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Mar. 23,  2010

Health Experts Available to Comment on New Health Care Legislation

News Article ImageFred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, Executive vice president for health affairs at Emory University, as well as CEO of Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center and chairman of Emory Healthcare.

Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD

Executive Vice President for health affairs, CEO of Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center, and Chairman of Emory Healthcare

Sanfilippo says true health system transformation will be successful only when all sectors - public and private, state and federal, employer and employee, academic and corporate - come to the table for our nation's greater good.

View a video message from Sanfilippo outlining potential solutions to the health care crisis and identifying key priorities for the Woodruff Health Sciences Center. 

Kenneth Thorpe, PhD

Robert W. Woodruff Professor and Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management, Rollins School of Public Health

Thorpe says the health care overhaul legislation is an important – and historic – step. While it will continue to be praised and criticized, both for what it includes and what it omits, he notes that the legislation does provide tangible benefits to people with pre-existing conditions, seniors, the uninsured and small businesses.

Hear more from Thorpe about what the health care overhaul legislation means for consumers.

Linda A. McCauley, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor and Dean, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory University

McCauley says the dialogue about the new health care legislation has focused primarily on the insurance implications, leaving many Americans unaware of the positive changes the bill will have on nursing. The health care reform bill includes more than 16 provisions that will strengthen the nursing workforce, including critical funding for nurse education to meet the increased needs for health care. The bill’s provisions for nursing are especially important since there is a projected shortage of 260,000 registered nurses by 2025.

David Howard, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Rollins School of Public Health

Howard says there are benefits to the health care overhaul, such as increasing the continuity of insurance coverage and funding for comparative effectiveness research, but he is concerned about the fiscal impact of the legislation and its lack of long-term cost controls for Medicare.


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