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May 10,  2010

Law Students Meet, Marry, Graduate from Emory

News Article ImageCouples Charles and Julia Montgomery (from left) and Adam and Katie Balthrop each got married during their time in law school.

In law school, students can learn a lot about mergers and acquisitions. For two Emory Law couples graduating Monday, their lessons extended to merging households. 

"There really isn't a good time to get married in law school," says Charles Montgomery. "You've got class assignments and wedding assignments due. If you wait until after graduation, then you've got the bar prep."

Charles Montgomery and Julia Elizabeth Montgomery met one month into their first year in 2007. Charles proposed during a weekend trip to Hilton Head in October 2008.

The Montgomerys married during spring break this year. "It was just easier for our law school friends to attend this way," Charles Montgomery says.

Katie Lamb Balthrop and Adam Balthrop were engaged when they arrived at Emory Law. The couple married the summer after their first year.

"When we both decided to apply to law school at the same time, we each expanded our lists slightly so we'd be applying to the same schools-luckily, we were both looking for the same things, so our lists already substantially overlapped," Katie Balthrop says. "It was definitely a selling point that we were both accepted at Emory, but it was only one of the many reasons we both decided on this school."

Both couples had fairly big weddings, which meant quite a bit of juggling.

"We focused on our studies and tried not to let wedding planning be too big of a distraction, with varying levels of success," Katie Balthrop says.

"Lots of things fell by the way side," Charles Montgomery says. "Law school students are used to doing things on deadline, but I wouldn't recommend [planning a wedding while in law school]."

Charles and Julia Montgomery will move to Philadelphia after graduation. Adam and Katie Balthrop will stay in Atlanta.


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