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PBS: This emotional life (12.30.2009)
Los Angeles Times: Some disease prevention measures can pay off (12.28.2009)
USA Today: 2009 in review: H1N1 pandemic tops our list of health stories (12.27.2009)
MSNBC Video: Thyroid cancer rates rising in women (12.22.2009)
CNN: Health care reform (12.22.2009)
Physorg.com: Scientists take a step towards uncovering the histone code (12.20.2009)
CNN: Legacy of sudden death spurs woman's mission (12.16.2009)
Los Angeles Times: Another example of over-screening for breast cancer (12.15.2009)
HealthDay News: Better vaccine planning needed, committee finds (12.11.2009)
United Press International: First transgenic prairie vole developed (12.11.2009)
CNBC: Facet Biotech and Bristol-Myers Squibb report promising phase I/II interim data for Elotuzumab in patients with relapsed multiple myeloma clinical activity seen for elotuzumab plus lenalidomide and low dose dexamethasone (12.7.2009)
CQ Weekly: Emergency rooms seek long-term-care (12.7.2009)
Time: Where did healthcare reform go? (12.3.2009)
R&D Magazine: Yerkes researchers create first transgenic prairie voles (12.1.2009)
New York Times: Healthcare savings could start in the cafeteria (11.28.2009)
New York Times: Surgery for mental ills offers both hope and risks (11.26.2009)
PBS: Experts answer your questions on mammograms (11.24.2009)
Washington Post: Don't trust the crowd if you value the truth (11.22.2009)
Wall Street Journal: The health-care buffet (11.20.2009)
CNN: The Situation Room: Revised cervical cancer screening guidelines (11.20.2009)
CNN Headline News: New mammogram screening recommendations (11.19.2009)
11Alive: Mammography confusion: what should women 40-49 do? (11.17.2009)
CNN: Experts Q &A: Mental disorders (11.17.2009)
Cardiology Today: France Registry: Trans-catheter aortic valve implantation successful in high risk group (11.15.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: $30m gift to boost Children's (11.13.2009)
New York Times Blog: Who can bend the cost curve? (11.12.2009)
ABC News: Plastics chemical linked to male sexual dysfunction (11.11.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Gates Foundation gives $8M to Emory for Ethiopian infant study (11.11.2009)
ABC News: Group teen violence shocks as minors charged with rape, murder, assault (11.10.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: Mindfulness with medications (11.9.2009)
Forbes: Most effective stress relievers (11.3.2009)
Reuters: Enzyme eats scar tissue that blocks spine repair (11.2.2009)
Reuters: Pneumonia vaccine could save money in flu pandemic (11.1.2009)
HealthDay News via US News & World Report: Flu shot in pregnancy protects baby (10.30.2009)
AP via Google: Obama girls' vaccine: Favoritism or good example? (10.29.2009)
Health Day News: Heart disease gender gap narrows (10.27.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: Domestic violence-stopping abuse and bringing awareness (10.26.2009)
CNN: Experts Q & A (10.23.2009)
New York Times: Flu fears curb life's rituals (10.18.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Aging population, new technological weapons closing in killer make cancer big business (10.16.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: Understanding risks and symptoms in ovarian cancer (10.12.2009)
AP: Web tool helps advise when flu needs a doctor (10.7.2009)
Washington Post: Using the Web to diagnose swine flu (10.7.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: All sports and energy drinks are not created equal (10.5.2009)
AJC: Grady doctor meets Obama (10.4.2009)
AJC: What makes swine flu different? It targets young people (10.1.2009)
Sunday Paper: Swine flu makes its mark on Atlanta (10.13.2009)
ABC News: Being healthy is a popularity contest (09.29.2009)
Washington Post: In delivering care, more isn't always better, experts say (09.29.2009)
Wall Street Journal: Tracing the origins of human empathy (09.25.2009)
AJC: FDA issues health alert on kids' Tamiflu dosages (09.25.2009)
NPR: Careful with Tamiflu dosing in kids (09.24.2009)
ABC News: Hope found in first vaccine to stop HIV (09.24.2009)
AJC: We need to return to the basics for health reform (09.23.2009)
AP: Swine flu is on campus (09.23.2009)
L.A. Times: Dosing confusion for liquid Tamiflu? (09.23.2009)
AJC: Drugmaker reports shortage of children's Tamiflu (09.23.2009)
AJC: Health officials: Assume floodwater is contaminated (09.22.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: Common injuries in young lacrosse players (09.22.2009)
CNN: Students and H1N1 mingle on campus (09.22.2009)
Augusta Chronicle: VLP could make flu vaccine faster, better (09.20.2009)
AJC: Atlanta hospitals change visitation policy for flu season (09.19.2009)
PBS: This Emotional Life: Understanding PTSD (09.17.2009)
Wall Street Journal: Medicare to fund 'Medical Home' model (09.16.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Vaccine advances on the horizon (09.15.2009)
Live Science: Animals think about thinking, research suggests (09.15.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: DOCTOR IS IN: Controlling your cholesterol (09.14.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia crafting swine flu vaccine plan (09.12.2009)
Gwinnett Daily Post: New Yerkes building gets LEED certification (09.12.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: What does your family want/need in health insurance? (09.10.2009)
BBC UK: Chimps imitate yawning animations (09.8.2009)
Fox News Blog: Surge protecting U.S. emergency rooms (09.8.2009)
Forsyth County News Online: Giving the 'gift of life' (09.7.2009)
CBS News: Colleges battle to contain H1N1 virus (09.5.2009)
NPR: In future, science could erase traumatic memories (09.4.2009)
Washington Post: Sons of immigrants have high obesity levels, report finds (09.4.2009)
NYT: The new back-to-school ritual: Quarantines (09.4.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory, Grady make seasonal flu shots mandatory (09.3.2009)
United Press International: Prairie voles model parent-offspring bonds (09.3.2009)
Tim: The Teen Brain: The more mature, the more reckless (09.2.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Emory University preps for H1N1 virus (09.2.2009)
MyFOXdetroit.com: Swine flu vaccine being tested now (09.2.2009)
Insidermedicine.com: Adolescents who engage in risky behavior likely have more mature brains than previously believed (09.2.2009)
Journal of Clinical Investigation: Mark Mulligan leads Emory swine flu vaccine trial (09.1.2009)
Southern Voice: Positive about sex (08.21.2009)
Livemint.com: How can H1N1 vaccine be optimally distributed? (08.21.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Georgia's First Domino Surgery (08.21.2009)
New Scientist: Even chimps can close a deal (08.20.2009)
CNN: The Swedish healthcare experiment (08.19.2009)
CNN: Healthcare in Spain (08.19.2009)
TIME: A patch to take the ouch out of shots (08.19.2009)
Baltimore Sun: Snoring is more than loud, it's a sign of a health risk (08.18.2009)
CNN: How to reform health care (08.17.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Blog: DOCTOR IS IN: Protecting your child from heat-related illness (08.17.2009)
CNN: Skateboarder's death underscores insect allergy risks (08.14.2009)
Examiner.com: Emory hospital promotes old-fashioned tweeting in its aviary (08.14.2009)
11 Alive: Few Atlantans undecided about healthcare (08.13.2009)
Foodconsumer.org: Radiation raises diabetes risk in cancer survivors (08.12.2009)
11Alive.com: Do you have questions about health care reform? (08.12.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory resident lands Robert Wood Johnson fellowship (08.12.2009)
CNN: Shoes' toning claims draw experts' doubts (08.12.2009)
The TakeAway: On the frontlines of the flu fight (08.11.2009)
WABE: Emory public health benefactress buried (08.11.2009)
Fox News Blog: Human tests begin on H1N1 vaccine (08.10.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: Long summer days bring sunshine and skin challenges (08.10.2009)
AP: 8 cities in US line up for swine flu vaccine test (08.10.2009)
CBS: H1N1 clinical trials (08.10.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Emory begins H1N1 vaccine trials (08.10.2009)
NPR: 8 cities in US line up for swine flu vaccine test (08.10.2009)
MSNBC: 8 U.S. cities line up for swine flu vaccine test (08.10.2009)
AP: Flu planners fear ERs flooded with the not-so-sick (08.10.2009)
Reuters: Childhood cancer treatment may raise diabetes risk (08.10.2009)
CNN: Organic Nutrition (08.7.2009)
PBS: Health Policy Expert Assesses Public Plan Options (08.6.2009)
Science Magazine: The Rook and the Test Tube: Fable Made Fact (08.6.2009)
11Alive News: Like camps, schools face swine flu threat (08.5.2009)
HealthDay News: Medicines top source of kids' poisonings (08.4.2009)
Oprah.com: If you're barely hanging on... (08.4.2009)
New York Post: A fading memory (08.2.2009)
ABC News Denver: Learning To See With Macular Degeneration (07.31.2009)
Science Magazine Blog: Chimp Study Offers New Clues to Language (07.31.2009)
Fox News Channel: Emory students discuss health care reform (07.30.2009)
AJC: Prioritize pregnant women to get swine flu shot, experts say (07.29.2009)
11Alive.com: Man donates kidney to fiance (07.29.2009)
CNN: Anesthetic works fast (07.29.2009)
Augusta Chronicle: 5 groups targeted for flu vaccine (07.29.2009)
11Alive.com: Dr. Kevin Ault talks H1N1 flu vaccine (07.29.2009)
Associated Press: Pregnancy likely to be swine flu shot priority (07.28.2009)
Fox News Blog: U.S. begins human testing of H1N1 vaccines (07.28.2009)
Nanotechwire.com: Nanoparticles image breast cancer (07.27.2009)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: DOCTOR IS IN: Understanding irritable bowel syndrome (07.27.2009)
Roll Call: Health Care Reform 2009: Do we know what we don't know? (07.27.2009)
MyFoxAtlanta.com: Health Watch: Triple negative cancer (07.27.2009)
CNN: School: No shortage of volunteers for swine flu vaccine trials (07.25.2009)
Time: Preventing preemies (07.24.2009)
WABE: Emory to participate in H1N1 vaccine trials (07.24.2009)
11Alive.com: Emory hiring volunteers for H1N1 vaccine's clinical trials (07.24.2009)
CNN: Doctor-patient talk could cut costs, ethicists say (07.23.2009)
American Council on Health and Science: Untrue Blood: Scientists examine artificial blood options (07.23.2009)
AJC: Emory to seek swine flu vaccine testers (07.22.2009)
11Alive.com: Emory taking part in H1N1 influenza vaccines testing (07.22.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory University to test flu vaccines (07.22.2009)
AP: Clinical trials for flu vaccine are to begin soon (07.22.2009)
11Alive.com: White males dominate Georgia unemployment rolls (07.21.2009)
AJC: Common sense and science agree - an ounce of prevention works (07.20.2009)
AJC: Biting dogs pose serious threat to children (07.20.2009)
US News & World Report: 10 Salt Shockers That Could Make Hypertension Worse (07.20.2009)
Natural News: New threat: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria causes deadly pneumonia (07.18.2009)
HHS HealthBeat: Analyzing the experts (07.17.2009)
WXIA-TV: Emory professor offers health reform analysis (07.17.2009)
WebMD: 5 Teen behavior problems: A troubleshooting guide (07.17.2009)
New York Times: Why we must ration health care (07.16.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle | Emory, Shepherd Center rank high (07.16.2009)
San Francisco Chronicle: The no-knife eye lift (07.16.2009)
The Boston Globe: Healthy habits may cut price of insurance (07.15.2009)
The Associated Press: Study finds risk from popular heart bypass method (07.15.2009)
AP: Study finds risk from popular heart bypass method (07.15.2009)
LA Times: Concern grows that healthcare overhaul won't cut costs (07.13.2009)
American Medical News: Quality data have limited impact on patient behavior (07.13.2009)
The Canadian Press: People with misophonia experience extreme reactions to specific sounds (07.13.2009)
NY Daily NEWS:Rachael Ray undergoes vocal cord surgery to remove benign cyst (07.13.2009)
11Alive News: Vaccinating parents to save babies (07.12.2009)
Knoxville News Sentinel: To sell health care reform, you have to tell a story (07.12.2009)
CNN Fit Nation: Taking fitness online (07.10.2009)
CNN Health Minute: Obesity surgery without scars (07.10.2009)
AJC: State's first swine flu patient tested Emory staff (07.9.2009)
MedPage Today: Obese Account for Greatest Jump in Healthcare Costs (07.9.2009)
Tri-State Defender: Reforms should improve health care for blacks (07.9.2009)
PhysOrg: Post-transplant combo can replace toxic immune-suppressing drugs in monkeys (07.8.2009)
AJC: Emory wins CDC grants for injury prevention (07.8.2009)
CBS News: Some educated opinions on pundits (07.5.2009)
AJC: Eagle Scout's career as doctor aids camp (07.4.2009)
AJC: Soldier's gift saves boy's life (07.4.2009)
OHSonline: CDC designates two new injury control research centers (07.1.2009)
NPR: Doctors say health care rationing already exists (07.1.2009)
The Associated Press: CDC: Private health care coverage at 50-year-low (07.1.2009)
U.S. News & World Report: Fear of crowds? When you need help for anxiety (07.1.2009)
WAGA TV: Health Watch: Peachtree Road Race: Relief for runners (07.1.2009)
Stars and Stripes: Military uses virtual therapy to help troops heal wounds (06.29.2009)
AJC Blog: DOCTOR IS IN: How do we know supplements are safe and effective? (06.29.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Prescription drugs (06.29.2009)
NYT: Tibetan Monks and Nuns Turn Their Minds Toward Science (06.29.2009)
LiveScience: Are You More Like Chimps or Orangutans? (06.29.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Cardiac Arrest (06.26.2009)
Huffington Post: More attacks on prevention and its role in health reform that make no sense (06.26.2009)
ChinaCSR: Gates Tobacco Control Project Initiated In Qingdao (06.26.2009)
BBC News: Monkeys fall for visual illusion (06.25.2009)
China Daily: 7 cities join in to kick killer butt (06.24.2009)
NorthFulton.com: Surgery without incision available at EJCH (06.24.2009)
New Scientist: Transplant drug turns traitor to fight viruses (06.24.2009)
WSJ: Brain-trauma study set (06.23.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Emory furthers progesterone study (06.23.2009)
AJC: Emory granted $14.5M to treat brain injuries (06.23.2009)
AJC: Sidelined Cagle on the mend, at peace (06.21.2009)
GlobalAtlanta: Chinese health care group sees partnership potential (06.19.2009)
LA Times: Dear, I love you with all my brain (06.19.2009)
MedicineNet: Road Rage: Where Your City Ranks (06.18.2009)
Washington Post: Health-care cuts could shift costs (06.17.2009)
AJC: Emory institute targets "commercially neglected" diseases (06.17.2009)
CNN: Self-diagnosing on the web (06.17.2009)
AJC: Consumers look to each other for subtle signs of recovery or decline (06.16.2009)
CNN: Truth about organics (06.16.2009)
Boston Globe: Romance + Attraction + Oxytocin = Love (06.15.2009)
AJC: DOCTOR IS IN: HPV vaccines, cervical cancer and you (06.15.2009)
NPR: Doctors say current system impedes medical care (06.15.2009)
WTHI-TV Indiana: Social support during health crisis (06.15.2009)
AJC: HPV vaccines, cervical cancer and you (06.15.2009)
Int'l Business Times: Can information technology cut healthcare costs? (06.12.2009)
UPI: Diabetes screenings could cut health costs (06.10.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health Watch: Hero at Home (06.10.2009)
WABE: Emory Emergency Medicine Professor on ER Dangers (06.8.2009)
AJC: New CDC chief controversial (06.6.2009)
Newsweek: From Bench To Bedside (06.5.2009)
ABC News: Breakdowns, suicides: The dark side of reality TV (06.4.2009)
Boston Herald: Chimps tickled by laughter study (06.4.2009)
WABE: Federal report reveals hospital emergency room danger (06.4.2009)
AJC: Emory School of Medicine toughens ethics policy (06.3.2009)
ABC News: Moving May Up Adolescent Suicide Risk (06.2.2009)
U.S. News: What's behind the fear of flying (06.2.2009)
Smithsonian: Brain Cells for Socializing (06.1.2009)
LA Times: With deep brain stimulation, experts want to tread carefully (06.1.2009)
American Medical News: Lawmakers consider health delivery system reform (06.1.2009)
AJC: Online service holds your spot at hospital (05.31.2009)
ABC News Huston: Can skinny jeans cause health issues? (05.29.2009)
ABC News: Is Your Bitterness a Medical Condition? (05.28.2009)
US Cancer Death Rate Drops Again in 2006 (05.27.2009)
AJC: When will we get AIDS vaccine? (05.27.2009)
UPI: 1 in 4 black women refuse cancer therapy (05.26.2009)
Ivanhoe: Deadly Infections Preceded by Flu (05.26.2009)
EmpowerHer: Why Chimps, Monkeys Don't Develop Alzheimer's (05.25.2009)
San Diego Union Tribune: Blush to judgment (05.25.2009)
AJC: Many delay plans for baby (05.24.2009)
AJC: Georgia ready to move up among biotech players (05.24.2009)
Examiner.com: Interview with Charles Raison, MD (05.24.2009)
NYT: Getting Healthy, With a Little Help From the Boss (05.23.2009)
Examiner.com: The value of having a tribe (05.23.2009)
TIME: Are Medical Residents Worked Too Hard? (05.21.2009)
WebMD: When Too Much Shopping Becomes a Problem (05.21.2009)
NYT: Is Information Overload Really Getting Worse? (05.21.2009)
Augusta Chronicle: State sells itself at science event (05.20.2009)
BBC News: Warning over new threat from MRSA (05.20.2009)
Business Day: Make meditation your business (05.20.2009)
AJC: Biotech research center to open in Atlanta (05.19.2009)
11 Alive: Governor Perdue to Announce New Georgia Bio-Tech Programs (05.19.2009)
Global Atlanta: Emory, Australian Institute Form Vaccine Program (05.19.2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory launches drug discovery center (05.19.2009)
Reuters: Deadly pneumonia caused by super-bugs on rise: study (05.19.2009)
Houston Chronicle: Neurologist: Mistakes made in ex-soldier's tests (05.19.2009)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 12 ways to protect your skin and prevent skin cancer (05.18.2009)
Science News: Immune Exhaustion Driven By Antigen In Chronic Viral Infection (05.18.2009)
11 Alive: The Accident That Saved His Life (05.16.2009)
Southern Voice: Expanded AIDS Vaccine bike ride kicks off Saturday (05.15.2009)
AJC: Biotechnology key industry for Atlanta¿s future (05.15.2009)
WABE: Treating "Triple Negative" Breast Cancer (05.14.2009)
Kaiser Network: In Focus - The President's Budget for Global Health (05.14.2009)
USA Today: USA ill-equipped for a swine flu pandemic, experts fear (05.13.2009)
Market Watch: Working with an open mind (05.13.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Emory Researchers Work on H1N1 Vaccine (05.13.2009)
AJC: Pollen season continues on (05.11.2009)
AJC: What are the benefits of breastfeeding to mom? (05.11.2009)
AJC: Responding to swine flu (05.10.2009)
WABE: Taking Biotechnology to Market (05.8.2009)
UPI: Doctors: Vaccine fears sparking outbreaks (05.8.2009)
WSJ: Fear of Vaccines Spurs Outbreaks, Study Says (05.7.2009)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Vaccine holdouts a danger, study says (05.7.2009)
Medical News Today: Researchers Working On Faster Ways To Detect And Attack H1N1 Flu Virus (05.6.2009)
Mississippi Press: Local families solve puzzle of autism (05.6.2009)
Boston Globe: New antibody method gets big test (05.4.2009)
11 Alive: Grandmother Sacrifices To Save 5 Year Old Grandson (05.4.2009)
AJC: Health Care Still a Growing Field (05.3.2009)
Gwinnett Daily Post: Blessed Bronco (05.3.2009)
AJC: Celebrating Nurses: Serving Patients, Nurses (05.3.2009)
AJC: Medical mistakes are an unhappy reality (05.3.2009)
Reuters: Trial by fire: New antibody method gets big test (05.2.2009)
WSJ: Deadlier Strain Would Overwhelm Health Systems (05.1.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Handling Raw Pork Poses No Flu Risk (05.1.2009)
WebMD: Prevent Flu: Steer Clear of Sick People (04.30.2009)
WABE: Emory Professor Discusses Flu Pattern (04.30.2009)
TIME: Calls to Shut U.S.-Mexico Border Grow in Flu Scare (04.29.2009)
CNN: Commentary: Flu shouldn't close Mexico border (04.29.2009)
CNN: Hurtling toward a swine flu pandemic (04.29.2009)
The Engineer: Flu Patches (04.29.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Should You be Tested for Prostate Cancer (04.29.2009)
WSB-TV: Dr. Randy Martin Answers Your Swine Flu Questions (04.29.2009)
USA Today: Swine flu Q&A: Planning a trip to Mexico? (04.28.2009)
CNN: Mexico City at epicenter of growing swine flu fears (04.28.2009)
AJC: Why are we getting diseases from animals? (04.28.2009)
PBS NewsHour: Researchers prepare for possible swine flu vaccine (04.28.2009)
HHS HealthBeat: Doing by learning (04.28.2009)
WSB-TV: Flu shot without needle? Local researchers working on it (04.28.2009)
Charlie Rose Show: A discussion about Swine Flu (04.27.2009)
NYT: Obama Seeks to Ease Fears on Swine Flu (04.27.2009)
11 Alive: Lt. Gov. Cagle Out of Surgery, Recovering Well (04.27.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Swine flu (04.27.2009)
CNN: CDC: Swine flu viruses in U.S. and Mexico match (04.25.2009)
AJC: Can public health insurance fix health care? (04.23.2009)
ABC News: How to Cope With Recession Stress (04.22.2009)
AJC: Autism and your child (04.21.2009)
11 Alive: DeKalb Boy's Suicide a Sign of a Growing Problem (04.21.2009)
WSB-TV: Local Researchers Team Up To Develop New Autism Test (04.20.2009)
WebMD: Physicist Stephen Hawking Hospitalized (04.20.2009)
AJC: American Academy of Arts, Sciences taps 2 from Emory (04.19.2009)
USA Today: Common ground on embryonic stem cell research? Maybe never (04.19.2009)
NYT: I.Q. Harmed by Epilepsy Drug in Utero (04.16.2009)
Popular Mechanics: Is Fringe's Genetic Monster Possible? (04.15.2009)
AJC: No time to exercise? (04.15.2009)
CNN: Hungry for love? Matchmakers thrive in slump (04.15.2009)
AJC: More cancer experts, cash headed here (04.14.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Emory lauds Curran with endowed chair (04.14.2009)
WABE: HIV/AIDS in the US still a threat despite less attention paid (04.13.2009)
AJC: Emory's cancer center gets national designation (04.13.2009)
WABE: Emory's Winship Cancer Institute Earns Special Designation (04.13.2009)
Times of London: Is your career making you infertile? (04.12.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Emory wins national 'Cancer Center' status (04.10.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Governor to hold press conference Monday for Emory 'milestone' (04.10.2009)
ABC News: Pirates, Crashes, Disasters Reveal True Heroes (04.10.2009)
AJC: Georgia Lymphoma 5k Walk in Norcross this month (04.10.2009)
AJC: Cut in trauma funding could put lives on the line (04.7.2009)
FOX 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Breast Cancer Screenings (04.6.2009)
CNN: Beware the perils of caffeine withdrawal (04.6.2009)
Diabetes Health: Emory Researchers Tell Why Excess Fat Increases Risk for Type 2 (04.2.2009)
Huffington Post: Massachusetts is Not the Only Health Reform Model (04.2.2009)
AARP Bulletin: Top Brain Docs Explore 'Staying Sharp' (04.1.2009)
AJC: Surving Allergy Season (04.1.2009)
Scientific American Mind: A Wiring Diagram in the Brain for Depression (04.1.2009)
U.S. News: Patient's Own Stem Cells Might Treat Heart Attack (03.31.2009)
American Medical News: Sometimes listening works better than testing (03.31.2009)
American Medical News: Simpler drug packaging doesn't increase patient compliance (03.30.2009)
Reuters: Bone marrow cells help heart attack patients: study (03.30.2009)
The Hill: Chronic diseases overlooked as healthcare cost burden (03.30.2009)
ABC News: Expert Advice Shuts Your Brain Down (03.28.2009)
CBC San Diego: Running Is Not Just For The Young And Healthy (03.26.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Shake Away the Weight (03.26.2009)
JAMA: Hearing Probes Helicopter Medevac Safety (03.25.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Fuqua family gifts $2M to Emory (03.25.2009)
Science Daily: Bacterial Toxin Leads To Systemic Infection (03.25.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: The War at Home (03.25.2009)
Times of London: Study: brain switches off rationality when given 'expert advice' (03.24.2009)
NYT: Study Links Depression to Thinning of Brain's Cortex (03.24.2009)
MSNBC: Expert: W.Va. health reform may save $2.7B (03.24.2009)
AJC: Alzheimer's comes with longevity (03.24.2009)
USA Today: Experts say play time can relieve stress in bad times (03.23.2009)
CBS News Atlanta: Research May Keep People from Blindness (03.23.2009)
Scientific American: The Coming Merging of Mind and Machine (03.23.2009)
AJC: Caring for aging parents tough, rewarding (03.22.2009)
Boston Globe: New Emergency Workers in Poor Shape (03.20.2009)
CNN: 'Young invincibles' OK with risk of no insurance (03.20.2009)
FOX 5 Atlanta: When the Walkway Fell (03.20.2009)
Science: Rewiring Faulty Circuits in the Brain (03.20.2009)
Philippine Star: Pinay scientist raises hope for the disabled (03.19.2009)
WSB-TV: Georgia Doctor On Poison Control Crusade (03.19.2009)
AJC: A mother asks: 'Will my son get the care he needs?' (03.18.2009)
AJC: They share life with a machine (03.18.2009)
TIME: Report: Nation Sees New Baby Boom (03.18.2009)
CNN: Study: Average preemie costs $49,000 in first year (03.17.2009)
WebMD: Is Provigil Addictive? (03.17.2009)
BBC News: Making music (03.16.2009)
KXAN Austin: Brush your teeth, save your life? (03.16.2009)
11 Alive: Former Falcon Wins By Losing Weight (03.15.2009)
LA Times: A stem cell battle along state lines (03.13.2009)
AJC: Trouble sleeping? (03.12.2009)
Chicago Tribune: New battle lines on stem cells (03.12.2009)
AJC: Goal-setting hiker inspires others to push themselves (03.12.2009)
AJC: Chemo patients have special food issues (03.11.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Keeping Fit Inside and Out (03.11.2009)
WebMD: Air Pollution Is Dangerous, but Deadly? (03.11.2009)
Wash. Post: Arsenal Confirms Chimp's Ability to Plan, Study Says (03.10.2009)
WebMD: Meditation Heals Body and Mind (03.10.2009)
EyeWorld Magazine: Cutting down on pediatric patching (03.10.2009)
EMS Responder: A Template for Boosting Cardiac Saves (03.10.2009)
AJC: Sleepless in Atlanta (03.10.2009)
CBS News Atlanta: High-Tech Mammograms Available In Atlanta (03.10.2009)
11 Alive: Emory Offers New Treatment For Brain Tumors (03.9.2009)
CNN: Why we're sleeping less (03.6.2009)
PsychCentral: Family Violence Compromises Health of Older Women (03.6.2009)
Charleston Post and Courier: ERs fall into emergency mode (03.4.2009)
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NYT: Obese Teenagers Are as Likely to Die Prematurely as Heavy Smokers, Study Finds (03.3.2009)
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Salt Lake Tribune: Experts debate evolution of human aggression (02.28.2009)
UPI: Sun-safe pool policies effective at work (02.26.2009)
WSJ: Why Hotels Resist Having Defibrillators (02.24.2009)
AJC: African-Americans, thy enemy is heart disease (02.24.2009)
NYT: On Sunblock Use, Lifeguards Follow Along (02.23.2009)
National Geographic: Child Abuse Alters Stress-Fighting Gene, Study Says (02.23.2009)
Science News: Breast Cancer Drug Gets Boost (02.23.2009)
LA Times: Contagious disease's spread highlights dilemma over unvaccinated kids (02.23.2009)
Stamford Advocate: Experts not surprised by chimp's vicious attack (02.21.2009)
CNN: Hip-hop for the heart sends a culturally sensitive message (02.20.2009)
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Daily Telegraph: Morality may have roots in our primate ancestors (02.15.2009)
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WSB-TV: WSB-TV Presents Atlanta's High Tech Hospital (02.13.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Emory Crawford Long Hospital gets name change (02.13.2009)
Atl. Business Chronicle: Emory names building after James Williams (02.13.2009)
PBS NewsHour: Love Is a Chemical Reaction, Scientists Find (02.13.2009)
CNN: Defibrillator champion is saved by one himself (02.13.2009)
AJC: Emory orthopedics hospital puts high-tech at patient¿s bedside (02.12.2009)
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NYT: Children's Staph Infections Increasingly Resistant to Drugs (01.20.2009)
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Gainesville Times: To celiac disease sufferers, gluten is the evil ingredient (01.18.2009)
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Atl. Business Chronicle: Gates Foundation grants Emory $14M (01.12.2009)
NYT: Anti-Love Drug May Be Ticket to Bliss (01.12.2009)
AJC: Emory awarded $14M grant to snuff out smoking (01.12.2009)
AJC: Is TV doctor good for what ails America? (01.11.2009)
NYT: A Governor With No Money Seeks to Improve the People's Health (01.11.2009)
Montreal Gazette: Teens may not accurately report condom use: Study (01.9.2009)
Nature: Being Human: Love: Neuroscience reveals all (01.8.2009)
Economist: Barack Obama's choice is smarter than some critics think (01.8.2009)
SF Chronicle: Hormones' complex role in human sexuality (01.8.2009)
AJC: Atlantans hope for Gupta appointment, prestige boost (01.7.2009)
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Wash. Times: Let's get real on teen sex (01.6.2009)
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AJC: Atlanta doctor, CNN reporter Gupta as surgeon general? (01.6.2009)
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Times of India: Resetting body clock may cut heart attack risk (01.5.2009)
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Wash. Post: A Moment Of Tooth (01.4.2009)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Upper Respiratory Infections Common in Metro Area (01.2.2009)


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