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Nov. 11,  2010

Emory's MBA Program Ranked 22nd by Bloomberg/BusinessWeek

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The Full-Time MBA Program at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School placed 22nd in program rankings released today by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Goizueta ranked 23rd in the previous two rankings released by the publication.

“The latest ranking by Bloomberg BusinessWeek shows the results of the entire Goizueta community's continued efforts to support our students' success during difficult economic times while offering innovative ways to look at the future of business,” says Robert K. Kazanjian, vice dean for programs. “We will continue to work to ensure our students are prepared for the ambiguity of today’s business problems and our investment in faculty thought leaders.”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek surveys graduating MBA students every two years on metrics of satisfaction. This ranking also includes surveys of MBA recruiters regarding their hiring practices and experience with the school. Each audience’s feedback counts as 45 percent of the ranking score, with the remaining 10 percent determined by an analysis of the school’s intellectual capital, which is largely based on journal articles published by faculty.

Overall ranking rises

According to the 2010 survey results, Goizueta ranked 22nd in student satisfaction, 31st in recruiter satisfaction and 21st in intellectual capital, thus rising in overall ranking on a list that included four schools that weren’t ranked in 2008.

“We will continue to work hard to ensure our curriculum and career preparation meet student expectations,” says Larry Benveniste, dean of Goizueta Business School. “Leadership will review valuable feedback from this ranking, and I am confident we will keep building a strong program poised for long-term success.”

Goizueta’s full-time MBA Class of 2010, whose data was used in the current Bloomberg BusinessWeek survey, was the first to complete a new curriculum designed with many benefits for students. The innovative course design was built from recruiter feedback on changing dynamics in the business world and the need for students to understand increasingly complex and undefined problems.

“Our revised core curriculum is now completed by students in the first semester, allowing more opportunities to build functional depth and focus from real-world opportunities and electives,” says Kazanjian.

Recent graduates also showed success in the job market despite turbulence in the economy. Three months post graduation, 93 percent of the Class of 2010 had received job offers and 100 percent of students in the Class of 2011 had received summer internships. As of Sept. 30, 95 percent of students in the Class of 2010 had full-time offers.

Programs help job success

“We’re pleased our recruiters are recognizing the abilities of our students and the impact of our curriculum,” says Wendy Tsung, associate dean of the MBA Career Management Center at Goizueta. “Additionally, we’re excited about prospects for the future with students returning from internships with an increased number of full-time offers.”

Students have also benefited from increased visibility and groundbreaking work from research faculty. In the last five years, Goizueta has developed research centers in alternative investments (Emory Center for Alternative Investments) and marketing analytics (EmoryMAC). Additional programs in health care and social enterprise lengthen the docket of opportunities being explored and provide added benefit to students. 

The Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranking adds to Goizueta’s history of national and international recognition for its Full-Time MBA Program, which has previously ranked 27th in the nation (U.S. News, 2010), 21st in the nation (The Economist, 2010), 36th internationally (The Economist, 2010), 16th in the nation (Financial Times, 2010) and 34th in the world (Financial Times, 2010).


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