technology Transfer Office Presents Annual Celebration of Technology, Innovation (03.17.2009)
Men's Track and Field Earn UAA Indoor Honors (03.16.2009)
Tibet Week Celebrated March 23-28 (03.16.2009)
Student Honored with First GALA Leadership Award (03.16.2009)
Math Mentor a Sure Bet to Make Learning Fun (03.13.2009)
Epigeneticist to Give 'Life of The Mind' Talk March 16 (03.13.2009)
Emory Names Ethics Center Director to New Chair in Jewish Bioethics (03.12.2009)
Child Prostitution Documentary, Panel Discussion Hosted by Emory Law (03.12.2009)
Benign Brain Tumors Removed through Small Openings (03.12.2009)
Cooking organically: Chemist develops new recipes for drug development (03.11.2009)
Human Rights Advocate Irwin Cotler to Speak March 16 (03.10.2009)
Emory Earns Commendation for Cancer Services (03.10.2009)
Emory Student Named Winner of AspiringDocs.org Contest (03.6.2009)
Angela Davis to Speak March 24 (03.5.2009)
Job Outlook: Spring Grads Find Tough Market and a Few Bright Spots (03.4.2009)
Emory and AJC.com Better Health Partner to Provide Health News (03.3.2009)
Career Training Open House Offered March 8 (03.2.2009)
Albee, Rushdie to Give Reading of Early Beckett Letters (03.9.2009)
Alternative Energy Takes Limelight March 2 (02.27.2009)
Jeffrey Koplan Receives Health Education Practice Award (02.27.2009)
Twi for Two: Rare Language Program Serves Students (02.27.2009)
Dani Huffman Wins NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship (02.27.2009)
Podcast: Coping with Cancer's Emotional Fallout (02.26.2009)
Addiction Focus of Interdisciplinary Forum (02.26.2009)
Performance Explores Plight of Incarcerated Women (02.26.2009)
Carlos Museum Announces Events With World-Renowned Egyptologists (02.25.2009)
Chemist Teaches Bacteria New Tricks (02.25.2009)
Depression Increases Poor Outcome Risk for Women Following Heart Attack (02.25.2009)
Through the Lens of Global Health (02.25.2009)
Obama Speech: Experts Available to Weigh In (02.24.2009)
New Grant to Foster Integrity in Scholarship and Research (02.24.2009)
Military Might a National Religion, Says New Book (02.24.2009)
Family Life Journal to Explore Economy's Effects (02.20.2009)
Southern Sustainability Summit Seeks to Advance Regional Equity (02.20.2009)
Tax Provisions Hopeful Sign in New Stimulus, Says Tax Expert (02.19.2009)
Prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship Awarded to Emory Senior (02.18.2009)
Bobby Jones Scholars Selected for Year of Study at St. Andrews (02.18.2009)
Emory University Students Honored as Humanitarians (02.18.2009)
Economic Experts: Will the 2009 Stimulus Act Fizzle? (02.17.2009)
Rape Crisis in Congo Topic of Emory Ethics Center Dialogue (02.17.2009)
Experts: Can President Obama Execute His Ambitious Agenda? (02.16.2009)
Emory's Swimming and Diving Teams Win 11th-Consecutive UAA Championships (02.16.2009)
Vicente Fox Will Speak to Graduates (02.16.2009)
Emory Crawford Long Hospital Renamed Emory University Hospital Midtown (02.13.2009)
Emory Honors Trustee Emeritus with Naming of James B. Williams Medical Education Building (02.13.2009)
Expert: Treasury Announcement Signals Help for Housing Crisis (02.13.2009)
Political Expert: Bipartisanship Not a Likely Reality for Congress (02.12.2009)
Emory Experts Provide Tips that Can Lead to Heart Health (02.11.2009)
Emory, Georgia Tech, Peking University Announce Joint Biomedical Engineering PhD Program (02.10.2009)
Emory Receives Presidential Award for Community Service (02.9.2009)
National Health Care Experts Say, "Time is now" for Health Care Reform (02.9.2009)
New Year Brings New Lease on Life for Atlanta Resident (02.9.2009)
Community Building, Social Change Provide Focus for New Fellows (02.6.2009)
Experts Available on Economic Stimulus Package (02.6.2009)
Hottentot Venus: Biography Seeks to Document Little Known Life Behind Historic Icon (02.4.2009)
Experts Available to Address Ethics and Public Service (02.3.2009)
Experts Address Health Policy Challenges Ahead (02.3.2009)
Black History Month Features Multiple Campus Events (02.3.2009)
Rushdie to Give Public Lecture at Emory (02.2.2009)
Emory Law Moot Court Team Advances to Nationals in New York (02.2.2009)
Emory Public Interest Committee Celebrates Local Public Interest Lawyers (02.2.2009)
Teenager Spearheads Fundraiser for Emory ALS Center (02.2.2009)
Doctors Express Humane Care With Fine-Tuned Training (01.30.2009)
Emory Lecture Series Tackles Genocide, Terrorism and Gay Rights (01.28.2009)
Family Memory Research Featured on Emory's iTunes U (01.28.2009)
Stimulus Plan Top Priority Should be Jobs (01.27.2009)
Emory Gives Health Care Reform a Push (01.26.2009)
Inaugural Poet Elizabeth Alexander to Give Public Reading at Emory (01.26.2009)
Inauguration Slideshow: Emory Community Members Join Millions in D.C. (Updated Jan. 27) (01.23.2009)
Chemist's Work on Key Drug Processes Wins NSF Career Award (01.23.2009)
First 100 Days: Experts Address Issues Facing New Obama Administration (01.22.2009)
President's Letter: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Year (01.22.2009)
Public Invited to Join Emory 'Quest' for Knowledge (01.22.2009)
New Associate Vice Provost at Emory Libraries (01.21.2009)
Rise in Antibiotic Resistant Pediatric Head and Neck Infections (01.21.2009)
William H. Scott Exhibition Opens Jan. 23 at Emory (01.21.2009)
New Trustees to Join Board in February (01.21.2009)
Carlos Museum to Showcase Paper Masterworks (01.20.2009)
Inaugural Address Hit All the Right Notes, Says Rhetoric Expert (01.20.2009)
Inauguration Commentary: Obama Helps Nation Realize King's "Beloved Community" (01.20.2009)
Trethewey on NPR's "Fresh Air" (01.16.2009)
Inauguration: Emory Experts, Events Mark Historic Event (01.16.2009)
Emory Healthcare Garners Quality and Patient Safety Initiative Awards (01.16.2009)
Experts: Will Obama's Groundswell of Support Survive the Inauguration? (01.16.2009)
Fitzgerald Papers Give Insights on Flannery O'Connor's Life, Work (01.16.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Fruits and Vegetables in Cancer Prevention and Treatment (01.16.2009)
Holocaust Scholar to Give Emory Tenenbaum Lecture (01.15.2009)
Christian P. Larsen Is Emory Surgery Chair (01.15.2009)
Executive Power and the New Presidency Examined at Emory Law Event (01.15.2009)
Candler's Bishop-in-Residence Writes Letter of Joy to MLK (01.14.2009)
Inauguration Expert: Michelle Obama to Make History, Challenge Stereotypes (01.14.2009)
Rules for Gene Silencing in Cancer Cells Identified (01.14.2009)
Motherhood in Adversity Is Theme for Events on Atlanta Campuses (01.12.2009)
National Black Church Studies Summit Hosted by Emory (01.12.2009)
Emory Receives $14 Million Gates Foundation Grant to Reduce Tobacco Use in China (01.12.2009)
Buildings Compete to Reduce Energy (01.9.2009)
Greenbacks Granted to Green Projects (01.9.2009)
Kiplinger's Names Emory a Top 10 Best Value (01.8.2009)
Photo Exhibit at Emory Law Explores the Unexpected (01.8.2009)
Childhood Trauma and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Risk Linked (01.7.2009)
Emory University Statement on Dr. Sanjay Gupta as U.S. Surgeon General (01.7.2009)
Experts Comment on Israel-Hamas Conflict (01.6.2009)
Emory Celebrates King Week Jan. 19-27 (01.5.2009)
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