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Apr. 19,  2011

Emory Partners with Zimride to Offer Social Rideshare Service

Emory University is partnering with Zimride to provide students and staff with free social rideshare matching service online. Zimride, a developer of online social ridesharing networks, has attracted more than 350,000 users with authenticated email sign up. View Emory’s private site.

“This is another great way for Emory’s 13,000 students and 23,000 employees to connect on social networks like Facebook to find convenient commute solutions to match their routines,” says Lisa Underwood, Emory’s associate vice president for parking and transportation. “With millions of people using social networking websites daily, this service allows commuters, students or employees a practical rideshare service for one-time trips, daily commutes or extended trips during weekends.”

By partnering with more than 80 colleges and universities including Emory, Zimride has transformed carpooling into a reliable and efficient transportation option by supporting both one-time and regular commutes, integrating with transportation alternatives such as shuttles and vanpools, and providing a portal to track usage, monetary savings and carbon footprint reduction in real time.  

Zimride has made it easier for commuters to share seats in their cars or to catch a ride by combining social networks and their proprietary route-matching algorithm. The service empowers its users to create social, sustainable and convenient transportation options.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Emory University,” says John Zimmer, COO and co-founder of Zimride. “This is our first partnership in the state of Georgia, and we expect Emory to be a great example of how social network based ridesharing can make a big difference in the area.”

With Emory’s commitment to its role as a model of a progressive, sustainable, green campus, the alliance strengthens that pledge. In addition to providing Zimride to students and staff, Emory offers a 100 percent alternatively fueled free shuttle service that runs on a biodiesel blend, an extensive system of carpool and vanpools, a prevalent bike program to encourage cycling to, from and around campus, and the car sharing service ZipCar, which is already partnering with Zimride.


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