News Release: Faculty Experts, International, Law, Religion and Ethics

Aug. 16,  2011

Experts on Post-9/11 Issues Available

Emory University experts in Islam, human rights, Muslims in America, law, ethics and terrorism are available to discuss the long-term effects of 9/11 as the world marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. 

Jewish Perspectives on 9/11

Emory Law professor Michael Broyde is an expert in Jewish law and ethics, comparative religious law and editor of the new book, “Contending with Catastrophe: Jewish Perspectives on September 11th.”

Contact Broyde at 404.727.7546,

More about Broyde and the Jewish perspective >>

American Tolerance of Muslims After 9/11

Vincent Cornell, professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, is an expert in contemporary islamic reform, extremism, Islam and the West, Muslim-Christian relations and  stereotypes. Cornel discusses whether Americans are more or less tolerant of Muslims since 9/11 and how the world can get past Islamophobia.

Contact Cornell at 404.727.8182,

More about Vincent Cornell and American tolerance of Muslims post-9/11 >> Vincent Cornell discusses American tolerance

U.S. Foreign Policy After 9/11, Muslim Attitudes Toward the U.S.

Law professor Abdullahi An-Na'im is an expert in Islam, Human Rights and Shari’.  An-Na’im discusses how U.S. foreign policy changed in the wake of 9/11 and how Muslim peoples around the world feel about the U.S.

Contact An-Na'im 404.727.1198,

More about An-Na'im, U.S. foreign policy and Muslim attitudes towards America >> Vincent Cornell discusses American tolerance

The Lasting Effects of 9/11

Finance professor Jeff Rosensweig, associate dean for corporate relations and director of the Global Perspectives Program at Goizueta Business School, is an expert in international business, global strategy, global economics and international finance. Rosensweig discusses the lasting effect 9/11 had on the United States’ economy and how it has impacted the current deficit.

Contact Jeff Rosensweig, 404.727.6360

More about Rosensweig and the lasting economic effects of 9/11 >>

Public Health and Medical Experts on 9/11 Issues Available

Emory University experts in public health, medicine and nursing are available to discuss a variety of topics related to the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Contact Jennifer Johnson, (404) 727-5696

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