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Aug. 24,  2010

Emory University Welcomes Talented, Diverse Class of 2014

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Move In Day

Move-In Day For Class of 2014

Emory University's Class of 2014 represents one of the most academically competitive and diverse freshmen classes in its history. Emory College of Arts and Sciences, the university's primary undergraduate division, welcomes 1,348 first-year students to campus for fall semester, chosen from a highly selective pool of 15,550 applicants.

The class hails from 47 states and beyond, with 17 percent of the students (both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens) representing 24 countries outside of the United States. About 36 percent of the class hails from the Southeast, with about 20 percent from the Mid-Atlantic region and the rest spread among the West, Southwest, Midwest and New England.

Academically, the freshman class earned an average, unweighted GPA of 3.84 in high school. Their median SAT score is 1399 for the combined critical reading and math sections. The number of students for whom Emory is the top choice also remained high: Early decision applicants make up 38 percent of the class.  See a full profile of the Emory College of Arts and Sciences class.

"We had an exceptional applicant pool of students this year who expressed strong interest in joining the Emory community," says Jean Jordan, Emory's dean of admissions. "They were attracted to Emory's engaged learning opportunities in research, internships and study abroad, as well as our commitment to service where nine out of 10 students volunteer during their time at Emory. Our strong record of success in transitioning our students into the workplace, as well as top graduate schools and professional programs, was also a key attraction."

Oxford College Sees Record Class

Oxford College, Emory's distinctive freshman/sophomore college situated on the university's original, historic campus 38 miles east of Atlanta in the village of Oxford, Ga., welcomes nearly 550 first-year students. In the class, 54 percent of them are from outside the Southeast and represent 38 states and 20 nations. See a full snapshot of Oxford's freshmen class.

Emory is one of the top research universities in the nation and provides extensive research opportunities in the sciences and humanities for its undergraduate students to study with renowned faculty across the university. Students at Emory receive a rigorous education that features close interaction with outstanding professors who guide and mentor students in discovering their life's passion and work, says Jordan.

"The core of an Emory education is the liberal arts experience where teaching is valued and undergraduate minds are broadened and transformed by outstanding faculty," says Jordan. "We are pleased to welcome these students to campus."

Nearly nine out of 10 of undergraduate students who enroll in Emory College of Arts and Sciences will graduate in four years. Nearly six out of 10 of those graduates will pursue graduate or professional school studies within three years of their college graduation.

Snapshot of Emory College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2014

  • Average SAT (critical reading and math only): 1,399
  • Average ACT: 31
  • Average unweighted GPA: 3.84

  • 56% women, 44% men
  • Self Identified Racial/Ethnic Statistics

    • Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander 33%

    • Black/African American 9%
Latino, Hispanic 6%
Multiracial 3%

    • Native American <1%
Did not Identify 8%

  • They represent 47 states and the District of Columbia, and 24 countries outside of the United States. The top five states represented are Georgia, Florida, New York, California and Texas.


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