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Apr. 27,  2011

Free Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Screenings at Emory - Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

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ATLANTA - In support of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, Emory Healthcare will be offering free oral head and neck cancer screenings at the Emory Clinic on Friday, April 29 from 1-4 pm, and on Wednesday, May 4 from 8 am to noon.  

According to the American Cancer Society, head and neck cancers represent the sixth most common form of cancer in the United States, with more than 50,000 cases diagnosed annually, and over 12,000 deaths.  

Oral, head and neck cancer refers to a variety of cancers that develop in the head and neck region such as the mouth, throat, sinuses, voice box and the skin of the face and neck, and the lymph nodes in the neck.  

When these cancers are diagnosed early, the chances of survival are greater.  

Tobacco and alcohol use are the most important risk factors for oral, head and neck cancers; however, research has attributed the increase of oral cancer incidence in young adults – a group traditionally at low risk – to the rise of the human-papillomavirus (HPV), a cancer-causing virus that can be transmitted through oral sex.  

Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week is a national initiative aimed at raising the understanding of this cancer and getting as many patients, especially high-risk patients, screened as possible.  

Screenings on Friday, April 29, will take place in the Oral Surgery Department of Clinic B, 1365-B, Clifton Rd., 2nd floor.  Screenings on Wednesday, May 4, will take place in the ENT Department, 1365-A Clifton Rd., 2nd floor.  Screenings are first come first served.  

Media:  For interviews with an oral cancer patient or expert, contact Kathi Baker at (404) 727-9371,


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