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New York Times: Colon cancer advances show black white divide (12.27.2011)
CNN: The 40-year war on cancer (12.23.2011)
WSB Radio: Emory looks at FaceTime to diagnose strokes (12.22.2011)
ABCNews.com: Tips for staying healthy during holiday travel (12.21.2011)
CNN: Cyberchondria could save your life (12.21.2011)
ABCNews.com: Tips for staying healthy during holiday travel (12.21.2011)
ABCNews.com: How to beat the holiday blues (12.12.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Free clinic continues to flourish (12.12.2011)
Monthly Prescribing Reference: Patients with relapsed/refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma benefit from VTEPA salvage regimen (12.10.2011)
WCBS-TV: Stem cell research could lead to ALS cure (12.9.2011)
WCBS-TV: Health Watch: Building a heart (12.9.2011)
The Hospitalist: Gut reaction (12.8.2011)
MSNBC.com: Vitals - Genetic test can help tailor breast cancer care (12.7.2011)
Woman's Day: 6 Steps to short-circuiting stress (12.7.2011)
CNN: Should nuns be on the pill (12.7.2011)
MSNBC.com: Yawns more contagious among friends (12.7.2011)
CNN: Sugar is on the menu for kids (12.7.2011)
Reuters: TNT greenlights David E. Kelley/Sanjay Gupta Pilot 'Chelsea General' (12.7.2011)
CNN: Anderson Cooper 360: School rejects honors student with HIV (12.6.2011)
US News and World Report: Fetal exposure to epilepsy drug might raise autism risk: study (12.6.2011)
Healthcanal.com: Surgery versus chemotherapy or radiation for laryngeal cancer (12.6.2011)
CBSAtlanta.com: Grief counselors sent to school of murdered Canton child (12.6.2011)
The Body: Georgia: Emory nursing school receives five-year grant (12.6.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Dr. Fray Marshall: Prominent doctor inspired others (12.5.2011)
WSBTV: Autism mainstreaming (12.5.2011)
CNN International: Where everyone wants to work with HIV (12.2.2011)
Fox Business: Health insurance costs up 50% since 2003: What families can do now to save money (12.2.2011)
GlobalAtlanta: Emory gets $6 million to assist public health institutes (12.20.2011)
ABC News: Clinical trial targets stroke victims (12.19.2011)
Reuters: Fake-tan lotion users tend to stay out of sun: study (12.19.2011)
USA Today: Blink patterns may be a window into autistic mind (12.18.2011)
International Business Times: Smoking restrictions inspire quitting more than social support: Study (12.16.2011)
New York Daily News: Using virtual reality to cure real-life PTSD: NY hosp gets $11M boost from the Department of Defense (12.15.2011)
WNDU.com: New robotic therapy can help stroke patients (12.15.2011)
Time Healthland: What causes stillbirth? (12.14.2011)
Modern Healthcare: Joint Commission issues sentinel alert on dangers of long hours for health workers (12.14.2011)
ProHealth.com: Researchers revive immune cells exhausted by chronic viral infection to fight another day (12.14.2011)
ABC News: Early MRIs for back and leg pains unnecessary (12.14.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: AP Impact: More kids skip school shots in 8 states (11.28.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Cancer therapy center in works (11.27.2011)
ESPN: Dawgs key in Jacobs' recovery (11.23.2011)
Reuters: Oral cancer deaths declining among well-educated (11.22.2011)
Reuters: Oral cancer deaths declining among well-educated (11.22.2011)
CNN: Operation marks another step forward in stem cell research (11.21.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory MD's to oversee MinuteClinics (11.21.2011)
FoxNews.com: Throat-cancer deaths drop in US, but rise for white men (11.21.2011)
CNN: Operation marks another step forward in stem cell research (11.21.2011)
Atlanta Daybook: ALS Association gala to honor Phil Niekro and Dr. Jonathan Glass (11.17.2011)
USA Today: Medicare-Medicaid 'dual eligibles' under scrutiny (11.17.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Is economy best birth control? US births dip again (11.17.2011)
ABCNews.com: Garlic oil can protect hearts (11.16.2011)
NorthFulton.com: Emory Johns Creek Hospital completes surgery using daVinci (11.16.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: Transmission of HIV: Scientists spotlight virus that starts infection (11.14.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory has $5B annual impact on Peach State (11.14.2011)
WABE: Emory researcher looks to schools to combat cardio-metabolic syndrome (11.13.2011)
Nurse.com: Girls with depression at higher risk of CVD deaths (11.12.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Slow descent into the mind's chasm (11.12.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: New study tests most effective way to warm newborns after first bath (11.11.2011)
US News & World Report: Black children less likely to get kidney transplant before dialysis (11.10.2011)
CNN: New therapy for PTSD (11.10.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Fox Medical Team: ALS stem cell surgery (11.9.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: November is Men's Health Month (11.9.2011)
ABCNews.com: Suicide prevention tool useful in teens, adults (11.9.2011)
Chicago Tribune: Doctors call for preventive measures in wake of pertussis outbreaks (11.8.2011)
WebMD: Vitamin D shows early promise against lupus (11.8.2011)
Fox News Atlanta: Dad's depression linked to kids' behavior problems (11.7.2011)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Babies on obesity path? New sign may offer answer (11.7.2011)
New York Times: Sleep Medication: Mother¿s new little helper (11.5.2011)
The Weather Channel: Time to turn back the clocks (11.4.2011)
The GA Voice: Get ready to ride for HIV research (11.3.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Emory Terrorist Expert Discusses Ga. Terror Plot (11.3.2011)
WABC New York: The flu shot of the future (11.3.2011)
WXIA Atlanta: Pediatrics guidelines for routine HIV testing for adolescents (11.2.2011)
WXIA-TV Atlanta: Researchers: Music may help prevent cognitive disease (10.30.2011)
CBS Atlanta: Study: Girls more likely to sustain concussions in high school soccer (10.30.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory researchers move to ALS phase I (10.28.2011)
11Alive.com: Dollars for Docs: Doctors receive money from drug companies (10.28.2011)
CNN Newsroom: Michael Douglas opens up about throat cancer (10.28.2011)
Sacramento Bee: IBM and Georgia Institute of Technology partner on "One Million Healthy Children" project (10.27.2011)
New York Times: Panel endorses HPV vaccines for boys of 11 (10.26.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Aetna and Emory announce new partnership for patient care (10.26.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: FOX Medical Team: Heart surgery, depression (10.25.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: AIDS drug program funding enhanced (10.25.2011)
Journal of the National Cancer Institute: Stereotactic radiation takes root in cancer therapy (10.25.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Preventing heart disease and the 2011 Heart Walk (10.24.2011)
Reuters: Million-dollar payments to surgeons raise questions (10.24.2011)
Wall Street Journal: Age-based vaccine doubts (10.22.2011)
New York Times: Not feeling rested? Don't blame the mattress (10.22.2011)
Drug Discovery and Development: Targeting genetic disorders Links X chromosome (10.21.2011)
Washington Post: Vaccines' challenging times (10.21.2011)
WABE: Grady unveils new trauma center (10.21.2011)
Yahoo! Health: Did Steve Jobs doom himself with unorthodox treatment (10.20.2011)
ABC30.com: Taking on type 1 diabetes (10.19.2011)
The Scientist: How longevity is passed on (10.19.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Breast cancer awareness (10.19.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Fox Medical Team: Life after illness (10.19.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Lowering your breast cancer risk (10.18.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlanta experts disavow new finding on prostate test (10.18.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Study: Vaccine reduces malaria in African children (10.18.2011)
WebMD: Vaccine halves malaria infections in young children (10.18.2011)
Associated Press via Seattle Post-Intellingencer: Study: Vaccine reduces malaria in African children (10.18.2011)
Washington Post Blog: For health reform's Prevention Fund, an uncertain future (10.17.2011)
The Washington Post: Accepting death is difficult for patients and doctors, but it needs to be done (10.17.2011)
Psychology Today: Living Fully and Letting Go: Two sides of the same coin (10.16.2011)
Reuters.com: Coronary calcium tests not always worthwhile: study (10.14.2011)
Atlanta Progressive News: Emory University Issues Response to Task Force Lawsuit (10.14.2011)
Ivanhoe News: New therapy for spinal cord injury (10.14.2011)
Alexandria Times: When cancer's gone and there's nothing left to fight (10.13.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Vitamin Concerns (10.13.2011)
Bloomberg: Health insurers bid to take elderly poor out of US plans (10.12.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A bump in metro babies (10.12.2011)
KFSN-TV: The flu shot of the future (10.11.2011)
Atlantic Magazine: Brave Thinkers: Paul Roote Wolpe (10.11.2011)
Khabar Magazine: Spotlight: Atlanta's global leader in virology and immunology (10.10.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Major Award (10.10.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Know Your Leader: Deena Gilland, MSN, RN, OCN (10.10.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: PSA Screenings (10.10.2011)
The New York Times: Dr. J. Willis Hurst, Cardiologist to Lyndon B. Johnson, Dies at 90 (10.8.2011)
CNN: News with T.J. Holmes: Panel: routine prostate test not needed (10.8.2011)
ABC News: Medicare patients get costly surgery before death (10.6.2011)
New York Times: Can cancer ever be ignored? (10.5.2011)
WebMD: Less toxic treatment for aggressive breast cancers? (10.5.2011)
Reuters.com: Parents delaying, skipping recommended vaccines (10.3.2011)
Forbes.com: Cervical cancer virus fuels oral cancer type (10.3.2011)
Huffington Post: 'Contagion' Connections: How links among humans, animals and the environment may be spawning a new class of infectious diseases (10.2.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Challenges of an aging workforce: As people hold on to jobs longer, dementia creeps into workplace (10.1.2011)
Washington Post: Chris Christie is not too fat to be president (09.30.2011)
USA Today: To cut insurance costs, companies help workers get healthy (09.29.2011)
Reuters: Debt panel eyes dual Medicare/Medicaid patients (09.28.2011)
CNN.com: Patient, doctors encouraged by ALS trial (09.28.2011)
WABE: "Get a Jump on Diabetes" pilot program kicks off in Atlanta (09.28.2011)
ABC News: Saw Palmetto no help for enlarged prostate (09.27.2011)
CNN: Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to memory problems (09.26.2011)
WebMD: Managing your diabetes head to toe (09.26.2011)
Statesman Journal: Health news (09.25.2011)
CNN: Virtual reality battles PTSD (09.24.2011)
MarketWatch.com: PFCD hill briefing demonstrates how health indices promote prevention and improve overall health (09.22.2011)
MarketWatch.com: PFCD hill briefing demonstrates how health indices promote prevention and improve overall health (09.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Suicide rates for middle-age people highest since 1998 (09.21.2011)
Reuters: UN assembly backs steps to fight chronic disease (09.20.2011)
WBAL-TV: Quicker treatment better for varicose veins (09.20.2011)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Washington University hosts cancer image database (09.19.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Hospitals' projects boom (09.18.2011)
U.S News and World Report: U.N. Summit Seeks to Tame 'Non-Communicable Diseases' (09.16.2011)
CNN Wire: Pat Robertson makes controversial Alzheimer's claims (09.16.2011)
MSNBC.com: Flesh-eating bacteria's rise tied to antibiotic cream (09.15.2011)
ABC News: IUDs may protect women from cervical cancer (09.14.2011)
Huffington Post: Why comfort is actually bad for you (09.14.2011)
ABC News: Bachman comments spark HPV debate (09.13.2011)
New York Times: In study, fatherhood leads to drop in testosterone (09.12.2011)
Los Angeles Times: School-based health clinics play vital role in childrens' lives (09.12.2011)
New York Times: For many older gays, a toll of time and isolation (09.12.2011)
WXIA TV: The psychology of terror (09.10.2011)
Los Angeles Times: Weight-loss programs might save Medicare billions (09.9.2011)
NPR: Weight-loss program beats doctor's advise to shed pounds (09.8.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Sjogren's Syndrome (09.7.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: New prostate cancer drug attacks tumor cells (09.7.2011)
ABC News.com: Is 'Contagion' fact or fiction? (09.7.2011)
International Business Times: Study links genes to PTSD after NIU campus shootings (09.6.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Contsitution: Sandy Springs couple lose sons, become crusaders against cancer (09.6.2011)
Kansas City Missouri News: Gene variations involved with post-traumatic stress symptoms (09.6.2011)
Los Angeles Times: L.A. County health official's dual roles are questioned (09.3.2011)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Metro News ¿ Nothside and Winship Collaborate on ACS Grant (08.30.2011)
GlobalAtlanta.com: Atlanta hospitals, colleges ally to train doctors in Africa (08.30.2011)
WXIA TV: Kids and school anxiety (08.30.2011)
CNN Health | Steve Jobs' health: A closer look (08.29.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Expert: Early Alzheimer's not uncommon (08.26.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Shortage of cancer drugs hits Atlanta (08.24.2011)
ABCNews.com: HPV vaccine protects against anal cancer too (08.23.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Search ends in Gwinnett for missing research monkey (08.22.2011)
WebMD: Dog sniffs out lung cancer in humans (08.18.2011)
CNN: Blaming others can ruin your health (08.18.2011)
Time: 5 ways to let go of a grudge (08.18.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia continues to lag behind in child well-being (08.17.2011)
MSNBC.com: Today Show: More teens turning to weight-loss surgery (08.17.2011)
CNN: Why are my OCD feelings so intense? (08.16.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Alzheimer's warning signs (08.16.2011)
NPR: Sleep apnea makes quick comeback when breathing treatment stops (08.15.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Children's-Emory chosen as site for heart research (08.11.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Poverty a strong factor for HIV in Atlanta and other cities, CDC finds (08.11.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Women's health care changes (08.10.2011)
WABE: Emory Researcher discusses prevention and treatment of lung cancer (08.8.2011)
WABE: Mild Flu Season Ahead?: A conversation with Emory infectious disease specialist Dr. Bruce Ribner (08.8.2011)
New York Times: Chimpanzees clear some doubt after generosity is questioned (08.8.2011)
MSNBC.com: It turns out chimps do show selfless behavior (08.8.2011)
The Atlantic: The Science of 'Planet of the Apes': Could Simians get scary smart? (08.5.2011)
The Atlantic: The Science of 'Planet of the Apes': Could Simians get scary smart? (08.5.2011)
BBC: Baby Heart Defect Test 'Could Save Lives' (08.4.2011)
US News & World Report: New HIV Infections Have Largely Leveled Off in U.S. (08.4.2011)
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Banyan to develop biomarkers for Emory University's Phase III traumatic brain injury study (08.4.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Mom has one baby, then twins, then triplets (08.3.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Back to school ailments (08.3.2011)
GenomeWeb News: Emory wins funding for TBI biomarker study (08.3.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlanta has the brains, needs the bucks (08.2.2011)
USA Today: Fish oil in pregnancy may ward off babies' colds (08.1.2011)
US World and News Report: Prenatal omega-3 fatty acid supplements may cut babies' colds (08.1.2011)
The JHU Gazette: JHU scientists expose cancer cells' universal 'dark matter' (08.1.2011)
Los Angeles Times: We're eating less sugar -- but still far too much (08.30.2011)
Charleston Gazette: C8 panel moving closer to key decisions (07.31.2011)
Electronic Component News: Unstable protein can mediate effects of cellular stress on prions (07.29.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Roswell: Screening trial offers hope against lung cancer (07.29.2011)
Ivanhoe.com: Linda's new hand: Rare transplant surgery (07.29.2011)
Ivanhoe.com: Rare transplant surgery (07.29.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Tips for better sleep (07.27.2011)
ABC News: Olympian Jeret 'Speedy' Peterson carried traumas to his death, experts say (07.27.2011)
Reuters: Americans cut back on sugar-sweetened soda: survey (07.27.2011)
CNN International: Alzheimer's: Early detection, risk factors are crucial (07.25.2011)
Washington Post: Hospitals make palliative care a priority to improve patients' quality of life (07.25.2011)
Orlando Sentinel: Danger Zone: College football culture, sickle cell trait are lethal combination (07.25.2011)
Huffington Post Blog: Why pets have ESP when it comes to health crises (07.22.2011)
ASPH.org: Emory¿s Del Rio receives Silver Pear Award for research mentoring (07.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A decade of progress (07.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Palliative care programs rare in Georgia, study finds (07.21.2011)
WebMD: How to tackle hair loss (07.21.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory named top Ga. hospital (07.20.2011)
WAGA TV: Health Watch: Alzheimer's prevention (07.20.2011)
BET Blog: HIV/AIDS poverty link strongest in the south (07.14.2011)
Stone Hearth Newsletters: All natural. A singleton, then twins, then triplets. No IVF. (07.13.2011)
Fox 5 News: How to avoid diet mistakes (07.13.2011)
Ivanhoe.com: Unlocking mysteries of sharks (07.12.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: State in a bind on Medicaid funding (07.11.2011)
Ivanhoe.com: Unlocking mysteries of sharks (07.11.2011)
The Body: HIV entrenched in U.S. south's poorest counties (07.11.2011)
DrBicuspid.com: U.S. debates who should get HPV vaccine (07.11.2011)
The Body: HIV entrenched in U.S. south's poorest counties (07.11.2011)
DrBicuspid.com: U.S. debates who should get HPV vaccine (07.11.2011)
WXIA-TV: Metro mother given multiple blessings (07.10.2011)
USA Today: HIV/AIDS-poverty link strongest in the South (07.10.2011)
The Hindu: Cardiovascular disease contributes to one-third of global deaths: MCI chairman (07.10.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Is it hot in here, or is it just me? (07.9.2011)
The Learning Channel: Is accutane dangerous? (07.9.2011)
The Learning Channel: Is accutane dangerous? (07.9.2011)
CNN: How medicine is advancing beyond race (07.8.2011)
Atlanta Best Self Magazine: Emory Winship Cancer Institute (07.8.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: News briefs: New era for nursing, health care at Georgia State (07.8.2011)
Atlanta Best Self: The Skinny on healthy weight loss (07.8.2011)
Times of India: CLIP diabetes in the bud (07.6.2011)
Gwinnett Daily Post: Yerkes Center inspection finds no violations (07.6.2011)
Allvoices.com: The silent killer among women (07.6.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Can physical injury cause depression? (07.5.2011)
Medscape.com: Late parenteral nutrition better for critically ill adults (07.5.2011)
Gwinnett Daily Post: Emory Johns Creek gets stroke certification (07.5.2011)
CNN: Keep yourself out of the ER (07.1.2011)
Healthcanal.com: Health experts challenge industry's front-of-package nutrition labeling (07.23.2011)
Huffington Post: Why America needs seniors to remain healthy and in their homes (06.29.2011)
ABC News: Hospitals offering lung cancer CT scans (06.29.2011)
FOX 5 News: Health Watch: Lung Cancer Screening (06.29.2011)
US News & World Report: Delaying intravenous feeding of ICU patients may aid recovery (06.29.2011)
Food Consumer: Eating fructose linked to high risk of fatty liver disease? (06.29.2011)
FoxNews.com: 1 in 5 diabetics prefer meds to changing unhealthy habits (06.28.2011)
ABCNews.com: Govt. wants 'mystery shoppers' to probe docs about the ease in getting an appointment (06.28.2011)
MedicalNewsToday.com: Diabetics are slow to adopt healthy lifestyles (06.28.2011)
CNN: Murder trial jurors can be overwhelmed, traumatized (06.28.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Health Watch: Shopping Addiction (06.28.2011)
Wall Street Journal: Flying with the greatest of ease (06.23.2011)
R&D Magazine: iPhone app may help monitor Parkinson's disease (06.23.2011)
WALB.com: Migrant workers get free health care (06.23.2011)
WebMD: Can HPV vaccine stop throat cancer? (06.23.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nursing students work at City of Refuge (06.23.2011)
MSNBC.com: Got the itch? Nonstop itching as bad as chronic pain, study shows (06.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Transplant gives woman new hope for the future (06.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Vaccine protects kids from a killer (06.22.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Monkey missing from Emory University (06.22.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Can depression cause inability to focus? (06.21.2011)
CBS News: Virtual reality therapy for combat stress (06.21.2011)
WebMD: FDA prepares for nanomedicine revolution (06.21.2011)
St. Petersburg Times: Study shows life expectancy in U.S. rises overall, but falls in some areas, including South (06.19.2011)
Chicago Tribune: Safe havens for disease (06.18.2011)
Moultrie Observer: Farm worker outreach in 18th year (06.18.2011)
CNN: Should I avoid the 'dirty dozen?' (06.17.2011)
HealthCanal.com: Never-ending itch impacts lives (06.17.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Fewer births tied to poor economy, immigration (06.17.2011)
Los Angeles Times: Chronic itch: Every bit as debilitating and depressing as chronic pain (06.17.2011)
KPLC-TV: Weight around the middle poses risks (06.17.2011)
San Fernando Valley Sun: Wellness news - Long sleep, longer body (06.16.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: Childhood cancer survivors fet care for life ahead (06.16.2011)
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease applauds national prevention strategy (06.16.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory and CHOA build $90M research center (06.15.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Study: Lifespan sank in hundreds of US counties (06.15.2011)
USA Today: US births down for 3rd year; economy may be factor (06.15.2011)
Star-Telegram: Fooling around becomes equal-opportunity venture (06.15.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory Healthcare building 200-bed tower near HQ (06.15.2011)
Healthcanal.com: FDA approves transplant drug that preserves kidneys, avoids toxicity (06.15.2011)
PhysOrg.com: 22 of America's most promising scientists selected as 2011 Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences (06.14.2011)
Health Affairs Grant Watch Blog: What are foundations and others doing to help veterans, service members, and their families? (06.14.2011)
Columbia Tribune: Socioeconomics influence HIV/AIDS infection rate (06.14.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Can I ask my therapist personal questions? (06.14.2011)
Wall Street Journal: Songs stick in teens' heads (06.13.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Child care helps depressed moms' kids (06.13.2011)
The Register-Guard: State will investigate pesticide case (06.13.2011)
FoxNews.com: 7 Ways to protect your vision (06.13.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Is it OK to take pleasure in LeBron's pain? (06.13.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Road to recovery provides transportation to cancer patients (06.13.2011)
The Orange County Register: Do we demand more from politicians than ourselves? (06.10.2011)
MedPageToday.com: ASCO: Novel agent works for relapsed multiple myeloma (06.10.2011)
PBS.org: Weiner Scandal Lesson: Sexting more trackable than real-life flirting (06.9.2011)
Science Daily: Fragile X protein acts as toggle switch in brain cells (06.9.2011)
Medscape.com: Inpatient delirium evaluation and management (06.9.2011)
USA Today: Many with HIV don't know they have it (06.8.2011)
Sacramento Bee: Learn It Live launches first global e-learning marketplace and expert continuing education network (06.8.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Strep infections (06.8.2011)
United Press International: Late diagnosis of HIV said a threat (06.8.2011)
Healthcanal.com: Data compiled by researchers at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health (06.8.2011)
MSNBC.com: 'Modern' disease infected Nubian mummies (06.8.2011)
Oregonlive.com: Oregon Health & Science University study finds women who delay IUD more likely to get pregnant (06.8.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Staying connected may affect family, loved ones (06.8.2011)
ABC News.com: Marriage benefits for working moms (06.8.2011)
ABC News.com: Marriage benefits for working moms (06.8.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory names insider V.P. for health affairs (06.7.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Braves, Emory team up to help veterans (06.7.2011)
Worthington Herald: Why exercise 'protects the heart' (06.7.2011)
NIH News in Health: Summer travel (06.7.2011)
ABC News: Are Anthony Weiner's online relationships considered adultery? (06.7.2011)
CNN Expert Q&A: My son hears suicidal voices, what can I do? (06.7.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: Sickle Cell Disease - New book offers hope and helpful advice for patients (06.7.2011)
Post-Searchlight: Farm worker program coming (06.7.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Breast, skin cancer studies (06.7.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: Sickle Cell Disease - New book offers hope and helpful advice for patients (06.7.2011)
CNN: AIDS brings out best, worst in us (06.6.2011)
ABC News: 9 Allergy myths debunked (06.6.2011)
NPR.org: Drug shows promise in reducing breast cancer risk (06.6.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Research dollars pave way for jobs (06.6.2011)
Kansas City Star: Thirty years of AIDS: Fight has seen successes, setbacks (06.4.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 36 years later, teens come through for T.J. (06.4.2011)
The Weather Channel: Staying safe in extreme heat (06.4.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Caughman to head Emory Health Science Center (06.3.2011)
Psychiatryonline.org: Antidepressants-not depression alone-linked to thicker carotids (06.3.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Rapid Pulse: Health care recruiters honored (06.3.2011)
NPR.org: New Republic: An old approach to health reform (06.1.2011)
South Bend Tribune: Power to the patient (06.1.2011)
Huffington Post: AIDS In America: 30 Years In, New Map Shows Epidemic Still Widespread (06.1.2011)
National Nursing News: Study: Influenza vaccine decreases risk of premature birth (06.1.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Toddler biting (06.1.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Loretta Roberts, 97: Career nurse and civic leader (06.1.2011)
US News & World Report: Flu shots may lower odds for preemie delivery (05.31.2011)
Medscape.com: New device is rapid, accurate in cervical cancer (05.31.2011)
Glendale News Press: Unclassified Info: Public speaking as character builder (05.31.2011)
CNN.com: Are you taking too many meds? (05.31.2011)
MLB.com: Braves announce service program for military (05.30.2011)
WXIA 11 Alive: Braves honor veterans, begin Braveheart program (05.30.2011)
Knoxville News Sentinel: Better methods aim to use fewer animals for testing (05.29.2011)
CNN: How to help struggling veterans (05.29.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory patients possibly exposed to TB need Testing (05.28.2011)
All Headline News: MSM still sidelined in HIV programming (05.27.2011)
Wetherby UK: Why exercise 'protects the heart' (05.27.2011)
Pharmabiz.com: Emory Univ, PHFI bag $4 mn funding for diabetes & CAD research in India (05.26.2011)
ABC News: Jared Loughner: Alleged Tuscon killer ruled mentally unfit to stand trial in shootings of Gabrielle Goffords and 18 others (05.26.2011)
WXIA TV: Cobb County to test student athletes for concussions (05.26.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Headaches (05.25.2011)
The Republic: Medical: Sleep patterns affect growth, studies show (05.25.2011)
National Journal: Republicans look to Medicaid as winner issue (05.24.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Health Watch: Facebook addiction (05.24.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Could I have PTSD from being bullied? (05.24.2011)
KTHV: Burn calories with a walk outside (05.24.2011)
United Press International: Ancient mummies show modern disease (05.23.2011)
Bainbridge News: Dr. Charles Hatcher returns home (05.23.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Preparing for the Peachtree (05.23.2011)
Voice of America: Babies' growth spurts tied to longer periods of sleep (05.20.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Decatur doctor receives national honor (05.19.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Stop selling higher dose Alzheimer's drug, group says (05.18.2011)
Georgia Health News via Kaiser Health News: 30 Years of AIDS (05.16.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Just too ill to chill (05.15.2011)
Eastern Group Publications: Childhood music lessons may provide lifelong boost in brain functioning (05.13.2011)
US News & World Report: Health Buzz: Early HIV treatment protects partners (05.13.2011)
New York Times: We won't become giants (05.12.2011)
Miami Herald: Drug helps prevent sickle cell pain even in young children (05.12.2011)
Examiner.com: Mary Tyler Moore to undergo brain surgery (05.12.2011)
HemOncToday.com: Outpatient colonoscopy had equivalent safety with hospitals (05.12.2011)
Los Angeles Times: Staying safe during a hospital stay (05.11.2011)
Huffington Post: Vitamin Supplements: A Quick Guide (05.11.2011)
Vancouver Courier: Brains and beliefs help shape political positions (05.11.2011)
Scientific American: Beyond Mammograms: Research to improve breast cancer screening focuses on sound, light, breath and tissue elasticity (05.10.2011)
WXIA-TV: Izzy and the makeover (05.10.2011)
The Atlantic: If we could erase bad memories, should we? (05.10.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Genetic testing can help predict if chemo will work (05.10.2011)
WXIA-TV: The mother of all swaps (05.10.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Rapid Pulse: Hail to the new chief (05.9.2011)
Doctor's Lounge: Sleep duration tied to infant growth spurts (05.9.2011)
The Guardian UK via The Associated Press: U.S. on track for most measles cases in a decade (05.6.2011)
Awoko.org: 21 beds for Njala University Hospital (05.6.2011)
Macon.com: Family of ailing toddler planning to thank community for support (05.6.2011)
Los Angeles Times: Rodent of the Week: Exercise protects the heart by storing nitric oxide (05.6.2011)
Washington Post: A Dutch model for Medicare (05.6.2011)
Women's Health Magazine: Mammograms: What's best for your breasts? (05.6.2011)
TCPalm.com: 'If we don't do this work, more people will die,' brain researcher says (05.6.2011)
WSBTV: 'Heroes, Saints & Legends' raises money for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (05.6.2011)
Questions, Confusion in Classrooms over bin Laden (05.5.2011)
New York Times via The Associated Press: US on track for most measles cases in a decade (05.5.2011)
Ohio Standard: Exercise protects heart via nitric oxide (05.5.2011)
Internal Medicine News: Lengthy index stay for stroke may predict readmission (05.5.2011)
Huffington Post: US headed toward most measles cases in 10 years (05.5.2011)
Washington Post: Monkeys show ability to recall patterns (05.5.2011)
Shifting Focus a Lot at Work Could Wreck Your Diet (05.4.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Initiative tackles teen dating violence (05.4.2011)
Healthcare Technology News: Twitter is the New 911: Tweets now saving lives (05.4.2011)
CNN: Osama bin Laden's death: How should we feel? (05.2.2011)
Time: Do sleepy babies grow more? The science of growth spurts (05.2.2011)
ABC15.com: Animal testing: crucial or cruel? (05.2.2011)
HealthDay via Bloomberg Business Week: ATVB: Fat and where it's at can help peg cardio risk (04.30.2011)
RedOrbit: Understanding low acceptance rates could help increase coverage (04.29.2011)
WABE: Musicians may have advantage in old age cognition (04.28.2011)
Daily Mail Online: Pet dog saves owner's life after 'smelling' she had breast cancer (04.28.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: March for Babies to hold multiple walks in metro Atlanta (04.28.2011)
Medpagetoday.com: Checklist may spot autism at one year checkup (04.28.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Is electroconvulsive therapy safe? (04.27.2011)
News on Women: Dr. Nadine Kaslow discusses how little habits become bigger problems (04.27.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Partnership aims to improve patient safety (04.26.2011)
Xtra! Canada: Gaétan Dugas and the 'AIDS Mary' myth (04.26.2011)
Science News: Yawn (04.25.2011)
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: Can dogs sense cancer (04.25.2011)
US News and World Report: Music training may help keep aging brain healthy (04.25.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Health Watch: Soft addictions (04.25.2011)
US News and World Report: One in 1,000 newborns develops blood poisoning: Study (04.25.2011)
The Guardian: How meditation might ward off the effects of aging (04.24.2011)
The Tennessean: Malpractice suits face new barriers (04.24.2011)
The Columbus Dispatch: Alter course or else (04.24.2011)
McClatchy.com: As science turns from chimp research, U.S. wants to restart (04.24.2011)
WSBTV: Mother files suit in Emory Sleep Center death (04.22.2011)
Macon.com: Doctors use heart device for first time in midstate (04.22.2011)
TBD.com: When Peeps and science intersect (04.22.2011)
CBSNews.com: Childhood music lessons keep aging brain in tune (04.21.2011)
The Learning Channel: Help! I'm turning into a giant! (04.20.2011)
WCTV-TV: Rotator repair (04.20.2011)
GoozNews: The new punching bag (04.20.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: After transplant, patient wiggles her new right hand (04.20.2011)
Office News: Obsession with cleaning 'is making us more depressed' (04.20.2011)
Fightchronicdisease.org Blog: The path to improving our health (04.18.2011)
MSNBC.com: No jaw-dropper: Chimp yawning is contagious (04.16.2011)
ABC News.com: Brain shrinkage precedes Alzheimer's (04.14.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Exercise, sex, heart issues (04.13.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Long work hours, heart disease (04.12.2011)
Science Magazine: Jekyll and Hyde: Cells executioner can also stave off death (04.12.2011)
Gizmodo Australia: Mind Controls: Magnetic relief for depression (04.12.2011)
Latin American Herald Tribune: Still relatively few hispanic organ donors in U.S. (04.11.2011)
Rome News-Tribune: Georgia Transplant Foundation to hold free conference at Berry College (04.11.2011)
Healthymagination: Psychologic first aid may reduce PTSD in disaster survivor (04.11.2011)
Oncology Times: Cooperative groups begin partnering to meet NCI mandate to pare down from nine to four (04.10.2011)
MedicalNewsToday.com: AIDS pioneer honored with national award (04.10.2011)
Grand Forks Herald North Dakota: Vitamin D levels linked with health of blood vessels (04.9.2011)
Science Centric: Contagious yawning evidence of empathy, not just sleepiness or boredom (04.9.2011)
Top News: Atrial fibrillation can be calmed by ablation (04.9.2011)
Fox Business: Antiobiotics under siege (04.8.2011)
ABC News: Allergies in the U.S. not created Equal (04.7.2011)
Science Centric: Measuring oxidative stress can predict risk of atrial fibrillation (04.6.2011)
Washington Post: Medical tourism draws growing numbers of Americans to seek health care abroad (04.5.2011)
Japan Herald: Measuring oxidative stress may help predict atrial fibrillation risk (04.5.2011)
CNN: How can I reveal painful things in therapy? (04.5.2011)
Health Medicine Daily News: Promising target for AIDS vaccine (04.5.2011)
MedicalNewsToday.com: New research and training grants awarded by American Cancer Society (04.5.2011)
The Body: Georgia: Gay couples needed for HIV prevention research (04.5.2011)
Georgia Health News: U.S. News ranks metro Atlanta hospitals (04.4.2011)
Association of Public Health: Rural AIDS/HIV prevention strategies shared at IU conference, focus on helping African Americans (04.4.2011)
WABE: Health experts and advocates weigh in on Grady's future (04.4.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Artificial food colorings (04.4.2011)
CNN: Autism affects 1 in 110 children (04.2.2011)
CNN: World Autism Awareness Day (04.1.2011)
USA Today: One third of Americans are lacking vitamin D (03.31.2011)
The A to Z of Nanotechnology: Pediatric center focuses on Nano-medicine for pediatric care (03.30.2011)
Health Medicine Daily News: How do people respond to being touched by a robotic nurse? (03.30.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Surgery as treatment for obese patients with diabetes (03.30.2011)
US World & News Report: Our methodology: How we ranked the Best Hospitals in 52 metro areas (03.29.2011)
CBS News New York: Bone density (03.29.2011)
The Post and Courier South Carolina: MUSC lung transplant gives farmer 2nd chance (03.29.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory, Shepherd lauded nationally (03.29.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Let research outpace Alzheimer's (03.29.2011)
Politico.com: Health law cost still a wild card (03.29.2011)
HLN News: Woman gets hand transplant (03.29.2011)
Huffington Post: Why war is never really rational (03.29.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Woman gets new hand in Emory operation (03.28.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: College student gets first hand transplant in Southeast (03.28.2011)
The Weather Channel: Spring allergens (03.27.2011)
Examiner.com: Bret Michaels blames Tonys and CBS for his brain injury (03.26.2011)
Talking Points Memo: The Real Death Panel: If 'Obamacare' repealed, some patients can't go back (03.26.2011)
Care2.com: 5 ways pets can improve your health (03.26.2011)
CNN: The reality of radiation (03.26.2011)
ABC News: Study: Chemical in many household products associated with early menopause (03.25.2011)
Consumer Affairs: How the office can help with weight control (03.25.2011)
The New York Times: Lessons on malpractice awards show mixed results (03.24.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Finding efficiencies in clinical studies (03.23.2011)
WXIA: "He saved my life": dog sniffs out owner's breast cancer (03.23.2011)
Curetoday.com: Hurdles on the faster track (03.23.2011)
Curetoday.com: Hitting hard-to-treat cancers (03.23.2011)
The Sun Chronicle: The science behind food decisions (03.23.2011)
The Citizen: FCHS inducts 11th Hall of Fame class (03.22.2011)
Huffington Post: The true weight of healthcare costs (03.22.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Radiation concerns (03.21.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: For nurse practitioners, the future is now (03.21.2011)
KPIC-CBS Oregon: Healthy Decisions - An interview with Gregory Berns, M.D., Ph.D. (03.21.2011)
The Weather Channel: Weekend View (03.20.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Joint police, CAP efforts enhance safety (03.18.2011)
Yahoo! Canada Finance: The 5 dumbest things on Wall Street (03.18.2011)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Radiation risk (03.18.2011)
WGHP North Carolina: Kevin Jordan attends first game after receiving coach's kidney (03.18.2011)
Physicians Practice 2011: Preparing your practice for health reform (03.18.2011)
WebMD: Failing hearts healed with stem cells (03.17.2011)
CNN en Espana: Café CNN (03.16.2011)
Wall Street Journal Blog: Can post-trauma counseling make things worse? (03.15.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Newsmaker: Japan Nuclear Crisis (03.15.2011)
UPI: Vitamin D insufficiency high among patients with early Parkinson Disease (03.15.2011)
WebMD: Vitamin D deficiency high among patients with early Parkinson disease (03.14.2011)
Georgia Health News: Poll shows only modest support for repeal (03.14.2011)
USA Today: Radiation health risk in Japan called low (03.13.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory partnership gives St. Joseph's a lift (03.12.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Dissension brews on family planning (03.12.2011)
AJC: St. Joseph's avoids sale with Emory partnership (03.11.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory gets control of St. Joe Hospital (03.11.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Japan earthquake effects (03.11.2011)
MarketWatch: AMA Foundation awards outstanding young researchers (03.11.2011)
AJC: 3-D imaging helps surgeons repair knee injuries in young athletes (03.10.2011)
Fox News: Do You Live in the Diabetes Belt? (03.8.2011)
CNN Health: Could first-grade traumas cause PTSD? (03.8.2011)
Atlanta Busines Chronicle: Emory, Ga. Tech land Clean Air Research Center (03.7.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: ALS Stem Cell Patient (03.7.2011)
Marietta Daily Journal: Emory hospital¿s health programs serve the public (03.7.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (03.7.2011)
11 Alive: Atlanta lands $8 million for clean air research (03.7.2011)
WABE: Emory initiative to help China's population to give up smoking (03.2.2011)
CNN: Who controls the thermostat in your home? (03.2.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Obama's offer on health care gets chilly state reception (03.2.2011)
Washington Post: Many Americans have poor health literacy (03.1.2011)
Time.com: Why the recession may trigger more depression among men (03.1.2011)
MSNBC.com: Men may be facing a depressing future (03.1.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Is it okay to stay on antidepressants long term? (03.1.2011)
Nature.com: NIH revamp (03.1.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: PSA levels, prostate cancer (02.28.2011)
Vermont Public Radio: Connection exists between hormone and PTSD (02.28.2011)
The Nation: Sleep myths that make you tired (02.27.2011)
PressTV: New genetic clues to PTSD found (02.26.2011)
Time.com: Why are women more vulnerable to PTSD than men? (02.25.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory No. 4 in U.S. for drug, vaccine discovery (02.25.2011)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Life-saving surgery (02.24.2011)
CBS Atlanta: Have you or someone you loved had a mammogram this year? New 3D Mammograms (02.24.2011)
Fox 5 News: Health Watch: Saving voices (02.24.2011)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Minority teens and depression (02.24.2011)
Science Centric: New biological pathway identified for post-traumatic stress disorder (02.24.2011)
ABCNews.com: Researchers discover biological pathway linked to PTSD (02.24.2011)
United Press International: Minority teens: Fewer depression therapies (02.23.2011)
Science Daily: Virus-mimicking nanoparticles can stimulate long-lasting immunity (02.23.2011)
National Journal: Public health lobbyists, drug firms on same page with SCOTUS vaccine decision (02.22.2011)
Financial Times: Edwards' Sapien heart valve positioned to grow in high risk patient market (02.22.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nursing summit addresses future of profession (02.22.2011)
Associated Press via Google: Trying brain pacemakers to zap psychiatric disease (02.21.2011)
Fox 5 News: Number of allergy sufferers growing (02.21.2011)
CNN.com The Chart Blog: Websites may encourage self-injury in teens, young adults (02.21.2011)
Fox 5 News: Number of allergy suffers growing (02.21.2011)
GlobalAtlanta.com: Emory receives $2.5 million for research in Ghana (02.21.2011)
RT Magazine: Georgia Tech researchers create new pneumonia sampling device (02.21.2011)
Privatehealth.co.uk: Obesity treatment could be needed to save knees (02.19.2011)
Reuters: For kids in poverty, no brain benefit to iron, zinc (02.18.2011)
Fox 5 News: Newsmaker: Curbing health costs (02.18.2011)
Modern Medicine: Drug Topics: Flu vaccine patch to get 5-year test (02.15.2011)
Oprah Mobile: Can a single pill change your life? (02.15.2011)
WABE: Emory among top contributor to drug discoveries (02.13.2011)
Science Daily: Nanoparticles may enhance circulating tumor cell detection (02.12.2011)
San Jose Mercury News: College baseball coach donates his kidney to player (02.12.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Investors put up $5.1M for cardiac device (02.11.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Grady hospital facing staff cuts following funding reduction (02.11.2011)
NY Times: Wake Forest Baseball Coach Donates Kidney to Player (02.10.2011)
CNN AM: Coach steps up to the plate, donates kidney to player (02.10.2011)
NPR: Wake Forest Coach Donates Kidney To Player (02.10.2011)
CBS News: Coach Donates Organ to Player (02.10.2011)
Fox News: Coach Donates Kidney to One of His Players (02.10.2011)
ESPN: Coach steps up with kidney donation (02.10.2011)
Fox News Health: Stepping up to the Plate, Coach Gives Kidney (02.10.2011)
ABC News: Wake Forest Coach Donates Kidney to Freshman Player (02.10.2011)
Los Angeles Times: Drugs developed by Uncle Sam, PhD, play an outsized role in medicine (02.10.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Blog: Thinking RIght: Three cheers for a selfless coach (02.10.2011)
The Scientist: Cellular chaos fights infection (02.10.2011)
Insciences Organization: Nanoparticles may enhance circulating tumor cell detection (02.10.2011)
NBC Nightly News: Coach goes to bat, donates kidney to player (02.9.2011)
Fox News: Stepping up to the plate, Coach gives kidney (02.9.2011)
New York Times: Lymph node study shakes pillar of cancer care (02.9.2011)
USA Today: Wake Forest Head Baseball Coach Donates Kidney To Player (02.8.2011)
Baseball America: Wake Forest Coach Donates Kidney To Player (02.8.2011)
Boston Herald: Coach gives his player a kidney (02.8.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Study: Handling stress may be a matter of 'Y' (02.8.2011)
Ann Arbor: Can Ann Arbor deliver vitamin D? (02.4.2011)
Cherokee Tribune: Local heart disease survivor to share story on NBC's "Today" show (02.3.2011)
The Scientist: Top 7 From F1000: Lung disease drug kind to muscles (02.2.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia needs a Cabinet-level public health agency (02.2.2011)
USA Today: High blood pressure, obesity linked to memory loss in elderly (02.2.2011)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Study says HIV in Georgia mostly in 4 counties (02.2.2011)
ABC News: FDA approves antidepressant that might pack fewer sexual side effects (02.2.2011)
Medscape Free Subscription: Added sugar intake in US adolescents linked to cardiovascular risk (01.31.2011)
MSNBC: Keep your kids' eyes sage during spring sport season (01.31.2011)
Newsweek.com: The Mammogram hustle (01.30.2011)
The Sunday Leader: Eating fried fish is not healthy (01.30.2011)
USA Today: Passengers' trauma lingers long after flight (01.28.2011)
WebMD Video: Nutrition and Aging (01.28.2011)
WPTV: Reconstructing ACL's in kids (01.28.2011)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: CDC's stock of smallpox-causing virus source of debate (01.27.2011)
WebMD Video: Nutrition after 60 (01.27.2011)
Medscape.com: Women, southerners have highest HIV infection rates (01.27.2011)
Rehab Management: 3-D MRI Technology Puts Young Athletes with ACL Tears Back in The Game (01.27.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Healthier nutrition (01.26.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Mind-body: The connections in tears, sweat (01.26.2011)
Chicago Sun-Times: More Chicagoans, Martin Castro and Susan Swider, get Obama administration appointments (01.26.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Where can I get help for depression relapse? (01.25.2011)
PhsOrg.com: 3-D MRI helps kids with ACL tears -- surgery without harming the growth plate (01.25.2011)
Politico.com: Republicans eye costs, not uninsured (01.24.2011)
Sify News: Unexpected find may lead to novel ways to stop HIV (01.24.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Cost of treating heart disease projected to triple (01.24.2011)
Fox 5 News: DeKalb dad helps save 13 kids from apartment fire (01.24.2011)
CBS Atlanta: 13 children escape apartment fire through window (01.24.2011)
CNN: What you need to know about total knee replacement (01.21.2011)
United Press International: Mammograms: Detecting kidney risk (01.21.2011)
MyHealthNewsDaily.com: Drug for heavy periods could save lives of trauma patients (01.21.2011)
CNN: Warning signs from a troubled mind: What parents should do (01.19.2011)
Fox 5 News: Housecall: Staying safe with freezing temperatures (01.19.2011)
HealthNewsDigest.com: Children with severe asthma experience premature loss of lung function during adolescence (01.18.2011)
United Press International: H1N1 survivors have 'super' immunity (01.14.2011)
Time Healthland Blog: Over 10% of young adults with STDs claim abstinence (01.14.2011)
CNN The Chart Blog: Mind-body: How mental, physical pain are linked (01.13.2011)
Modern Medicine: Study finds dosing and directions for pediatric liquid OTC medications inconsistent (01.6.2011)
ABC News: Pregnancy scare in the U.K. implicates Implanon (01.6.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Health Watch: Waiting for a donor (01.5.2011)
RDH Magazine: Wound care nurses (01.5.2011)
ABC News: Justin Bieber's Fans: Crazy or just babies? (01.5.2011)
Fox 5 Atlanta: Housecall: Distracted eating (01.5.2011)
CNN: Sample blood test could revolutionize cancer treatment (01.4.2011)
CNN: Despite claiming abstinence, young adults test positive for STDs (01.4.2011)
GoodBabyHealth.com: Saving mothers & newborns in Ethiopia (01.4.2011)
New York Times: Diet: Fried fish is seen as a 'Stroke Belt' culprit (01.3.2011)
ABC News: 'Social jet lag' causes lag in post-holiday wakefulness (01.3.2011)


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