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Ivanhoe.com: The making of a multi-million dollar player (02.6.2012)
Science Daily: Hearing metaphors activates brain regions involved in sensory experience (02.5.2012)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Fox Medical Team: Operation saves lives (02.2.2012)
Associated Press via ABC News: Maine girl bouncing back after 6-organ transplant (02.2.2012)
US News & World Report: Being fit before stroke may aid recovery (02.2.2012)
The August Chronicle: New GHSU cancer center director talks about goals (02.2.2012)
Fox 5 News Atlanta: Housecall: Food and Drinks for Kids (02.1.2012)
CNN: How doctors do harm (01.30.2012)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nurse donates kidney to patient (01.29.2012)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: A 2nd cancer center (01.28.2012)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Kinder, gentler hip procedure (01.26.2012)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Study of freakish mystery illness finds no cause (01.26.2012)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Study of freakish mystery illness finds no cause (01.26.2012)
USA Today: Oral HPV infections more common than expected (01.26.2012)
Wall Street Journal: Stricter thinking on alcohol use during pregnancy (01.24.2012)
Fox 5 News: Weight loss surgery (01.24.2012)
Wall Street Journal: Stricter thinking on alcohol use during pregnancy (01.24.2012)
Fox 5 News: Fox Medical Team: Weight loss surgery (01.24.2012)
WSB Radio: Better sex: Get moving study says (01.24.2012)
CNN: Health Video: Can yoga wreck your body? (01.23.2012)
US News & World Report: Study shows how stress triggers immune system (01.23.2012)
CBS News: Testing for HIV together, hearing results together (01.18.2012)
Wall Street Journal: Wiring the brain, literally, to treat stubborn disorders (01.17.2012)
NPR: The sleep apnea business is booming, and insurers aren't happy (01.17.2012)
Los Angeles Times: A patient gets a unique gift from a nurse: a kidney (01.16.2012)
CNN: How the brain can make quitting alcohol harder (01.13.2012)
11Alive.com: Buddy Check - Randi's Army helps cancer patients (01.11.2012)
11Alive.com: Atlanta's stress drops but still unhealthy (01.11.2012)
Forbes.com: Researcher find lower sweet spot for potassium levels in MI (01.10.2012)
Cardiology Today: Cardiology Today Editorial Board member receives distinguished award (01.9.2012)
Boston Globe: Health spending eased in '10 (01.9.2012)
USA Today: Study looks at deep brain stimulation in bipolar patients (01.7.2012)
KUOW.org: Is coffee good for you? (01.5.2012)
The Hospitalist: Professional development program advances hospitalist leadership skills (01.5.2012)
Los Angeles Times: U.S. may regulate hand, face, other complex transplants (01.5.2012)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Emory - St. Joe deal complete (01.3.2012)
CNN: More evidence that deep brain stimulation may help treat mental illness (01.2.2012)


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