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ABC Action News: New eye drop may replace cornea transplant (12.31.2008)
Albany Times Union: Obama has a shot at cure for health care (12.30.2008)
Business Week: Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking (12.30.2008)
AJC: Survey: Boomers think they're healthier than they are (12.29.2008)
WSJ: Of Monkeys and Utopia (12.27.2008)
CNN: Deep Vein Thrombosis Help (12.26.2008)
WFIE: Millions of grandparents are primary caregivers (12.26.2008)
WebMD: Is Vision Correction Surgery for You? (12.26.2008)
SF Chronicle: Giving can change your mind (12.25.2008)
AJC: Surgeon in Iraq finds 'opportunity for me to give back' (12.24.2008)
WSJ: New Research Shows Why Every Week of Pregnancy Counts (12.23.2008)
ABC News: Expert Tips On Stress Relief During Airport Delays (12.23.2008)
NYT: A Highly Evolved Propensity for Deceit (12.22.2008)
WSJ: Emory Professor Steps Down (12.22.2008)
CNN: Robbed by rare virus, boy gets his voice back (12.22.2008)
WSB-TV: Emory Professor Shares How To Cope With Holiday Stress (12.22.2008)
AJC: Emory hospital aids schools' science, health education (12.22.2008)
KRGG: Eye drops stop blinding disease (12.22.2008)
Chicago Tribune: In multifaceted Michelle Obama, black women see a mirror (12.21.2008)
Press-Telegram: Fearsome group-think (12.21.2008)
AJC: Emory cuts Grady debt $20 million (12.19.2008)
NPR: In A Hospital, There's No Monopoly On Prayer (12.19.2008)
Atl. Business Chronicle: $25M Emory cancer center to land north (12.19.2008)
NEJM: Revisiting Duty-Hour Limits (12.18.2008)
U.S. News: Elective Early Deliveries Pose Risks for Babies (12.18.2008)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Brock gives $6M for cancer research at Emory and Ga. Tech (12.18.2008)
Science News: Primates Get a Neural Facial (12.18.2008)
JAMA: Economics May Play Role in Crowding, Boarding in Emergency Departments (12.17.2008)
AJC: Exorcising diabetes (12.14.2008)
AJC: Emory names new nursing school dean (12.14.2008)
The Hindu: A ray of hope for HIV-infected (12.13.2008)
Med. News Today: RAD001 Shows Promise In Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer Patients (12.13.2008)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Group proposes more rest for medical residents (12.12.2008)
WABE: Macular Degeneration Study Links Behavior, Visual Improvement (12.11.2008)
Nature News: Antibody fights AIDS-like disease in monkeys (12.10.2008)
NPR: Dogs Understand Fairness, Get Jealous, Study Finds (12.9.2008)
Wash. Post: Once Detected, HIV Can Be Manageable (12.9.2008)
CNN: Why do my antidepressants make me feel loopy? (12.9.2008)
CNN: Meet the conditions expert doctor: Dr. Otis Brawley (12.9.2008)
CNN Video: Lung cancer risks for women (12.9.2008)
AJC: No vaccination for recession (12.7.2008)
NYT: In Hard Times, Fear Can Impair Decision-Making (12.5.2008)
Ivanhoe: Fighting Breast Cancer in Obese Patients (12.5.2008)
MSNCB: Your happiness could be contagious (12.4.2008)
Wash. Post: Medical Residents Must Sleep After 16 Hours, Experts Urge (12.3.2008)
AJC: Try to remember: Memory test may help diagnose problem (12.3.2008)
CBC: Add sleep break for doctors in training: report (12.3.2008)
Science Now: The Placebo Effect: Not All in Your Head (12.2.2008)
GEN: EGFR Inhibitors Could Be Effective in Obese Breast Cancer Patients (12.2.2008)
WALB Albany: Alzheimers awareness (12.2.2008)
NBC 13 Birmingham: Medical mistakes due to residents' fatigue (12.2.2008)
WebMD: Epilepsy Drug, Pregnancy Raise Autism Risk (12.1.2008)
CNN: Robots that fetch: Device could help disabled at home (12.1.2008)
LA Times: Weighing the value of organic foods (12.1.2008)
Travel & Leisure: The World's Worst Travel Diseases (12.1.2008)
Reuters: Simple test may catch early signs of dementia (11.26.2008)
WSJ: Submitting to the Science of Prevention (11.26.2008)
Wash. Post: Patients Can Join the Fight Against Flu Without Firing a Shot (11.25.2008)
HealthDay: Ultrasound Can Help Break Up DVTs (11.24.2008)
Portland Business Journal: Jane Fonda Center gets $1M (11.24.2008)
UPI: Researchers predict vaccine's immunity (11.24.2008)
AJC: Concerns mount that budget cuts could worsen public health crisis (11.23.2008)
AJC: Diabetes spurred Canton woman to healthier habits, life (11.19.2008)
CNN: Brush your teeth, save your life? (11.18.2008)
AJC: Falcons' Todd Weiner 'refuses to quit' (11.18.2008)
AZ Star: Climate change could increase diseases here (11.17.2008)
Advance for Nurses: Grady stroke program earns Silver Performance Achievement Award (11.17.2008)
AJC: Gateway Center helps student nurses get hands-on experience (11.16.2008)
AJC: Nurses finding a better way (11.16.2008)
AJC: Nursing careers run in the family (11.16.2008)
AJC: Emory's chief nurse gets editing award (11.16.2008)
CNN: Brother can you spare $52 billion? (11.14.2008)
ZDNet: The silver bullet of preventive care (11.14.2008)
Reuters: Fat hormone may help predict heart failure: study (11.14.2008)
AJC: State flunks test for high preterm birth rate (11.13.2008)
BBC News: Small hours heart risk peak clue (11.12.2008)
WebMD: 6 Serious Medical Symptoms (11.12.2008)
Nurse: Atlanta Certified Nurse-Midwife Studies Maternal/Infant Risk Internationally (11.10.2008)
Boston Globe: Comparing apples to organic apples (11.10.2008)
Nurse.com: Emory Appoints McCauley Dean (11.10.2008)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Yerkes researcher gets Gates Foundation grant (11.7.2008)
Southern Voice: Emory researchers test MS drug as HIV suppressant (11.7.2008)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory University plans major construction projects (11.7.2008)
Chronicle of Higher Education: Ga. Researchers Teach a Robot a Service Dog's Tasks (11.5.2008)
AMA: Written screening tests confuse some patients (11.3.2008)
WebMD: More Kids Taking Medication; Obesity Blamed (11.3.2008)
Personnel Today: Return of the Man-Flu (11.2.2008)
McKnights: Footing the bill (11.1.2008)
AJC: Doctors say earlier detection using CT scans could 'drastically reduce' lung cancer deaths (10.29.2008)
Forbes: Workplace Health Programs Effective Interventions (10.29.2008)
ABC News: 10 Misconceptions About Cold and Flu (10.28.2008)
Savannah Morning News: Why aren't you an organ donor? (10.26.2008)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Winship center gets ultra-fast radiation system (10.24.2008)
Tech Journal South: Mapping a selfish gene clan that can do damage (10.24.2008)
Baltimore Sun: Unnecessary flight risks? (10.23.2008)
Augusta Chronicle: Researcher erases mice's memories (10.23.2008)
Bay News 9: Reducing the risk of radiation exposure (10.22.2008)
Looking Fit: Study: Parkinson's Patients Tend To Be Vitamin D Deficient (10.21.2008)
ABC News: Flu: The Get-Well-Quick Plan (10.20.2008)
CBS News: Fear Factor: How Herd Mentality Drives Us (10.19.2008)
AJC: Health care costly, regardless of blueprint (10.19.2008)
CBS News: The Intelligence Of Animals (10.19.2008)
AJC: Helping hands, after hours (10.19.2008)
US News & World Report: Research May Help Predict Preeclampsia (10.17.2008)
Wash. Post: Doctors Often Overestimate Patients' Health Literacy (10.17.2008)
MSNBC: Guess who's feeling economy stress? Your pet (10.17.2008)
ABC News: It's a Cold. It's the Flu. No, It's Much Worse (10.17.2008)
LA Times: Does this explain muskrat love? (10.16.2008)
AJC: A dose of skepticism (10.16.2008)
TIME: Fear Factor: This Is Your Brain in an Economic Crisis (10.15.2008)
Wash. Post: Brain Pressure More Likely to Cause Vision Loss in Men (10.15.2008)
Ivanhoe: Parkinson's Prevention may be in Milk (10.15.2008)
New Scientist: Grieving voles hint at why human relationships last (10.15.2008)
Huffington Post: The Last Three Weeks: Anxiety about the Economy vs. Anxiety about Race (10.15.2008)
ABC New: Economic Depression Suicides a Myth? (10.14.2008)
WebMD: Smoking cessation must not be an afterthought, new studies say (10.14.2008)
WIRED: Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People? (10.14.2008)
WIRED: Sex-Crazed Apes Feast on Killing, Too (10.14.2008)
UPI: Vitamin D may be linked to Parkinson's (10.14.2008)
AJC: Panicking over Wall Street? It's a natural thing (10.14.2008)
Wash. Post: Parkinson's Patients More Prone to Vitamin D Deficiency (10.13.2008)
NYT: A Push for Adding B12, Though the Jury Is Out (10.13.2008)
Science Daily: Hospital-based Smoking Cessation Program After Heart Attack Adds To Success (10.13.2008)
CNN: Stop stressing about the economy (10.12.2008)
Food Mgt.: Beware the Ever-Present Norovirus (10.8.2008)
Times of India: Compassion meditation: A great stress buster (10.8.2008)
Denver Post: Donors hear lifesaving advice on women's health (10.7.2008)
Globe and Mail: Exotic pets pose health risks (10.7.2008)
Medical News Today: Graduate Medical Education Leadership Summit (10.7.2008)
Tech Journal South: Structural Puzzle Connecting Cancer Drug and Sepsis Solved (10.7.2008)
CNN: Digital Mammograms (10.1.2008)
WTNH: Stress can lead to depression (08.26.2009)


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