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Apr. 15,  2011

Job Market Improving for College Seniors

As the excitement of graduation builds for Emory University seniors, so can the stress as job-seeking seniors continue to look for employment. But what they’re finding is a job market much improved from previous years for both liberal arts and business majors. 

A majority of business school students entering the workforce already have jobs lined up. Roughly 60 percent of job seekers have been placed, up from 45 percent in 2009.

“There has been a significant increase from February of this year to February of last year,” says Andy Rabitoy, BBA Career Management Center director for Emory’s Goizueta Business School. “We are seeing more employers in the mood for hiring. They’re looking at increasing their hiring goals, which is very positive.”

Rabitoy expects about 90 percent of job-seeking BBA students to find work by the end of the summer, a nearly 10 percent increase from last year.

The optimism applies to the Emory College of Arts and Sciences as well.  More companies came to career fairs this year, including new companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

“It’s definitely been an improvement from last year,” says Britney Fields, associate director of alumni and employer relations for the Career Center at Emory. “We’ve seen more job postings on our online job/intern database called EagleOps. And, we’ve had an increase in recruiting on campus.”

The Emory Career Center has seen a 10 percent increase in on-campus interviews. Typically, about 60 percent of Emory College grads head primarily to graduate school, but also to internships, the military or gap-year opportunities. While official numbers don’t come out until the summer, officials are expecting about half of the job seekers to be employed.


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