News Release: Faculty Experts, Politics

Jan. 24,  2011

Experts Available to Comment on State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama's state of the union address provides an opportunity to consider the nation's priorities and how to move ahead during difficult times. Experts at Emory University are available to comment on the issues outlined in the president's speech.

Federal Tax Policy

Dorothy Brown, professor of tax law  and author of “Race, Class and the Obama Tax Plan” (Denver Law Review, 2009). 404.712.8218, email Dorothy Brown

Job Creation

Thomas Smith, labor economist and assistant professor in the practice of finance. 404.727.3605, email Tom Smith

Economic Recovery, Fiscal Policy

Jeffrey Rosensweig, associate professor of international business and finance, and director of the Global Perspectives Program. 404.727.6360, email Jeffrey Rosensweig

National Politics

Alan Abramowitz is a renowned expert on national politics and elections. He has authored or coauthored four books, including "Voice of the People: Elections and Voting Behavior in the United States." 404.727.0108, email Alan Abramowitz

Rhetoric, Race and Politics

Political scientist Andra Gillespie is editor of 2010’s "Whose Black Politics? Cases in Post-Racial Black Leadership.” She can discuss issues regarding race and rhetoric, leadership and general political strategy. 404.727.9748, email Andra Gillespie

U.S. Congress

Political science professor Randall Strahan, a specialist in congressional politics and author of "Leading Representatives: The Agency of Leaders in the Politics of the U.S. House,” is working on a book about partisanship in Congress. 404.727.7913, email Randall Strahan

Environmental Policy

William Buzbee, professor of law and director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program. 404.727.6507,  email William Buzbee


Homeland Security

Charles Shanor, professor of law and author of "National Security and Military Law." 404.727.6811, email Charles Shanor


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