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Jul. 21,  2011

From 'Chaos,' a Budget Deal is Emerging, says Emory Congressional Expert

The Gang of Six plan demonstrates “the capacity of the American Constitutional system to continue to generate serious proposals to address the complex and politically contentious budget and debt ceiling issues – even after negotiations led by the president had reached an impasse,” says Emory University political scientist Randall Strahan, a Congressional politics expert.

“The process looks extremely messy, even chaotic at times, but in its own disjointed way Congress is moving toward a solution,” says Strahan, adding that he is impressed with the renewed bipartisanship he’s seen in the Senate this past week. “Things may appear stalled due to partisan differences, but there is real movement happening here, with the motive force being a consensus across parties on the severity of the debt problem.”

What the Gang of Six is proposing would probably take at least a year to translate into actual legislative changes, but it may provide a framework that could win sufficient support in both parties to get us past the current debt ceiling renewal and bend the curve on deficits and debt downward in future years, he says.


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