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Sep. 18,  2011

Emory Biologist Among Popular Science's 'Brilliant 10'

News Article ImageJaap de Roode

Emory University biologist Jaap de Roode is among this year’s “Brilliant 10,” top scientists under 40 recognized by the editors of Popular Science magazine. He will be featured in the October issue of the magazine, along with other promising young researchers from across the nation.

An evolutionary biologist, focused on the ecology of insects and parasites, de Roode runs one of the few labs in the world studying monarch butterflies. His lab recently showed that monarch butterflies use medication to cure themselves and their offspring of disease. His research into how animals self-medicate could shed light on naturally occurring compounds that hold potential for human medicines.

“It’s great to get this recognition by Popular Science, and to raise awareness of how cool monarch butterflies are and what they can do to cure disease,” de Roode says. 

“Our annual ‘Brilliant 10’ is a testament to the importance of scientific research and a salute to the dazzling young minds driving it,” says Mark Jannot, editor-in-chief of Popular Science. “Each year, we solicit nominations form hundreds of eminent scientists and whittle the candidates down to the ones whose work really blows the top of our heads off.”

The National Science Foundation recently awarded de Roode a $500,000 grant to further his research into the behavior of monarchs infected with a protozoan parasite.

Video: de Roode explains how monarch butterflies use medicinal plants


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