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Associated Press via Google: US teen birth rate at all-time low, economy cited (12.21.2010)
NPR: Wild Chimps, Stick Dolls: What's at play here? (12.21.2010)
ABC News: Holiday Stress: Bad for Holidays and Health (12.20.2010)
Web MD: Diet 911: After you overindulge (12.20.2010)
WABE: FDA rules on Avastin breast cancer drug (12.17.2010)
Good Day SouthSide: Woodruff Health Sciences Center and Henry Medical Center (12.16.2010)
Huffington Post: A Crossroads for the Chronically Ill (12.15.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Understanding your medication (12.15.2010)
CNN The Chart Blog: Do I really have ADHD? (12.14.2010)
CNN Video: Radon: Why it matters to your health (12.14.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Aspirin and Cancer (12.13.2010)
WAGA-TV: Housecall: Breast cancer (12.11.2010)
CBC News: Life expectancy down slightly: U.S. CDC (12.10.2010)
Huffington Post: How your sleep habits may be damaging your heart (12.10.2010)
The Associated Press via Google: Life expectancy slips, stroke dips to No. 4 killer (12.9.2010)
ABC News Online: Hydrogen sulfide gas in the treatment of heart failure (12.9.2010)
CNN: Cleaner, but more depressed (12.8.2010)
Wired Science: More hygiene hypothesis: Does cleanliness = depression? (12.8.2010)
JAMA: Lab, Field & Clinic: Scientists turn to "Immune Fingerprints" to understand vaccines, infections (12.8.2010)
China Daily: Experts sound alarm on health disparity (12.8.2010)
CNN Blog: Are mood swings, extreme sleep signs of depression? (12.7.2010)
Los Angeles Times | In small doses, toxic gases can be medicinal (12.6.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Blue Cross, Oxendine clash over health care pricing (12.6.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: House call: Vitamin D and calcium (12.6.2010)
ABC News: Family support for gay teens saves lives (12.6.2010)
ABC News: The science of monkey morality (12.2.2010)
ABC News: Jennifer Grey danced with ruptured disk (12.2.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Erasing traumatic memories may soon be possible (12.1.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Prevention cuts back on colds, illnesses (11.30.2010)
Fox News: Children's over-the-counter meds confusing, inconsistent (11.30.2010)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Time to press our HIV/AIDS success (11.30.2010)
Reuters: Robotic assist eases less-invasive hysterectomies (11.29.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Safety at hospitals (11.29.2010)
United Press International: Vitamin D's genetic effect seasonal (11.25.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Planning under way for new state-based insurance marketplace (11.25.2010)
The Georgia Voice: Innovative work continues in effort to find HIV vaccine (11.24.2010)
CNN Blog Study: Breastfeeding OK for moms with epilepsy (11.24.2010)
ABC News: Killing 'Really Addictive:' Veteran's Essay Leads to Ban From Campus (11.24.2010)
The Wall Street Journal: Seeking new blood-supply test (11.23.2010)
CNN The Chart Blog: Could emotional withdrawal be side effect of new med? (11.23.2010)
WNDU.com: Experimental drug seen to clear lung cancer in just weeks (11.23.2010)
11Alive.com: A family's curse (11.22.2010)
Baltimore Sun: Method to erase traumatic memories may be on the horizon (11.22.2010)
CNN Newsroom: Avoiding holiday health hazards (11.20.2010)
The Sunday Paper: Unleashing the Plague? (11.19.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: What's a kidney between friends? 'A true gift from God' (11.15.2010)
Scientific American: Neuroscience meeting: Emory starts center to research autism and other disorders (11.15.2010)
Nature News: Schizophrenia: The making of a troubled mind (11.10.2010)
11Alive.com: Virtuoso Robert McDuffie performs November 19th for Emory Alzheimer's benefit (11.10.2010)
ABC News: No 'Closure' for Petit despite death sentence ruling (11.10.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health watch: Is your child a bully? (11.8.2010)
KDKA: Obama's bioethics panel to meet at Atlanta's Emory University (11.8.2010)
MSNBC: Chromosome change points to autism (11.8.2010)
Delta Sky Magazine: Southern Science (11.5.2010)
Businessweek.com: As clocks fall back on Sunday, think about better sleep (11.5.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health watch: CT scans for lung cancer (11.5.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Head flattening (11.4.2010)
CNN: Colds and flu? Not you! (11.3.2010)
ABC News: Will health care overhaul survive Republican control of the house? (11.3.2010)
The Scientist: F-1000: Top 7 Genetics Papers (11.2.2010)
CNN Blog: How do I tell my parents I'm depressed? (11.2.2010)
CNN Blog: The Chart: Obesity program little help for low-income girls (11.2.2010)
Huffington Post: The Deficit commission's best chance at containing rising health-care costs (11.9.2010)
New York Times Opinionator Blog: The God-Science shouting match: A response (11.4.2010)
MyFoxAtlanta: Inside the OR for a stem cell transplant (10.29.2010)
Halloween Science: Why We Love To Scare Ourselves (10.28.2010)
The Associated Press via Forbes: More US adults aware they have high blood pressure, treating with medication: CDC (10.28.2010)
Scientific American: Some depression may have roots in immune-generated inflammation (10.28.2010)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Vote for a strong trauma network (op-ed) (10.28.2010)
ABC News: When diet and lifestyle aren't enough (10.28.2010)
Moultrie Observer: Brothers fight early heart disease (10.27.2010)
TechJournalSouth.com: Emory, GA Tech tackle head, neck, pancreatic cancers with $4.7M grant (10.26.2010)
WebMD via Global Animal: 5 Reasons pets are good for your health (10.26.2010)
CNN: Expert Q & A: Is it normal to have anger issues after going on and off pain meds? (10.26.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Aortic Stenosis (10.25.2010)
CNN Blog: Smoking boosts risk for Alzheimer's (10.25.2010)
HealthDay News: Mouse study suggests Alzheimer's-linked protein can migrate into brain (10.22.2010)
Science News: Pet frogs can transmit salmonella (10.22.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Women may be at risk with hormone replacement therapy (10.21.2010)
Ivanhoe Broadcast News: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy decreases your baby's brain power (10.21.2010)
ABC News: Taking care of Alzheimer's: the burden on women (10.20.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Groundbreaking stem cell transplant surgery done at Emory (10.20.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Study raises hormone therapy concerns (10.20.2010)
The Augusta Chronicle: Researchers work to head off the flu (10.19.2010)
CNN: Meditation reduces stress, instills compassion (10.18.2010)
Fast Company: Why you should start a company in Atlanta (10.18.2010)
CNN: Meditation reduces stress, instills compassion (10.18.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health Watch: Stem Cell Trial (10.17.2010)
USA Today: Obesity costs U.S. $168 billion, study finds (10.17.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ga. in stem cell focus (10.17.2010)
New York Times: Morals without God? (10.17.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health Watch: Stem Cell Trial (10.17.2010)
Associated Press via Washington Post: Study: Obesity care costs twice previous estimates (10.15.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Chilean miners health (10.13.2010)
CNN: Anderson Cooper: Effect of environment on miners health (10.13.2010)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Metro Atlanta Is Now Ground Zero in Stem Cell Debate (10.13.2010)
WXIA-TV Atlanta: Stem cell interview (10.12.2010)
The Associated Press via San Francisco Examiner: Ex-president says disease mission nearly complete (10.12.2010)
WebMD: What girls need to know about growing up (10.12.2010)
National Journal Blog: Evidence-based programs improve health (10.12.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Genetic testing for breast cancer (10.11.2010)
WebMD: Epilepsy may be linked to infertility risk (10.11.2010)
Science News: The unusual suspects (10.9.2010)
Johannesburg Times: Game is on to find healthiest company (10.9.2010)
CNN Transcripts:| Trapped Chilean miners fan hope with emotional messages (10.9.2010)
KABC-TV: Los Angeles New breath test for detecting cancer (10.7.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Research funding at Emory increases 10.5 percent, exceeds $535 million (10.6.2010)
CardioNews: MedicalHorizon: Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: 21st Century Style (10.6.2010)
Milwaukee News Buzz: I see, therefore I am (10.6.2010)
CNN: Can antidepressants raise liver enzymes? (10.5.2010)
Wall Street Journal: Consumer Health: Travelling while pregnant: Tips to stay healthy (10.4.2010)
United Press International: Science News: First stem cell clinical trial described (10.4.2010)
Tech Journal South: Study says: predictive health focus could cut costs (10.4.2010)
MarketWatch.com: Traveling while pregnant: tips to stay healthy (10.3.2010)
MSN Health and Fitness: 9 sleep myths that make you tired (10.2.2010)
CNN: Jimmy Carter will spend night in Cleveland hospital (09.28.2010)
ABC News: 'Kitchen Nightmares' restauranteur the latest reality TV tragedy (09.28.2010)
HealthDay News: Study finds home dialysis as good as hemodialysis at centers (09.28.2010)
Voice of America News: Link between heart health and education doesn¿t always apply (09.27.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Thinking like a nurse (09.27.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nurses not shy when asked how they think (09.27.2010)
King5.com: Doctors experimenting with a hormone that could save the brain (09.26.2010)
Nanotechwire.com: NCI launches next phase of Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer program (09.26.2010)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Accused moonshiner jailed in Gwinnett (09.25.2010)
USA Today: In run-up to Nov. vote, GOP unveils 'Pledge to America' (09.24.2010)
Pharmacy Choice: Promising results in groundbreaking heart valve study at Emory (09.24.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Elements of health care law taking effect (09.23.2010)
Daily Mail UK: Scientists discover the 'Homer Simpson' gene that makes mice more intelligent if it is switched off (09.23.2010)
WABE: Youth suicide prevention program relies on peers (09.23.2010)
WABE: Youth suicide prevention program relies on peers (09.23.2010)
CNN: How can I stop using Paxil without the side effects? (09.21.2010)
The Atlantic Wire: Scientists Discover ¿The Homer Simpson Gene¿ (09.21.2010)
Obesity Surgery for Weight Loss: A New Teenage Trend? (09.20.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Football players and concussions (09.20.2010)
United Press International: Losing a gene makes mice remember (09.17.2010)
ABC News: Genes, stress may have led to Omar Bin Laden's schizophrenia (09.14.2010)
CNN: My son hears suicidal voices. What can I do? (09.14.2010)
HealthDay News via Modern Medicine: African-Americans may be reluctant blood donors (09.14.2010)
Wall Street Journal Health Blog: Repeal of health bill¿s 1099 provision could take funds from prevention (09.13.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Grady dialysis deal finalized (09.13.2010)
AOL Health Blog: Thousands with heart disease may be getting wrong surgery (09.13.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Some patients with severe heart disease receiving wrong treatment, study finds (09.12.2010)
Boston Globe: Obesity's punch to the gut (09.11.2010)
CNN: Belly fat in men (09.10.2010)
Marketplace/American Public Media: Study: Health plan won't up costs much (09.9.2010)
Fox News Atlanta: Newsmaker: Mandatory vaccines (09.9.2010)
Science Magazine Daily News: Prenatal exposure to pesticides linked to attention problems in children (09.9.2010)
Science Magazine Daily News: Vitamins D, E might help maintain brain health (09.8.2010)
NurseZone.com: The current state of nursing education capacity and demand (09.8.2010)
HealthDay News: Heart health rises with education in rich nations (09.7.2010)
CNN Blog: More patients turning to ER for acute care (09.7.2010)
CNN Blog: Can memory lapses be a sign of an identity disorder? (09.7.2010)
Fox News Atlanta: Housecall: Women in their 40s (09.7.2010)
Boston Herald: Kasey Kahne, still chasing berth, hoping win in Atlanta can lead to spot in Chase (09.2.2010)
News & Observer: This Week in Racing: Emory Healthcare 500 (09.2.2010)
Fox News: CUP: Junior expects to be fast at AMS (09.1.2010)
CNN Blog: Ripple effect seen from rising C-sections in first-time moms (09.1.2010)
New York Times: Healthcare wastefulness is detailed in studies (09.7.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Scribes are doctors¿ tech support (09.6.2010)
Science Magazine Daily News: Scientists identify new drug strategy against fragile X syndrome (09.6.2010)
Stars and Stripes: Study: Can hormone aid TBI recovery? (09.5.2010)
News & Observer: This Week in Racing: Emory Healthcare 500 (09.2.2010)
New York Time: Deal would provide dialysis to illegal immigrants in Atlanta (08.31.2010)
Fox Business: Why you need to understand what the doctor just said (08.31.2010)
ReachMD: Health Literacy: The Importance of effective communications in medicine (08.30.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Learning while serving (08.30.2010)
Reuters Health: Are allergies associated with heart disease? (08.26.2010)
Science Blog: Experimental treatments for cocaine addiction may prevent relapse (08.26.2010)
Henry Daily Herald: Campers arriving early for AMS race (08.26.2010)
CNN Health: Docs' beliefs affect end-of-life care (08.26.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: What's in a name (08.25.2010)
CNN Transcripts: Michael Douglas has throat tumor (08.24.2010)
Wall Street Journal: New hope in fatigue fight (08.24.2010)
MD News: Most low weight infants at 24 weeks gestational age live (08.24.2010)
Delawareonline.com: A little empathy works wonders (08.24.2010)
Medscape.com: Early age at menopause linked to Angina Post MI (08.24.2010)
ABC News: Preparing mind and body for four tough months (08.24.2010)
ABC News: Trapped Chilean miners face four month rescue effort (08.23.2010)
San Francisco Chronicle: Chronic fatigue link to mouse virus renews debate over illness (08.23.2010)
CNN Transcripts: Salmonella outbreak (08.21.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory plans world-class ethics center (08.20.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Tech hopes to develop early warning tools, and treatments, for autism (08.20.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Concussions and ALS (08.20.2010)
Scripps Howard News Service via Seattle Times Newspaper: Medical: In future, our cells may repair arteries, joints, limbs (08.19.2010)
Globe and Mail: Stress enzyme linked to delayed conception (08.19.2010)
New Scientist: The genetical evolution of chimp culture (08.18.2010)
CNN: What drives a mom to kill? (08.18.2010)
Scripps Howard News Service via The Republic Indiana: Medical: In future, our cells may repair arteries, joints, limbs (08.18.2010)
Discover Magazine Blog: The genetic side to chimpanzee culture (08.18.2010)
CNN: Why is panic disorder a psychiatric condition? (08.17.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Link found between concussions and Lou Gehrig's disease (08.17.2010)
WAGA-TV: Housecall: School Safety (08.17.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Microneedles could replace the syringe (08.16.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Back to school with a code orange smog alert (08.16.2010)
Chemical & Engineering News: Exposing the exposome (08.16.2010)
Wall Street Journal: The power trip (08.14.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Joseph's seeks partner, possibly buyer (08.13.2010)
CNN Health: Why stress, depression hurt fertility (08.13.2010)
Discovery Health Channel: Birth Day: Natural childbirth (08.13.2010)
Newsweek.com: Tackling four big health phobias (08.12.2010)
Nursezone.com: Nurses Working Overtime: Check-up on progress (08.12.2010)
Nature.com: The era of ARRA is keeping Georgia science afloat (08.12.2010)
New Scientist: Mind-reading marketers have ways of making you buy (08.9.2010)
CBS News: Study: U.S. girls entering puberty earlier (08.9.2010)
WSBTV: Clark Howard looks into toning shoes (08.6.2010)
Wall Street Journal: The Latest site for palliative care: The emergency room (08.5.2010)
CNN: 'Anything you want' diet with a catch (08.5.2010)
Science Daily: Large risk schizophrenia marker revealed (08.5.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Travel Illnesses (08.4.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory Healthcare to sponsor AMS race (08.4.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory Healthcare to sponsor AMS race (08.4.2010)
Nascar: Emory Healthcare to sponsor AMS race (08.4.2010)
Slate.com: How to tell emergency room patients that they're dying (08.4.2010)
The Daily Star: Chemistry of fear (08.3.2010)
Associated Press via Google: Are Americans now more honest about their weight? (08.3.2010)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Are Americans now more honest about their weight? (08.3.2010)
CNN Health: Why weight gain can happen with antidepressants (08.3.2010)
Nature: UK embryo agency faces the axe (08.3.2010)
HealthDay: Household spray cleaners pose greatest danger to toddlers (08.2.2010)
Cancer Health: Iron oxide nanoparticles becoming tools for brain tumor imaging and treatment (08.2.2010)
Modern Medicine: Conquering HIV, hepatitis C requires ongoing research, expert says (08.1.2010)
CNNHealth.com: Meet the critters inside your mattress (07.30.2010)
Live Science: Scientists investigate possible 'Fear Drug' (07.30.2010)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Transplant recipient games (07.29.2010)
ABC News: Provenge for Prostate Cancer: Life at any price? (07.29.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Smartphones and weight loss (07.28.2010)
CNN: Paging Dr. Gupta: Low-risk prostate cancer gets aggressive therapy (07.28.2010)
MSNBC.com: Growing outbreaks of whooping cough raise health fears (07.28.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Job market tightens for nursing graduates (07.26.2010)
HealthCanal.com: Innovative treatments for PTSD and traumatic brain injury presented to Veterans Affairs committee (07.26.2010)
CNNHealth: Bipolar answers for kids tough to find (07.26.2010)
AJC: Dr. Linda Lucetta Wolfenden, 40: Emory physician got into medicine for the people (07.26.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Repeat Caesareans (07.26.2010)
New York Times: Tobacco funds shrink as obesity fight intensifies (07.26.2010)
CNN Medical Minute: Finding the cause of bruising skin (07.23.2010)
Arizona Daily Star: UA tests hormone in brain injuries (07.22.2010)
Charlie Rose (PBS): The disordered brain (07.22.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Melanoma in Blacks, Hispanics (07.21.2010)
Toronto Star: A flu vaccine that could be delivered by mail (07.21.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A closer look at macular dystrophy (07.21.2010)
The Hill's Healthwatch: Poll: More than half of adults want junk food out of schools (07.20.2010)
Scientific American: Frans de Waal on the human primate: Fair is fair (07.20.2010)
Psychology Today: Toxic spills (07.20.2010)
Associated Press via CBS News: Study: Poverty, more than race, tied to HIV (07.19.2010)
New York Times: A spill into the psyche, and a respite (07.19.2010)
CBS4.com: Flu patch could be painless alternative to shots (07.19.2010)
Time: Research: Treating and preventing HIV and AIDS (07.19.2010)
Associated Press via Google: Vaccine-delivery patch with dissolving microneedles eliminates 'sharps,' boosts protection (07.18.2010)
New York Times: Health plans must provide some tests at no cost (07.14.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Summertime diet saboteurs (07.14.2010)
WebMD: Vitamin D may lower Parkinson's risk (07.13.2010)
CNN: Can artwork influence suicidal thoughts? (07.13.2010)
Health Day News: Vitamins D, E Might Help Maintain Brain Health (07.12.2010)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Vets new PTSD rules (07.12.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Kids with asthma head indoors during smog season (07.10.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory splits with HCA on two hospitals (07.9.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory, HCA exchange ownership (07.9.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Start school day later for high school students: Improve conduct, grades and even save lives (07.8.2010)
The Scientist: Brain, interrupted: researchers studying traumatic brain injury are making a last-ditch effort to transform the field (07.7.2010)
MarketWatch; High-tech tools are a lifeline for ALS patients (07.7.2010)
11Alive.com: Recession and mental health (07.7.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: On balance, tango might be an exercise for the ages (07.3.2010)
Associated Press via Fox 5 News: Ga. aquarium, Emory team up to map whale shark DNA (07.3.2010)
The Hospitalist: Change you can believe in (07.2.2010)
USA Today: Millions of doses of swine flu vaccine to be burned (07.2.2010)
Associated Press via Yahoo: AP IMPACT: Millions of vaccine doses to be burned (07.1.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: First year residents (07.1.2010)
Community Oncology PDF: Treatment of triple-negative breast cancer (07.1.2010)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Kids and cancer (06.30.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory receives eye grant (06.29.2010)
Washington Post:| Barbershop 3: black men, stigma and HIV/AIDS (06.25.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Cancer centers revitalize survivors (06.25.2010)
Bloomberg: Gaps in health data, suspicions about BP oil spill worry U.S. panelists (06.22.2010)
Weather.com: Here's why people die in hot cars (06.22.2010)
Charlie Rose: Charlie Rose brain series (06.22.2010)
New York Times: Seeking to illuminate the mysterious placebo effect (06.21.2010)
WABE: Emory Expert: Psychological effects of oil spill will be high (06.20.2010)
WABE: Emory expert discusses health implications of Gulf oil spill (06.19.2010)
WABE: Report cites cancer survivors forgoing medical care because of cost (06.16.2010)
Associated Press via AJC: Study: Millions of cancer survivors put off care (06.14.2010)
Health Day News: Drug that stops bleeding could save lives (06.14.2010)
National Nursing News: Meditation offers benefits for nurses and patients (06.6.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Dermatology 101 (06.2.2010)
WABE: Emory and Saudi Arabia form partnership (05.31.2010)
CNN: Distress of 9/11 may have led to miscarriages, research says (05.25.2010)
CNN: Bipolar answer didn't intend to blame parent (05.25.2010)
San Francisco Examiner: Emory U forms partnership with Saudi Arabia (05.25.2010)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Processed meats (05.24.2010)
Globe and Mail: How blood doping works (05.21.2010)
Time: Class war (05.21.2010)
New York Daily News: Uterine cancer is easy to beat if it's caught early, doctors say (05.19.2010)
Fox 5 News: Binge eating (05.18.2010)
Boston Globe: Motion sickness (05.17.2010)
Associated Press via Washington Post: Research links pesticides with ADHD in children (05.17.2010)
CNN: Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure (05.17.2010)
ABC.net Australia: Depression as a risk factor for heart disease (05.17.2010)
New York Times: Big Nation. Big People. It¿s Clearly a Big Deal. (05.17.2010)
USA Today: Women fall more, not less, after large dose of vitamin D (05.11.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The value of teamwork (05.6.2010)
CNN: Stem cell treatment goes from lab to operating room (05.4.2010)
United Press International: Brain stimulation may help depression (05.4.2010)
MyFoxAtlanta.com: Health Watch: New transplant drug (05.3.2010)
New York Times: Nutrition: Added sugars appear to affect cholesterol (04.30.2010)
New York Times: Promise seen in drug for fragile X syndrome (04.29.2010)
ABC News: Why homeless hero Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax died on NYC street (04.28.2010)
ABC News: Bret Michaels suffers 'Setback' on road to recovery (04.27.2010)
Voice of America: Large amounts of added sugars increase risk of heart disease (04.26.2010)
CNN: Michaels' type of hemorrhage has wide range of outcomes (04.26.2010)
CNN: Sweet tooth? Here's news hard to live with (04.20.2010)
HealthDay News: Added sugars in diet threaten heart health (04.20.2010)
Ivanhoe Productions: Medical breakthrough breast cancer breath test (04.15.2010)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: HPV, oral cancers (04.14.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Medical volunteerism: A way to help others (04.14.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory agrees to heart surgery deal with Southern Regional (04.13.2010)
Associated Press via Google: Study: Malpractice worries help drive health costs (04.13.2010)
NPR: How tackling allergies can ease asthma suffering (04.12.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Are patients misserved by patents on human genes? (04.12.2010)
Associated Press via San Francisco Examiner: Emory U snags leading HIV/AIDS researcher (04.12.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia autism diagnosis rates rising faster than nation (04.12.2010)
Yahoo! Canada News: Independent problem solving key to stroke therapy (04.12.2010)
Neighbor Newspapers: Emory University and Atlanta business leaders visit Israel on American-Israel chamber of commerce life science mission (04.9.2010)
Dr. Oz Show: YouTube Dr. Oz Show Part 1 of 5: Secret signs about your health (04.8.2010)
Los Angeles News Today: Medicalhorizon: caring for women's hearts (04.7.2010)
MyFoxAtlanta.com: Housecall: Grady grab bag (04.7.2010)
New York Times Blog: In sleepless nights, a hope for treating depression (04.7.2010)
China Post: AIDS drugs fight prostate-cancer virus: study (04.6.2010)
Los Angeles Times: HIV drugs combat virus that might be linked to prostate cancer and chronic fatigue (04.5.2010)
Science Magazine: Chimps read lips (04.2.2010)
Science Magazine: The spread of culture, primitive as it is (04.2.2010)
Science Magazine: The Chimpanzee Genome Project's seedy origins (04.2.2010)
CNN Blog: Passover health: Matzoh, soup and family (03.29.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory, Zirus partner on anti-viral drugs (03.29.2010)
Associated Press via Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Could Hong Kong teach China to quit smoking? (03.26.2010)
MyFoxAtlanta: Ga. girl battles painful Crohn's disease (03.24.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Life-changing leg surgery leads to Peachtree (03.20.2010)
New York Times: Patient Money: Doctors offer thoughts on cutting health care costs (03.20.2010)
USA Today: NIH studying progesterone to treat traumatic brain injuries (03.14.2010)
ABC News: Three reasons why fat may not be your fault (03.9.2010)
CNN: Emory health policy expert discusses White House health care push (03.6.2010)
Associated Press via Google: Gut bacteria may spur obesity, research suggests (03.5.2010)
Reuters: Could germs be making you fat? (03.5.2010)
Time: A hidden Trigger of obesity: intestinal bugs (03.5.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: HIV cases in Atlanta concentrated downtown (03.5.2010)
Scientific American: Study: Bugs in the gut can cause obesity (03.5.2010)
HealthDay News: Gut bacteria may spur obesity, research suggests (03.4.2010)
CNN: Screening for prostate cancer? Patients should decide (03.3.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory, Children's Healthcare to build $90M pediatric center (03.2.2010)
CNN Money: Twenty-five years of HIV blood testing helped to positively transform global health crisis (03.2.2010)
FOX Business: Northrup picks public health for program (03.2.2010)
ABC12.com: Testing early for autism (03.2.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Fragile X locks minds; Will this pill be a key? (02.26.2010)
New York Times Blog: Chronic disease straining Medicare budgets (02.24.2010)
MyFoxAtlanta.com: FOX 5 Special: Too old to drive? (02.24.2010)
National Nursing News: Meditation offers benefits for patients and nurses (02.22.2010)
CBS Evening News: Where America Stands: Credit cards (02.22.2010)
BBC News: Sex hormone progesterone to get head injury trial (02.20.2010)
CNN: How food can affect medication (02.17.2010)
US News and World Report: How fear works in the brain (02.16.2010)
CNN: Group gives veterans, homeless pets a second chance (02.15.2010)
WABE: Emory global health expert says H1N1 outbreak not over; but response helped contain it (02.15.2010)
CNN: Move to merge Asperger's, autism in diagnostic manual stirs debate (02.11.2010)
ABC News: Lap bands and overweight teens (02.10.2010)
Washington Post: Memory lapses are common and increase with age; when do they signal Alzheimer's (02.9.2010)
NPR: Vaccines' benefits trump concerns, experts say (02.8.2010)
Los Angeles Times: Fed up with fat and saying something about it (02.1.2010)
Wall Street Journal: Avoiding illness on the road (02.1.2010)
ABC News: Experiment takes aim at genetic learning disorder (02.1.2010)
MyfoxAtlanta.com: Housecall: Enlarged heart (02.1.2010)
HealthDay News: CT scans reduce unneeded appendectomies in women (01.28.2010)
PBA.org: Educating women and young girls for cervical cancer awareness month (01.26.2010)
WABE: Health precautions travelling to Haiti (01.21.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: GSK offers scientists labs, data to fight malaria (01.20.2010)
Salon.com: Sanjay Gupta, the good doctor (01.18.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 'Not sure that the country [Haiti] can overcome this' (01.17.2010)
ABC News: Haitian earthquake trauma may strike people in U.S. (01.17.2010)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia sends medical help to Haiti; readies for possible request to accept refugees (01.15.2010)
Associated Press via MSNBC: Fast morphine treatment may prevent PTSD (01.13.2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Children's Healthcare unveils research plans (01.12.2010)
Los Angeles Times: U.S. rules altered for foreigners with HIV (01.11.2010)
HealthDay News: Childhood cancer survivors targets for heart disease (01.7.2010)
GPTV: This Emotional Life (01.5.2010)
Yahoo News: New mammogram guidelines issued...again (01.4.2010)
Baltimore Sun: Prescription: more doctors (01.1.2010)
Crossroads News: Emory opening dialysis center on Candler (01.1.2010)


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